Wednesday, 3 September 2014

There are people worse off than me

I don't remember all of it but the nightmare was relatively consistent each time

>In my house
>decide to go outside
>see people running around terrified
>old man says ''she is coming, she is coming and she will judge us''
>inhuman scream that seems to come from out of nowhere
>man comes up to me and tells me to run
>see some people praying in the middle of the street
>helicopters flying out of the city, evacuating citizens
>jump in terror when I feel the ground shaking beneath me
>feels like a drawn out earthquake, almost like stomping
>run to the side of a building, get a brief glimpse of a giant hand
>that's when I heard a terrifying sound I will never forget
>''STAPO STAPO'' echoes throughout the whole city
>giant hitagi marching towards me, crushing everything in her path
>she gets up to me
>looks down on me with a look of boredom on her face
>she picks me up
>inspects my being
>literally frozen with fear
>she makes a small grin and then drops me down into her hand, just before I hit I wake up from the dream
Each time that's the point where I wake up.
author: not me

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