Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Koe no Katachi

Well, that was pretty bad.
But I also I didn't manage to stop reading it, so I guess it wasn't that bad.
But that was partially because I knew that if I stop, I'll never pick it up again.
Ah well.

Ueno best girl. The mother got no bad karma for all the stuff she did. MC became kind of disgusting. Main couple became kind of codependent idiots. Also I am pretty sure I've read at least parts of this manga.

P.S. The comparison with OMK is unavoidable... but there Ueno won.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


"Okay, I might have something."
"Think soup and bed rest will cure it, Boss?"
"Something that might get me out of trouble with the Jhereg."
Best way to start a book.

Too bad you can't listen in on someone else's psychic conversations.
Too bad this book is titled Hawk, so this sentence is just a Checkhov's gun.

What should I binge read first?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ancillary Justice

>be MC
>be a spaceship in the past
>mimic being a human for the past nineteen years
I already love this book.

State of the Union address

SZS >= PPD >= Hidamari >= *monogatari > all Sasami x Kagami scenes > Ala Alba & Mou Hitotsu > Natsu no Arashi = Soremachi >= ef > Katte ni Kaizou > Madoka > Maria Holic >= Denpa Onna with the last episode > Sasami-san@Ganbaranai > REC >= Arakawa > Negima?! > He Is My Master > Denpa Onna without the last episode > Shina Dark > Popotan > Mahoromatic > Tsukuyomi >= shit > Nisekoi > Mekakushitty Actors > Fubuki > DitVB > G-ON Riders > Negima Final

left to be watched and added:
Yume Kara, Samenai
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
Sakura Tsuushin

(I accept any and all offers to watch one or more of the above three together)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

MALgraph shit again

just for posterity

5Slice of Life1547.587.52515.80h

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Nijieda Mitsuyo

I will never forget you, your awful name, and your devotion to that bitch of a friend.

10/10 episode
12/10 bro

Thursday, 20 November 2014


No matter the sluggish parts in the middle, this is still one of my favourite series ever.
I will forever keep this in my heart.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Orenchi no Gay Mermen just became a 10/10 show

The girl standing in the blush of dawn

The first thing I noticed was how the boys were cute.
The second that the girl is actually pretty great herself, too.
Then they continued developing Yona in a better and better character.

I guess that's all I want from any (reverse or not) harem: the linchpin to be actually good.

But that's not all.

Monday, 17 November 2014

It might not be all that far away

Oh my god, this was perfect.
I call bullshit, these teenagers are a tad too mature and understanding.
I think we were more stupid... no, the balance between inter/intrapersonal intelligence and logical intelligence was much worse for us. The wolfie girl has it really nice: at the same time she lacks the logical-mathematical intelligence required to see patterns, overanalyze stuff, and generally ruin her own idea of love by understanding too much about it, and, on the other hand, she is smart enough to avoid excessive interpersonal drama. Teen drama is generally built on stupid in both areas teenagers... or, at most, the authors would have tried writing smart in mathematics but stupid in relationships characters, usually failing spectacularly. The other possibility is the case where the characters are smart... but then they are meant to be smart at both areas, and it makes for a more mary sue-ish series.

I, personally, would prefer all teen drama series to be like Ookami Shoujo than the current situation.

But, seriously, such pointless analysis aside, it was so satisfying to see
- the boy actually knew everything, and reacted accordingly
- the wolfie being hyped up in order to hide and forget her depression
- the prince acting with respect to the boy
- the wolfie kissing the prince once more at the end

...and, iunno if it's just me, but I think the seiyuus got better.

Man, I am so fucking happy <3
Can I now whine some more that I can't chat with samara?


Okay, a few things only.

1) The good scifi ideas in this movie
They were over and out by the 10 minute mark.
'twas it.
Yeah, just, only, simply, that hacking of that Indian military drone, then using its parts for your farm.
After that the film just went into the cliche and never looked back.

Of course, the explanation is

2) The moral of the film.
The humanity of the distant future really really hates our current physical laws, so is looking for any chance to break them.
In short, most of the physics made no fucking sense, and just follows some cliches. And all of that is hand-waved by saying "the future humanity did it". And, well, this is the whole plot. It's stuff the future humanity does to ensure the time loop is closed.

This much more or less describes the whole film. No, let's add 3 and 4:

3) The robots were complete bros.
After that hacking from the beginning, I expected some robot uprising at some moment, and the MC hacking back at them. Didn't happen, the robots were complete bros, and the best characters in this movie. Although I don't mind the three main heroes: the MC, the token girl, and the Daughter, everybody else besides them was kind of too cliche mindbroken for me. At least these three were not mindbroken.

4) The execution
was pretty fucking nice. Especially scenes where with the camera leaving the spaceship, the sound was cut off too. Considering how loud the whole movie was, this cutting off was really fucking effective. And dat wormhole. Was really beautiful. And the animation as a whole. And... yeah. I liked it.

All this post aside, I did enjoy the movie quite a lot.... but, eh, even like that it wasn't more than a 7/10.

P.S. pfff, I completely forgot to mention.
Okay, the MC hacked an indian military drone, but he didn't even try hacking into the spaceship Dr. Mann was piloting? What the hell? Couldn't they just continue the Mouretsu Pirates-like idea from the start? Was it so hard to use this new and exiting thing again - well, new for Hollywood? Man, Abyss of Hyperspace was better.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

sava randomly acting out on his butthurt

IP banned from animes-bg, for no reason whatsoever, months after my brother. Meh. To be honest, I did want to continue chatting with samara, but oh well. I would just be a bother if I am to tell her to switch to ludost, after all. Considering my love hate indifference relationship with velush, this leaves only three people I can truly talk anime with, neither of them girls. That's slightly sad. I will miss samara...

P.S. whis, I haven't forgotten you, don't bite me.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Abyss of Hyperspace

In order not to spoil anything, I will just paste my watching log. Under the line, so that you don't accidentally read it.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014





guess I am still in love with Chihiro, I freaked out the moment I saw her chapter...

