Monday, 28 April 2014

Pertaining to feminism

How the fuck did new ideas become truly widespread?
No, it's not because the opposition was convinced they are wrong.
The change was simple: the opposition died out.

Over the years, I've heard and read many and many opinions about various discrimination policies, male privilege, and whatnot. And, what stays as a common element to every "feminist" writing is how we, the males, need to change somehow. Some were the ravings of a mad man, I am sorry, woman. Some were practical, sensible, rational, judicious and so on. However, well, they fall to deaf ears.
All that can be done about the issues we have in our current society is to teach our kids to not fall prey to the same mistakes we are doing.
If the father is sensible, he'd probably try teaching such and such obvious truths to his kids no matter what some woman he has no relation to is shouting on the media. 
And, hey, if a given male is a chauvinistic pig that needs reprogramming as far as the feminists are concerned, then probably it's his WIFE that will do all the teaching and raising of their kids. Heck, this is one of the issues feminists have, after all, an issue that will probably die out the hardest. So, why the hell is anybody trying to put anything at all in said chauvinistic pigs' heads? It's their fucking wives that need to learn.

Leave us males alone, the feminists need to concentrate on teaching the female half of the population how to behave.

P.S. no, I know this is not feasible. I am just simplifying everything for the sake of narrative structure. It's the kids that need to be taught, from the get-go. Still, I don't think I am mistaken that it's a better idea to try to reeducate the women than to try to reeducate the men.
Yes, "idea". 
We need to wait for the current generation of feminists to die out before we start noticing any changes to the situation.
Have fun with that.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Stuff to follow up the previous post

Great shonen MC; builds a harem because he's forced to and then goes outside of it for his own personal reasons. No apologies, no excuses; takes his mistakes in stride and keeps his growth inside. He is what he is at the moment, take it or leave it, and now leads with his heart because his confidence is only stronger. This is the best end for a great character, and you don't have to be a girlfag to admit it.
some /a/non 
You know, after thinking about it, I'm happy that the time travel storyline happened. For all its faults, it provided the necessary time for both Keima and Elsie to complete their own character arcs. Neither of them were anywhere near end-game material at the the end of the goddess captures. For all the pacing issues, we certainly could have never pulled out the Elsie reveal without that chapter on her early life and her dream of her family, or Keima's confession without all his introspective reflections.

Still, I'm sad that TWGOK didn't become an epic. Most of the theories that popped up around here were legitimately good ideas with solid foundations in the story. It seems very likely to me that a good number of them probably were story plans that Wakaki considered and intentionally foreshadowed.

Even so, it certainly was an experience. I'm glad I read this series. I think I learned a lot from it. And I'm glad to have been able to share and discuss ideas with you all.

Because, as I will never stop reminding you, with regards to Final Boss Elsie, I FUCKING CALLED IT.
another /a/non

I can see it!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Which one is your utmost desire?

-Usomonogatari, Kaiki April
-[Owarimonogatari (part3)] to be over one million pages
-Nisemonogatari VHS release
-Eternal tour with Hachikuji that you never come back from
-Senjougahara stationary set, you can transport it under your skirt
-Nekomonogatari BD audio commentary by both Hanekawa and Black Hanekawa
-Monogatari Airline
-Nadeko's shoujo manga, [Kimi to Nadekko] to be animated
-[Kimi to Nadekko] spinoff [Kimi no Ninki ni Kuttsukihi (Parasitising Off Your Popularitsukihi)] to be written
-South Pole tour with Kissshot, go in one huge jump
-Ononoki Yotsugi 1/1 scale doll
-Black Hanekawa fur rug
-Oshino Ougi novel, all pages are black
-[Kogarashi Sentiment] starring Senjougahara Hitagi to be novelised
-Tsukihi's friendship checklist
-Black Hanekawa coffee
-Ononoki Yotsugi facial expression cards
-Girl's band [Lolitrio] disbanded [A difference in childish direction (*osanajisei-child sounds like ongakusei-musical)] [We don't even remember forming a band in the first place]
-First volume of [The Spell Book of Kaiki Deishu], "free"
-Senjougahara Hitagi 100/1 scale figure, to match the opening
-Time travel tour with Shinobu, destroy the world
-240 hour Monogatari marathon
-Sengoku Nadeko medusa wig now on sale with real snakes
-Hanekawa's restaurant, [The Restaurant of No Orders] opens for a limited time only

I vote for the Yotsugi doll.

This is not just sad and lonely; this is sad and lonely as an art form

I think I hit a new low /a/

>watching kono naka ni hitori, imouto ga iru! on laptop
>phone rings
>its some survey caller
>he starts talking to me about something other then the anime
>I turn up my computer volume so he could hear the anime also
>its in Japanese so he has no idea whats going on
>make a small smile because it feels like i'm watching an anime with someone
>he hangs up
>smile fades because i'm watching anime alone again

Does /a/ have any friends that they watch anime with?
I had a friend who moved away 9 months ago and we would watch anime together all the time and just narrate our opinions on it like beavis and butt-head would do for music videos.
It just feels more fun to watch anime with someone then alone...