Wednesday, 29 October 2014

And this lesbian manga ended with GTS fetish

proof included
No, but, that aside. I mean, yeah, as usual I instinctively comment on the most dubious part of everything I loved about this manga... so yeah, aside from that right-at-the-end one-page wonder:
Man, was that great!

I guess I am more susceptible to drama when in manga form, but even so? It was just the perfect amount of teen drama. Everybody grew so much! Keeping their core character, everybody literally grew an year in front of my eyes. And that bakappuru was trying to kill me from cuteness all the time. And, you know. I don't remember, it should be something really beaten down and walked over and cliche, yet... I find pic related as something really fucking sweet. So sweet that even, paradoxically for the image I myself have of me, I kind of want to say that I've experienced it. Though I am much more shameless and being able to push aside emotions that I do not want. The whole stuff was like this. I am not really this kind of person, yet... yet it drew me in, and it was as if I was experiencing the same happenings together with them. How? Am I just in that perfect of a mood to read this? I guess I am. That's great, that's perfect, when you read something in the optimal mood for reading it, so, y'know, good job me. And... what more to say...
I expected her to start dating the otaku. Not sure to be glad they didn't go for that cliche, or to be severely disappointed I didn't get to see cute making out between them. I should just hit exhentai for that... though I doubt they got a doujin.



10/10, will read again, will recommend to everybody.

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