Monday, 3 November 2014

*monogatari fighter game

Senjougahara uses school supplies. She's a zoning type character who has to reset her school supplies by shaking her skirt. She uses craft knives in close range, her stapler as her throw and pencils for ranged attacks.
Her Instant Kill is her pointing out the Summer Triad to the opponent and then the screen turning red in a discretion shot

Araragi and Shinobu share a spot together (Kiss-shot is playable by herself). Araragi fights with the sword while he uses Shinobu in his shadow to deal with close range threats. So she'll do things like foottrip people for hard knockdown or she'll pop out during the throw to bite people like she tried to do to Nadeko
Araragi has light regen to his HP bar but in return he's quite soft.
His IK is just him throwing the sword like he did to Kako while Shinobu picks up the sword and snarks at him.

Kanbaru focuses on hit and run tactics, she basically has the quickest movement speed and does meh damage until you max out her "Rainy Devil" bar in which she transforms and gets a buff.
Her IK is the intestine spin from Suruga Monkey

Nadeko uses the snakes like spears and inflicts poison damage on the enemies, she also has a couple of moe moe attacks where she acts cute, one of them is a counter attack.
She can drop her snake spear and then have it slither back to her, damaging the opponent slightly if it touches them, it's primarily used for trapping so that you can hit confirm a combo.
Her IK has her go full Godmode and do what she did to Kaiki, trapping him in snakes and then kicking the shit out of him.

Hanekawa only plays as Black Hanekawa, she has minor HP steal with her physical attacks. Otherwise she plays similarly to Kanbaru in that she's just a rushdown character.
Her IK is the neck lick from Tsubasa Cat and the arm removal from Neko Black.

Mayoi. She pulls out random items to use like the ribbon from her first OP to change the properties on some of her attacks. What she pulls out is random. Her throw has a Mayoi pop out of her backpack and they both hit the enemy
Her IK has her pull her future self out of the backpack and do the damage on Mayoi's behalf.

Karen is just a rushdown character. Nothing too special about her, no gauges or anything to worry about. She just hits shit.
Her IK is the combo when she's fighting Araragi in Nise and it ends with the Meteor drop.

Tsukihi. If she's got max bar at the bottom when she dies then she comes back with 50% health. Otherwise she just fights with awls, screwdrivers and crowbars.
Her IK is her just getting platinum mad. 

Yozuru/Yotsugi. Unlike Araragi who fights with Shinobu without a gauge. Yozuru has a Unlimited Rulebook gauge she fills to use URB. She can only be selected on certain stages that aren't on the ground . Her throw is the triple headbutt she used to fuck Araragi
Her IK starts with her jumping on the opponent like she did to Araragi at his house, grabbing them by the head and smashing them into the ground

Kaiki fights by inflicting statuses on opponents like Fire Wreath Bee and Slug. He doesn't have any long ranged attacks but a lot of his moves feint into other moves. So if you see him do one thing, he might be doing something else.
His IK is him inflicting a particularly nasty fake oddity on you and at the end of it his win pose has him crouching down, taking your wallet and giving you shit about how much of a poorfag you are.

Oshino fights by using things like the Judo flip against the Omoikane and the kick he used to hold off the exorcists in Kizu.
His throw is just him slapping you with a seal. It does extra damage to people using oddities. So normal damage for Senjougahara but more damage and better combo opportunities against Araragi/Mayoi etc
I don't recall his IK but it'd probably just be him dropping Eikou Cram school desks on you and telling you that you look energetic.

There was no Gaen so she can be DLC

Kiss-shot. She's the final villain overpowered boss character. Better regeneration than Araragi, swifter sword strikes. She has floating, she's got good HP and defense. Her throw is her biting the opponent and getting more HP back. She has ranged attacks in the form of the attack she used to destroy the roof
Her IK is just her going wild with her hands while doing her. "I won't use my [...]" quote.
Banned for Tournament play for obvious reasons

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

And this lesbian manga ended with GTS fetish

proof included
No, but, that aside. I mean, yeah, as usual I instinctively comment on the most dubious part of everything I loved about this manga... so yeah, aside from that right-at-the-end one-page wonder:
Man, was that great!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

anime ideas

[15:22:16] hellraiser: Shaft should make a show about a serial killer that snaps necks
[15:22:20] hellraiser: it would be so meta
[15:22:37] Reighe: written and key visuals by Dowman Sayman
[15:22:46] hellraiser: I can already see it

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Simple math says the 12th episode released by WhyNot will have 78MB size

All in all, for such a straightforward story, I really like this anime. The things that certainly help are the OST and this guy.


dunno what to say more... oh yeah

The Kumeta-like chapters of Hayate are the fucking best.
We in speculah territory now. Please read the manga so that I have somebody to speculah with.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The very soul of /a/ in one post

I know how much /a/ hates teens but hear me out for a minute. I pretend to be a 13 year old girl on Tumblr and hang out in teen circles. I'm not hanging out in some weab corner or anything like that. These kids have higher power levels than you did growing up. They're watching the same stuff /a/ is watching. And they're not autistic about it like naurutards and DBZ kids most of you probably were. Right now there's a generation of kids growing up watching everything including slice of life. And they don't act like gigantic weabs about it either. By the time these kids reach 18 their powerlevels will already have surpass most of /a/.

The future looks bright and you guys lived through a dark embarrassing history that's better off being swept under the rug. Kids now have easier access to the latest shows than we did without growing up probably has a lot to do with it. But that can't be entire reason. There's something wrong with our generations.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

42 minutes of torture were well paid off

Solely by her way of moving. The limp legs just hanging down lifeless simply killed me from laughter.
Well, I like the soundtrack, too, but still. This mahou shoujo is pretty bad. I am not sure what they want to do with it, but it feels like they just threw in random elements from other famous series, and hoped the mishmash will somehow work.
It doesn't.

