Saturday, 16 October 2021

Re: Shaft

[2:14 PM] It's me: using studios to describe things will never not get annoying. Preferred if people or cultural terms are used to and referred to describe things
[2:15 PM] erejnion: sometimes it's the only correct way however
[2:15 PM] It's me: Nah. There's probably a term established by the culture for that
[2:16 PM] erejnion: nope
[2:17 PM] It's me: If you take into account Disney then probably so
[2:18 PM] erejnion: 2000's Shaft is a combination of a peculiar superflat artstyle that came around as a combination from Shinbo and Oonuma and several of the other creatives there, a characteristic use of severe cost-cutting methods in the most creative way possible, and a tendency to overload the screen - with references in the background, or 4th wall breaking stuff in the foreground, and so on.
[2:19 PM] It's me: Yeah that's rather unique
[2:19 PM] erejnion: it's a deliberate style produced by several of the staff in Shaft back in these years, specifically for the sake of Shaft
[2:19 PM] erejnion: then the last decade we saw a lot of shows by other companies that were more Shaft-like than the actual Shaft shows, lol
[2:21 PM] It's me: Why aren't you making a treatise about it?
[2:21 PM] erejnion: I find it so obvious that the above is practically all I can say about it
[2:21 PM] erejnion: it's not like I've researched any of the inner workings of the studio, lol
[2:23 PM] It's me: You gonna take this idea with you to the grave huh.
[2:23 PM] erejnion: eh, the Shaft fandom knows it
[2:23 PM] erejnion: like the dude I linked you
[2:23 PM] It's me: I guess describing art is as difficult as describing psychosexuality
[2:24 PM] erejnion: this guy definitely gets it
[2:26 PM] It's me: Yeah but there's not much to go on unless one has the context.
[2:28 PM] erejnion: true
[2:28 PM] erejnion: you know what will happen now that you've convinced me this should exist somewhere on the internet?
[2:29 PM] erejnion: I'll just copy paste this chat in my blog

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Re: Sugita

[8:08 PM] erejnion: I want Sugita to pep talk me
[8:09 PM] hellraiser: I already had a whole year of Sugita gracing me with his beautiful voice
[8:09 PM] erejnion: you can do one more year, I'm sure
[8:10 PM] hellraiser:
[8:10 PM] hellraiser: it won't be the same
[8:11 PM] erejnion: it's quite similar
[8:11 PM] erejnion: Sugita is now too lazy to do other voices, it seems
[8:11 PM] hellraiser: why try when you've reached the top?
[8:12 PM] erejnion: yeah

This part actually worked best as tweets

Thursday, 30 September 2021

Drive Night

[3:47 PM] hellraiser:
[3:48 PM] hellraiser: so it's supposed to be in the same world as Akudama Drive?
[3:48 PM] hellraiser: no wonder they needed super police there
[3:48 PM] hellraiser: even baseball can kill you
[3:49 PM] erejnion: not enough moon tits
[3:49 PM] erejnion: dropped
[3:50 PM] erejnion: I literally read the title as "Drive Night"
[3:50 PM] erejnion: close enough
[3:50 PM] erejnion: I've done worse with katakana
[3:52 PM] hellraiser: yup
[3:52 PM] erejnion: I'd watch the shit out of Drive Night
[3:52 PM] erejnion: it sounds like some 80s aesthetics shit
[3:53 PM] erejnion: Dirty Pair ending style
[3:53 PM] hellraiser: it sounds like that VN where two terminally ill patients steal a car and go on a drive through Japan
[3:53 PM] hellraiser: and their goal is to go to the sea early before dawn
[3:53 PM] erejnion: now I know what the author of Super Cub copied
[3:54 PM] hellraiser: sounds logical
[3:54 PM] hellraiser: both have that ''always put yourself first and have fun'' attitude

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Symphogear Precure

[9:36 PM] erejnion: I will either start liking "ikitterutte kanji" by the end of this anime or I will kill myself
[9:37 PM] hellraiser: you have 35 episodes more to start liking it
[9:37 PM] hellraiser: kirayaba was only less bad because of the random translations
[9:38 PM] erejnion: nah, that was fine
[9:38 PM] erejnion: the random translations made it fun
[9:38 PM] hellraiser: astro nuts
[9:38 PM] erejnion: bucchake arienai was godlike
[9:38 PM] hellraiser: Precure will never top Nagisa
[9:39 PM] hellraiser: even the one voiced by Koshimizu wasn't as good
[9:40 PM] erejnion: few characters ever top Nagisa, after all
[9:40 PM] hellraiser: some day there'll be a proper Mahou Shoujo crossover game
[9:41 PM] hellraiser: and Nagisa will meet Hibiki
[9:41 PM] hellraiser: and they'll add the Precure Hibiki too