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*monogatari fighter game

Senjougahara uses school supplies. She's a zoning type character who has to reset her school supplies by shaking her skirt. She uses craft knives in close range, her stapler as her throw and pencils for ranged attacks.
Her Instant Kill is her pointing out the Summer Triad to the opponent and then the screen turning red in a discretion shot

Araragi and Shinobu share a spot together (Kiss-shot is playable by herself). Araragi fights with the sword while he uses Shinobu in his shadow to deal with close range threats. So she'll do things like foottrip people for hard knockdown or she'll pop out during the throw to bite people like she tried to do to Nadeko
Araragi has light regen to his HP bar but in return he's quite soft.
His IK is just him throwing the sword like he did to Kako while Shinobu picks up the sword and snarks at him.

Kanbaru focuses on hit and run tactics, she basically has the quickest movement speed and does meh damage until you max out her "Rainy Devil" bar in which she transforms and gets a buff.
Her IK is the intestine spin from Suruga Monkey

Nadeko uses the snakes like spears and inflicts poison damage on the enemies, she also has a couple of moe moe attacks where she acts cute, one of them is a counter attack.
She can drop her snake spear and then have it slither back to her, damaging the opponent slightly if it touches them, it's primarily used for trapping so that you can hit confirm a combo.
Her IK has her go full Godmode and do what she did to Kaiki, trapping him in snakes and then kicking the shit out of him.

Hanekawa only plays as Black Hanekawa, she has minor HP steal with her physical attacks. Otherwise she plays similarly to Kanbaru in that she's just a rushdown character.
Her IK is the neck lick from Tsubasa Cat and the arm removal from Neko Black.

Mayoi. She pulls out random items to use like the ribbon from her first OP to change the properties on some of her attacks. What she pulls out is random. Her throw has a Mayoi pop out of her backpack and they both hit the enemy
Her IK has her pull her future self out of the backpack and do the damage on Mayoi's behalf.

Karen is just a rushdown character. Nothing too special about her, no gauges or anything to worry about. She just hits shit.
Her IK is the combo when she's fighting Araragi in Nise and it ends with the Meteor drop.

Tsukihi. If she's got max bar at the bottom when she dies then she comes back with 50% health. Otherwise she just fights with awls, screwdrivers and crowbars.
Her IK is her just getting platinum mad. 

Yozuru/Yotsugi. Unlike Araragi who fights with Shinobu without a gauge. Yozuru has a Unlimited Rulebook gauge she fills to use URB. She can only be selected on certain stages that aren't on the ground . Her throw is the triple headbutt she used to fuck Araragi
Her IK starts with her jumping on the opponent like she did to Araragi at his house, grabbing them by the head and smashing them into the ground

Kaiki fights by inflicting statuses on opponents like Fire Wreath Bee and Slug. He doesn't have any long ranged attacks but a lot of his moves feint into other moves. So if you see him do one thing, he might be doing something else.
His IK is him inflicting a particularly nasty fake oddity on you and at the end of it his win pose has him crouching down, taking your wallet and giving you shit about how much of a poorfag you are.

Oshino fights by using things like the Judo flip against the Omoikane and the kick he used to hold off the exorcists in Kizu.
His throw is just him slapping you with a seal. It does extra damage to people using oddities. So normal damage for Senjougahara but more damage and better combo opportunities against Araragi/Mayoi etc
I don't recall his IK but it'd probably just be him dropping Eikou Cram school desks on you and telling you that you look energetic.

There was no Gaen so she can be DLC

Kiss-shot. She's the final villain overpowered boss character. Better regeneration than Araragi, swifter sword strikes. She has floating, she's got good HP and defense. Her throw is her biting the opponent and getting more HP back. She has ranged attacks in the form of the attack she used to destroy the roof
Her IK is just her going wild with her hands while doing her. "I won't use my [...]" quote.
Banned for Tournament play for obvious reasons

What happens when Tsukihi gets platinum mad?
People die  
Two dice are rolled.
If the number is the same, everyone within a 55 foot radius of her gets lit on fire, enough to hurt like a motherfucker, but not enough to kill. Mental trauma is probable.

Bonus round.
That you did, anon. That you did 

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