Friday, 17 October 2014

I can't unhear it

[01:05:00] Reighe: TELL ME WHY
[01:05:05] Reighe: KIMI NI TOBITAI
[01:05:09] Reighe: NE
[01:05:13] Reighe: MOTTO SHIRITAI
[01:05:22] Reighe: KA KA KA KA KAKUMEI
[01:05:41] Reighe: KA KA KA TA KA TA OMOI

Thursday, 16 October 2014

I found a file on my HDD

Please don't laugh.

Filename: 20120712 AMV the epitome of modern art

AMVs: the epitome of modern art

Това в някакъв смисъл е чисто и просто едно обяснение в любов на амв мейкърите, защото аз, нищо не можещият, единственото, което ми е по силите, е да погъделичкам малко самочувствието им, наричайки това, което те създават „изкуство“.
Но, честно казано, най-вече удовлетворявам лично моето си желание да пиша стени от текст без видима причина или смисъл, от чистото удоволствие да пиша.
Всичко идва от „Fluffy Kittens and Rainbows”. Гледали ли сте това амв? Ако не сте, препоръчвам ви го. Трудно е да се каже дали Чии е успяла да направи по-добро видео. Един приятен есенен ден (хаха, приятен) в Ню Йорк (хаха, приятен, в Ню Йорк, там се търпи положението само зимата), аз все още бях абсолютния нууб, със стотина изгледани анимета, и пак някъде там като бройка амвта. Редно е да се знае, че все пак имах един свой познат в това осем милионно селце... но с този познат се виждахме максимум веднъж на седмица (пътят от Горен Манхатън до Куийнс е под час и половина, но само ако си късметлия). Той никога не е бил такъв маниак като мен на тема аниме, но амвта гледаше в порядъчни количества... съответно всяка седмица си разменяхме новите клипове, които бяхме гледали през делничните дни. Него ден аз гордо му показах Fluffy Kittens and Rainbows, заедно с няколко от другите клипове на Чии... и той го хареса ужасно много. Особено надсловът в началото. Съчетано с проекта, който той пишеше за арт класа си, това неимевуемо доведе до един дълъг (пресичане на Сентръл Парк по диагонал дълъг) разговор на тема „що е то изкуство“. Неговата теза бе, че изкуството за да е изкуство, то трябва да има „смисъл“, „послание“... докато на мен не ми харесваше идеята за изкуство с „книжка с упътване“. Пример: знаете ли за онази 'картина' в Метрополитън ли бе, която представлява едно огромно квадратно платно, с една червена линия през него? Сигурно не, повечето, което младежите в България сме чували, е само оная шега с черния квадрат. Прости сме си, ей. Та това платно, три на три метра, iirc, си върви със свое собствено упътване, как трябвало да се разбира. Естествено, беше някаква метафора за човешкия мозък, която не си направих труда да запомня. Предполагам, може да се каже че упътването остана в оранжевото за мен. Виж, той не само си бе направил труда да го запомни, даже използваше картината на главно място в своето писание... и сравняваше Fluffy Kittens and Rainbows с нея. Аз не бях съгласен. Обяснявах някакви очевидни неща, като например че изкуството си е термин, зависещ от човека, и това къде даденият човек ще прекара границата между крайностите „всичко е изкуство“ и „нищо не е изкуство“ си е лично негов си избор. И как би трябвало изкуството да си важи само за себе си.
Има и още какво да се каже. Но позволете ми да тръгна от малко по-далеч: а именно, моят любим пример с Дон Кихот. Романът на Сервантес в момента се приема от всекиго като абсолютна класика, като символ на средновековната литера... така де, като символ на литературата от тези години. Чувствам как историците сега ще ми скочат за използването на грешни термини, но какво да се прави, пиша този тъп текст без достъп до уикипедия, съответно коефициентът ми на интелигентност е сериозно намален. А какво всъщност представлява Дон Кихот? Пародия на рицарските романи. Които ние вече сме забравили. Интересно, дали след много години единственото фентъзи, което човечеството ще помни, ще е поредицата за Света на Диска? Но Света на Диска хич не е изолиран пример... всичко написано досега е просто използване и завъртане на стари идеи по един нов начин. И ако нещо ни се струва страшно оригинално, то е просто защото вече не помним (като поколение) нещата, които то пародира. Това е и причината във всяка област, не само аниметата, да се вика как старото било къде къде по-хубаво... но нека да си се върна на приказката. Изводите: какво представлява изкуството в момента? Използване на стари идеи по нов начин. Какво представляват амвтата? Използване на стари идеи по нов начин.
Затова можем да предполагаме, че амвтата са ултимативната форма на модерно изкуство.
Стигнахме до хипотеза. За да се превърне това в теория, трябва да направим някакви предположения, които да се потвърдят чрез тестове в бъдещето. Само че, както сами се усещате, прилагането на физически... научен подход към въпроса с изкуството е безсмислена идея само по себе си. Затова нека ви разкажа част от историята на един друг мой любим клип: Running Man на Ностромо. Френският амв мейкър разказа в един свой блог пост години след излизането на самия клип подробности около създаването му. За него това е била набързо скалъпена работа (набързо в неговия случай означава няколко месеца), със използван отчасти даже и изостанал материал, оригинално подготвен за Auriga, но въпреки, или може би точно заради това, клипа се оказва един от най-успешните му, и е все още моят абсолютен фаворит, толкова години след първия път когато го гледах. Той самият не се е стремил да влага какъвто и да е смисъл – или послание – в него (забележете препратката към идеите за изкуството), затова му е било страшно весело да чете коментарите, направени от негови фенове през годините. Например: доста хора явно са сметнали, че клипът е направен отчасти и като трибут за руската класика „Човекът с Видеокамерата“. Да не говорим за всички останали 'дълбоки' смисли, които могат да се навържат между прекрасният клип, заглавието, оригиналното PV на песента, и Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Nostromo не е възнамерявал да влага такива смисли. Но това няма значение, защото ние ги виждаме. Това не ви ли звучи познато? Всяко наистина добро произведение на изкуството заживява свой собствен живот след като напусне ръцете на създателя си. Ако сте имали добър учител по литература, той сам ви го е казал това. Един неточен цитат от единствения ми добър учител по този омразен мой предмет би бил „Въпросът „Какво е искал авторът да ни каже с това?“ е идиотски! Каквото е искал да ни каже, го е написал черно на бяло. Истинският въпрос е какво ни казва самото произведение.“ А то винаги казва много повече, отколкото автора е предполагал. И, хората виждат в Running Man много повече, отколкото Ностромо е предполагал. Което прави, поне в моите очи, този клип истински пример за изкуство. Хич не е единственият пример, разбира се; Fluffy Kittens and Rainbows е не по-малко пример за изкуство... сега сигурно се чудите, „Но той ругаеше неща, вървящи с упътване“. Но упътването на Fluffy Kittens and Rainbows е в самия клип. И, повярвайте ми, даже да нямам други качества, поне иронията като цяло я оценявам високо. Все пак тя попада в същата група като пародията, и другите нови използвания на стари идеи. Изкуство, накратко казано.
А защо ултимативно? Защо стои тази дума „epitome” там в заглавието? Напоследък е 'готино' да наричаме неща с епитета „информационен“. Информационна епоха, информационно общество, и т.н... и не е като да се самозалъгваме, днес имаме неимоверно по-голям достъп до информация отколкото когато и да е досега. Можем лесно да намерим книги от когато си поискаме, откъдето си поискаме... интернет се е погрижил много малко неща да изчезват в забвение в някой прашасал ъгъл на книжарница. Съответно не само имаме възможност да гледаме забавленията на нашето поколение и нашата държава, но и примерно да си търсим ранни съветски филми, или японски класически меки. Съответно нямаме достъп само до пародията, но и до това, което тя пародира, и до това, което това, което тя пародира, пародира, и... надолу по рекурентната връзка. Изкуството все повече и повече става мешавица от най-различни елементи, като се почне от касовия хит „Отмъстителите“, и се стигне до побърканящини като „Това Зомби Ли Е?“. Какво би било този тренд да се доведе до крайност? Да се използват директно елементи от стари творби, ремиксирани в нещо ново. А именно, АМВтата.
That was your que to laugh, by the way ^_^
signing off,

Monday, 13 October 2014

Third best anime this season

Не, зарязвайки нормалните коментари настрана. След ужаса който е Вълчето и Принца, говорейки за изпълнение, това просто е iyashikei. I fucking love these seiyuus <3

Thursday, 2 October 2014

And it ended with a Christmas feel-good episode

It's still looping in the background of firefox. The episode.

P.S. Especially for velush: if this show is a harem, then irl I have a harem too.
In other words, I believe in the author enough to trust the answers I've reached about the characters and their relationships.

Monday, 29 September 2014


So anyway...
I think this marks the end of this story arc? I am not actually sure. Neither can I be assed to check how many days are left before the trip to the countryside. It's close, I am really interested how will Hata play this off. No, that is easy, I am interested what he'd do with the whole Black Camellia business. Maybe he'd just skip to the last arc, for the Christmas stuff? As obviously the manga will end on Christmas.
Anyway, Can't Take My Eyes Off You mentioned that the whole idol business is a little more resolved than  it is now, iirc. That should prove fun. And I am sure Hata had plans what to do with the manga when this moment comes, so I just have to stay in anticip,,, ation.
Yep, that's about it.

Volume B (yes, the cup size)

43 seconds in: Nagi is best girl.

Why the fuck is Yurika so based?

<what title sed>

Saturday, 27 September 2014

tox ID


Just, please, give me a good reason to accept your friend request when sending it.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Vaca... Spirit of Wonder log

201409211450 Spirit of Wonder 1
I actually liked how the last story ended. Actually, the whole last story. That aside...
The stories were too short. Kenji Tsuruta doesn't do things that differently, in the end. All stories carry some amount of timelessness, and he excels the most in the panels that don't have any speech in them. And, for a short story of this type, there are no such panels. There's too much information needed. And he does include it, but there's no more filler between it, it feels just like an information dump. The information included in the dialogue isn't thaaat different in his longer stories, like Forget-me-not, but between the panels with info there, we get whole pages of just scenery, character expressions, and so on. Most of the storytelling actually happens there, in these voiceless scenes. What gives them voice is not the dialogue, but the image itself.
What about Spirit of Wonder? First, his art wasn't that polished back then. Second, all stories in the first volume were way too short. In fact, the only one I liked was the only sequel one. Its first part was equally crowded, but the second part Kenji was free enough to do his thing, in the way I love it. And, crowdedness aside, in the end the information we got was the bare minimum to get the story. We had to piece it together... act, made even more difficult by the translation quality, I think. I can't be sure, of course, before seeing the original. All of this said already, it's not like I disliked the book. Presentation aside, what I managed to piece together from the stories was actually really thoughtful and sweet, while depending on the background of scifi to be gotten completely, I appreciated it a lot. That's my taste in fiction, after all. And... next volume is the China girl, what actually got adapted. I am bound to love it, I guess. Time to read, eh?

201409211520 Spirit of Wonder 2
Ok, Miss China's Ring was 10/10, will read again.

201409211532 Spirit of Wonder 2
>China Strikes Back

201409211547 Spirit of Wonder 2
Miss China's Mood Cam was even better.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Candy Boy

[01:02:50] Reighe: ave
[01:03:01] Reighe: Shin mozhe li da mi obqsni shto Candy Boy se naricha taka?
[01:03:37] Ахчо0о: What is there you don't understand?
[01:03:48] Reighe: the fact that there are no boys
[01:04:03] Ахчо0о: Big fucking deal.
[01:04:44] Reighe: the title seems absolutely unrelated to the anime
[01:05:03] Reighe: is this a "visual novel turned lesbian anime" deal?
[01:05:45] Ахчо0о: It's original.
[01:06:23] Ахчо0о: I think there was some kind of explanation in the story itself.
[01:06:28] Ахчо0о: If not, who the fuck cares.
[01:06:32] Ахчо0о: Literally no reason to do so.
[01:08:21] Reighe: you meanie
[01:09:09] Ахчо0о: If some day I send you a text file with absolute bullshit name, know you have only yourself to blame.
[01:10:59] Reighe: no,that'd be only because of your borderline dyslexia
[01:13:37] Ахчо0о: Whoa, now who is being mean.
[01:19:09] Reighe: the songs are pretty good
[01:19:26] Reighe: but it's a little too sugarsweet to make for a good story
[01:19:32] Reighe: will see
[01:20:44] Reighe: wuh
[01:20:47] Reighe: one more ending
[01:24:10] Reighe: which repeated the whole ONA episode with the song Candy Boy as a soundtrack
[01:24:18] Reighe: these guys who made this are really twisted
[01:29:49] Reighe: they use "onushi"
[01:29:53] Ахчо0о:

At this point, a man must wonder, what was even the point of her character. Maybe I have just forgotten.
[01:29:53] Reighe: everything is forgiven
[01:34:26] Reighe: whoa
[01:34:44] Reighe: ok, veche razbiram tova kak e popadnalo v 3x3to na toq anon
[01:34:56] Reighe: this suddenly got awesome with the second episode
[01:35:30] *** Reighe sent [Frostii]_Candy_Boy_-_02_DVD_[1BF7685F].mkv_snapshot_06.19_[2014.09.10_01.34.21].png ***
[01:35:32] Reighe: ...
[01:35:49] Reighe: this should probably go in a blog post, instead of spamming you, maybe? iunno.
[01:36:23] Reighe: *this is a school dormitory, for the record
[01:36:28] Ахчо0о: >png
[01:36:43] Ахчо0о: I have problems loading images on 4chan for the last two days anyway.
[01:37:50] Reighe: huh
[01:38:07] Reighe: well, it's not the MPC compression, at least
[01:38:54] Reighe: I wonder if I can make the script run the smaller files with higher level of compression
[01:39:03] Reighe: because currently it just runs everything at q5 or so
[01:39:34] Reighe: DVD snapshots at least wont take several minutes to run at q8
[01:40:08] Reighe: 1080p does manage to go to several minutes. I think it's quadratic with the number of pixels, or so.
[01:40:54] Reighe: and it runs with only one thread, which is okay, because MPC would just use the other core
[01:42:37] Reighe: oh, musical number
[01:42:44] Reighe: this annoyed me as fuck in A Channel
[01:42:49] Ахчо0о: Electricity died.
[01:45:07] Reighe: oh
[01:45:39] Reighe: za niskobudjetna produkciq izpolzvashta ot vreme na vreme pohvati, koito me draznqt, pravi i nqkakvi awesome neshta
[01:53:05] Reighe: yuki chan to issho ni iku nya
[01:54:41] Ахчо0о: >talking on the phone with his dead wife
[01:57:38] Reighe: shit happens.
[02:00:57] Reighe: gib a typical mahou shoujo anime
[02:01:42] Ахчо0о: no
[02:01:50 | Edited 02:01:52] Reighe: wai
[02:02:16] Ахчо0о: Go to sleep.
[02:02:29] Reighe: muck you
[02:05:32] Ахчо0о:

Now that is something I don't think I have seen in fighting manga and I have read a lot more brutal ones.
[02:06:33] Reighe: why the fuck does anidb not want to import my list?
[02:07:01] Ахчо0о: It doesn't work from MAL to AniDB, I guess?
[02:08:25] Reighe: nah
[02:08:32] Reighe: malU fucks things up along the way
[02:08:52] Ахчо0о: Are you drunk or something?
[02:08:58] Reighe: no
[02:09:01] Reighe: why?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Rokujouma got even better

How do they manage this?
It's actually good, that's how.
Why is Kodansha's limitless pocket so based?
Why is Silver Link so good at animating action sequences?
Why did I have myself suffer through the crunchy rip?
Oh yeah, there was no way I could wait.
Now for something different.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

There are people worse off than me

I don't remember all of it but the nightmare was relatively consistent each time

>In my house
>decide to go outside
>see people running around terrified
>old man says ''she is coming, she is coming and she will judge us''
>inhuman scream that seems to come from out of nowhere
>man comes up to me and tells me to run
>see some people praying in the middle of the street
>helicopters flying out of the city, evacuating citizens
>jump in terror when I feel the ground shaking beneath me
>feels like a drawn out earthquake, almost like stomping
>run to the side of a building, get a brief glimpse of a giant hand
>that's when I heard a terrifying sound I will never forget
>''STAPO STAPO'' echoes throughout the whole city
>giant hitagi marching towards me, crushing everything in her path
>she gets up to me
>looks down on me with a look of boredom on her face
>she picks me up
>inspects my being
>literally frozen with fear
>she makes a small grin and then drops me down into her hand, just before I hit I wake up from the dream
Each time that's the point where I wake up.
author: not me

Monday, 1 September 2014

May as well save this too

It's actually pretty innovative. Essentially Mushishi is a take of the classical "solve supernatural phenomena weekly", which normally takes storylines from classical myths and children's stories. Mushishi does that too from time to time, but it pushes it one step further other times. As in, it creates a myth that sounds like a normal myth, then explains the mushi behind it. What do I mean? Oft these myths have a normal scientific explanation behind them, like the swamp gas and the blue flames. Mushishi often goes the other way around, taking a scientific explanation, and creating a myth from it to be explained with mushi. I am sure that's been done before, but I'd say it's still pretty innovative.

That aside, people generally like the music (UK indie rock artists for openings? that's fucking cool for an anime, you must admit), people generally like the art (though there isn't much animation), people generally love the atmosphere, the characters, the pacing. I must say, the recurring characters really are charming and well written. However, no matter how nice, these aspects were probably not up your taste, so that was it.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


I didn't even read the description before starting it. I just knew it's from the guy who did Mizu no Kotoba (and the rest), and that was it.

(before I continue, I did read the preview afterwards. In this spirit, I will provide now something a thousand times better, something that actually has anything to do with the actual show.
The main boy one night dreams the dream that the main girl dreams. 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha

wai wai
I am not sure how much I should write for this.

I mean, the plot is obvious in its core. He IS the Blue Knight, and he IS from the past of each of these girls. The comments about the first episode were of the sort, "Each and every of these girls have some 'main girl' characteristics". That's on the mark, that is on the mark, but... that's not all. The knitting club girl who is actually a goddess or something being the actual love interest isn't that surprising. The damedame actually being the one to wrap up every accident, preventing dangerous aftereffects, that's a common trope too. I don't even need to mention the animation, adaptation, audiovisual aspect. I remember the first scene of the Wizard Baristas bullshit. However.

However, that's not all.

And now you expect me to say what's that "all" I've been speaking about?
Haha, no, never! Through my dead body!

No matter how cliched a certain scene, a certain episode, they are sure to throw you out of the loop at one point. Like, expecting the words of reconciliation, then not getting them. Like, expecting something awkward, but just getting a dance. Like, expecting a parallel of the theatre play, and getting the theatre play itself, together with the obvious acting.

Having realistic, well-mannered, nice characters is... actually rare. They are usually either unrealistic or assholes, I guess. Having a girl being jealous over the main in the form of just one sour thought of "why am I not the one there?" is even rarer. Not to mention the boy acting all love-struck only with his actual interest. Not to mention memories coming up in an actual believable and nice way. Not to mention hearing the emotions in the voices of the seiyuu. Wait, that's normal... then, again. Not to... actually, you know what? Fuck it. The main characters have their cliches, yet fulfill them brilliantly and invigoratingly. Even the background characters are full of life. It is indeed a work of that wave after deconstruction, but.
If Kotarou really wanted to leave, I'm sure he'd've found a way to escape.
and then the bro ghost being completely honest, wanting to monopolize his attention.

I live for such moments in the fiction I partake in. And I am sure this anime will provide me a lot more of these. Sweet blessing of gods, that's why I still try to watch shitty series.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Proper Way of Reading Tonari no Seki-kun

I feel like Seki kun is a minor deity or spirit of harmless tricks and fun and each generation, a girl like Yokoi marries the deity.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

It's a real illusion

Намери, за да изгубиш
Падни, за да се дигнеш
Изстини, изгори
Открий се в себе си
И не бой се от края
Погини, възкръсни!
I've the feeling the Russian lyrics don't say exactly this, as in some of them are actually sung in first person, but oh well. I like it how it's now.

If you have the bakabt torrent of the Horizon OST,

but want the English translations of the song titles like me: here you go.

Shouldn't take much modifying to make this work with the mp3 version either.

Friday, 15 August 2014

This is worth a share or an archive or two.

The days after Skype went to shit

are really funny.

In the moment I am using cryptocat, and my brother is using, both of which tend to encrypt everything they send. However, they are different networks, of course... so, in conclusion, we actually simply use the facebook messenger as an intermediary. Each and every of these messages passes through the facebook system.


And is encrypted so that facebook cannot read it. And so that you cannot read it from facebook. This is the fucking best <3

Man, SAC feels great

After Innocence I certainly missed this spirit.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Vacation Log, another go

(this time I just plainly forgot to post it)

201408041739 Precure
I wish they'd tried to get Kiriya back when they were defeating the Dark King.
That being said, everything else was perfect <3
And the new villain is pretty fucking cool
in unrelated news, I should find myself a mahou shoujo where the heroine learns to handle bothe the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. That'd be cool, and it seems like such an obvious idea that I am sure it's already done. Several times. I just have to search for it.

201408041801 Precure
Oh shit, I just realized. Nagisa and Honoka, they are about the same age as me. Plus minus one year, I think, I should check the official info.

201408051738 Precure
Ok, 77777777 was obvious enough, and I still don't know what 6464646464 was meant to be...
But I lost it when it started alternating 0505050505 with 5050505050
I wonder if it was MEANT to be a Jojo reference.

201408051757 Precure
I already hate popo.

201408051808 Precure
Ok, this is fugly. Seriously fugly.

201408051810 Precure
Why is Nagisa such a best girl ever?

201408051811 Precure
Sensible reaction from the villains <3

201408052331 Kuromajo
more money for animation, but as variable quality of writing as ever. Also as enjoyable as ever <3
The class is full of strange people, it seems. It also seems like I am getting twice more from the anime than the translator is showing to have gotten. Oh well.

201408052355 Kuromajo
Даровете на влъхвите... трябваше да се сетя.

201408060009 a side note
Hm, after 8man turned out to be really good against all reasons I've previously seen cited for why it's good, I should probably give a chance to DAL too. You know, just in case.

P.S. I should download Rock Over The World

I am never sure whether I am subtly ridiculed and I just don't get it, or I should take it as a praise

You are getting into lots of talking. Nishio (the author) as a whole relies heavily on describing parts of the human psyche that are usually skipped by "serious" authors. As a whole, he tends to go at things that the "relatively smarter" teenagers think while growing up. As an example, who is the Real Deal and who is but an imitation is one of the central themes after Nise.
Hm, no, this sounds like quite the bad description.

You are getting into lots of wordplay and sleek Shinbo-ish style. Pretty different from Tenamonya Voyagers and the like, but still you get the general direction.
Wait, that's a pretty bad description too.

You are getting into the best-executed fanservice harem out there. Everybody wants to fuck everyone, and the Question is whether you want to fuck the male protagonist more or the male antagonist(figuratively speaking) more.
Uh... no.
Last try.
You are getting into an adaptation that worked surprisingly well, that is to say: the already good novel series being used, the already good staff produced from it something beyond the expectations, something bigger than the sum of its parts.

P.S. the 80s references are all over the place
then, the next post, a reply to mine:
Pretty Abe-kun-esque. Series is sold to everyone who reads this.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

8man, 7ep done

Yahari, I was wrong about Yahari.
At the start I just thought his conviction is written like that in order to just break it a few episodes later.
Yeah, I was totally off.
The author is just that talentless.

No, don't misunderstand me, I still like this anime. It's just that you can't really feel the characters. My standards told me one thing at the start, but now it's just off-standards. So I have no choice but to take everything at face value. Which, either way, is enjoyable. Besides. The way the characters get some things rather fast, and only half-understand the ques around them? It's pretty sweet, especially considering that a usual anime (and what I expected this to be) would just leave the ques fly high high above the characters' heads. The other end is equally stupid, either way, as it would hardly be believable for teenagers. It's still far-fetched for older people, but for teenagers it directly becomes "parody".

Saturday, 26 July 2014

PC HDD died


see you some other day; for example when I kill half the country and get a new laptop.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Vacation days log

201407172353 Bakaramon
>has insomnia
>let's all go see him in the hospital, it'll help

201407180057 Emanon
The only story I've ever written had a similar feel. You just meet one day something kind of out of the world, then chat with it. Nothing much.
Now, for the second part of the Memories.

201407180147 Emanon
I disagree.
The perfect Emanon is on page 114.

201407180223 Wanderings
Oh fuck everything. Seriously. What the fuck was that...

tbh... this volume felt like they didn't really know how exactly to extend the mythology, but still tried to. I was okay if they didn't try. I would have been okay if this attempt had matured into something great. But, this "to be continued"? It hurts.

201407181526 GitS
I am thinking too much about the Laughing Man. Was it "Laughing Man"? I don't remember. Up to p125 this feels completely and utterly episodic. I wonder if things will start to chain up, but I doubt it.

201407181714 GitS
Hm. 's the main plot, I guess?

201407182010 GitS
Aaand done even with the notes.
Yeah, as expected: it did not live up to the bloated beyond belief expectations.
As good as it was, I don't see how Kusanagi is such a good character. Maybe I will agree more down the line? But hellraiser appreciated mostly the first volume, either way. And in this volume, it was kind of sparce. Two sides, more or less, without as good connection between them as I'd want. Beckie had at least 10 years old kid / mature woman / teacher to her, all separate sides of her personality, switching between these gears. But, then again, Beckie is around my favourite female character ever. So yeah, I wouldn't call Major exemplary. But, maybe I will? I tend to give way too much importance to the time spent, the time that leaves the character mold my perceptions of her, and vice versa: to change what I read in the character.
Ideas-wise, it was perfect. But I enjoy more the playful execution in Memories of Emanon... but that's unfair, as a short story is definitely different from the full-fledged book that is GitS. Not unfair per se... more like, the comparison is pointless.
hm, wonder.
Were there two missed pages? Were the two pages of lesbian sex the "missed" ones? Should I wait until I see them? Should I not? Do I want to read Man-Machine Interface right now, either way? I think I'd give it a rest, and leave this volume settle down some in the back of my head. That's the best possible reaction to this book, I guess.

201407190055 Global Astroliner
TODO: find a better release, might be worth rewatching once

201407190252 Precure
I really fucking can't stand that little shit Cure Fortune. Worst Precure ever... I'd say, but I've seen anything from only 3 seasons up to now.
But, really, lawful good fuckwits like this are vomit-worthy disgusting.

201407190301 Precure
That's what you get when you build your sense of self around a fucking revenge. Everything goes down to the sewers. You cannot keep up your lawful good ideals without the strength to enforce them, now, can you? You are simply nothing if you are not the strongest one around.
Seriously, this is so satisfying <3

But I could do without Blue in the episode. He was not around for so long I forgot how despicable he is.

<a lil later>
whoa, animation.

Haha, the little chit had indeed given up. I hoped I will not be right, but no, she really has no redeemable traits.

Aino is saying something, and I am sure it's not what I am hearing. And the subtitles spell out something. But all I see is
...I think I should have myself checked in a hospital about this sensory disorder.

DONT FUCKING APOLOGIZE TO HER. Hime, you are too good to bother yourself with such lowly lifeforms.

Awwww, that was so good <3 that's why Hime's best girl
She just accepted her downfall and moved forward.

Whoa, suddenly redeemable traits. Okay.jpg
That was kind of out of nowhere, but I guess even LG are G.

HHAHAH, got blown up off-screen
I love this episode already

Oh, ffs, I got it already. Cure Fortune Now Sees The Light, out of nowhere, with no character development in between. In other words, your usual "I am your father" moment. Seriously, fuck this, we got what you are doing, now stop it and let us see some ass kicking.

ANIMATION <3 lemme repeat this

Well, that fucking made sense.
No, sneering aside, that was a nice moment. Exactly the right amount of foreshadowing. Quite well for a turning point. I like.

Woo, more toys to sell.

I still hate the heels. Damn them.

Okay, I think I can suffer Fortune from now on. Maybe? iunno.

Yep, she is only spouting the usual lines of the spin of the LG archetype that I kind of stand.

I... what? More toys? Oh god, these designs... dassaaaaai.

perfect butting in <3

Oh shi--
but I better sleep
but cliffhanger

eh, an episode around Fortune.
But also around Hime. Hmmm.
Mah. Fuck sleeping.

Whoa, that's overpowered. And here I thought that's a mere communications channel that's opened. But noo, she can nuke without leaving her chair.


Pf. An entirely different kind of disgusting.
Also I didn't like how Mirage acknowledged that ship. I hope we do get Blue x Mirage in the end, that's the only way out I see for now. Aino deserves much better.

Not getting the mood... what was it, KY?
Yeah, as expected of a stupid LG.

Hey, fucking KY, stop saying this name. Even I am getting embarassed.

*include reaction image here*

*one more image*
All dem Himes
I am in my heaven <3

Oh god, this KY still goes on with this name >_<

Well, this explanation was even cuter than I thought. Uh, and, let me say it, just once: "Hime did nothing wrong!"
There, I said it.

>that feel when we knew this for 20 something episodes already
>that feel when it doesn't feel that satisfying to hear it from her mouth directly
It's more of an "ima sara..."

Fucking Cool, I admit. Fucking Cool, man.

That smile; I want to protect it <3

*image here*
cute as fuck <3


best girl.

oh god, that Hime face
just priceless <3

oh god, that KY still doesn't want to stop
...okay, I am already laughing instead of sneering at this, that's good.

time for hot lesbian sex, then?
...wait, while I was writing this, LEOPARD? WTF? Business as usual, the cards make no fucking sense, but this time the TIMING made no sense either.

this doesn't bode well
I will try to delete this scene from my mind and sleep peacefully thinking the next episode will have nothing to do with Blue.

Hozuki no Reitetsu 5
Chaika 9
HaCha Precure 25
Kindaichi 15
everything from the new season
KKK the rest of the volumes

201407200148 Affair of Nolandia
I did not believe the people.
Turns out they were right.
The start was indeed pretty bad. I kind of get what they wanted to do, but still? The designs were pretty much the worst I've seen in this franchise up to now, too...
Then the last quarter happened, and it suddenly plunged into 10/10 territory again. I can even pinpoint the right moment!
"We will always be Samara's men!"

As a conclusion, I would say this was the funniest Dirty Pair episode up to now and the funniest chase scene I've ever seen. 8/10

P.S. I am not sure where I laughed more, the Hayate part or the Samara smiling blankly while everything around her is destroyed.

201407200203 Precure
<04:00> this guy is creepy as fuck; hope he's the last boss.
<04:43> AHA! There was this too! Iona becomes so much fucking better when juxtaposed next to Blue. I just knew this series has some trick up its sleeve in order to make me like Fortune.
<05:42> best fairy

 <06:57> best fairy, pt2

<09:03> okay, they won me. I forgive Iona everything.

<11:34> wow, even Iona is fired up about this. I like.
<22:20> so, some drama here... uhhh... sore yori, I'd forgotten how bad is the raw Doremi is using. FML, I should've downloaded herkzraws for ep24 too...

Little Reimu @1/9 done
...guess it was kind of worth it to keep it on my disk since forever*.
*"forever" in this case seems to be 26.01.2013

Little Reimu @4/9 done
You need insulin to watch this. Seriously.

Little Reimu @9/9 done
So, with 5/9 it kind of turned into a tearjerker.

todo: find a better release of Mushishi

201407202247 Negima?!
Augh. This doesn't work. I want to talk! I want to comment on shit! Bah. Guess I will make Eien watch it with me, as hell won't be around, iirc...

P.S. Plastic Little's manga was good.
P.P.S. Kaede is so OP <3
P.P.P.S. I mean, seriously? Whole episode of no fucking animation whatsoever, then beautiful fluid as fuck pure 30 frames per second scene of... a kiss. That's why I love Shaft.
P.iunno.S. Somebody should steal Shaft's budget and force them work within the same limitations as ten years ago. Oh, but that after they make Hana. Kizu should either be 8 years of hand drawn animation or a true '05 Shaft masterpiece, but Hana is something for current Shaft to tackle.

201407210026 Gandahar
Was nice, even if pretty badly animated... speaking about that
>animated in Korea
eh, ok.
>animated in BEST Korea

201407210103 Aria
kirakira kagayaite mabushii no wa kimi ga iru kara~~
(I should probably cave in and download the OST)

201407212314 Sukeban Deka
Seriously, fuck my life. Only two episodes worth adapted from this masterpiece? Nearly two hours of victorious laughter, epic female protagonists and male side characters who take down hellies with one shot from a revolver, constant overshaded shots of epicness, and, of course, yo-yo action. Uh, okay, this may sound bad, but it was awesome, believe me.
Either way, you can clearly see it's written by the same mangaka who did the best Monte Cristo-inspired story ever: Arisa of the Silver Hair.
I can't recommend this more.

201407220115 Lemon Angel
New songs, eh. To be honest, I don't get much from the japanese this time... eh. I am already at 19/27 minutes.

201407220130 Lemon Angel
Hmm... dunno, didn't like these last episodes as much as the previous. Maybe I'd've liked them better if I did understand the songs? I doubt it.

201407220209 KKK
This is pretty bad. Really bad. I think I will just drop it again and upload Hozuki no Reitetsu on the phone.

Okay, this dream was pretty fucked up.
I dreamt that Sanzenin Nagi has an older brother who had made her indestructible, and that Hamster was a 4channer (at least so said the subtitles (yes, there were subtitles (only in that one scene (most of the dream was ... in japanese? iunno) ) ) ).
The rest was mostly shipping, so I will skip describing it. Especially Hayate's comments on how Hamster's breast feels. 
Still, I didn't know my subconscious had such a good grasp of the characters and the compositional structure of Hayate. It felt utterly Hayate-ish, complete with some crepes and one of the male side characters, on the next street to where the action was happening... no, I don't remember who that side character was, come on. It was a dream, I am amazed I remember that much already.
(I wonder if the zeppelin part was influenced by xkcd)

201407221547 Horizon
I'd forgotten how good this series is.
S3 when? ;_;
I should download the full ZONE//ALONE when I go back to good internet. I think this Minorin performance grew up on me considerably with the years.

201407221801 Horizon
I'd forgotten how great this series is.
And how much sekkusu happens.

201407230110 Rokujouma no Shinryakusha
So, the second episode was actually pretty good. I am happy. Based Oonuma Shin, good opening/ending themes, sweet dynamics between the characters, evil laughter... wait, why am I writing this here? I've got net now! I better post this soon.