Friday, 24 May 2019

Spring 2019

RobiHachi - it's the usual Ixion Saga spiel, but with less lolis and more gay Sugita (which balances out the lack of lolis)
Yatogame-chan - fun and short


Yu-no - maybe I should read the VN
Isekai Quartet - I keep it around for the numbers


Kenja no Mago
(both are meh, but I keep them because they are an easy watch while in the metro and I need the numbers)


C&T - it's meh, but inoffensive. Picked it up only when I had lots of time in transfer to waste.
Sara Zanmai - not suitable for watching while on the go, which means I'm constantly behind on it


Fruits Basket - pretty good, not only for the nostalgia factor.
???ият Живот на Сам Самичка - really good
Senryuu Shoujo - really good
Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai - a /d/enizen teenager girl goes through her first vanilla love


Kimetsu no Yaiba - that's surprisingly good; ufotable are doing a great job with the adaptation, enhancing the strengths of the source material really well.
Chou Kadou Girl 1/6 - it's fine
Joshikausei - great, but less so than its source material
Nobunaga - it's fine


Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin - great side stories, while the overarching plot is about a spurred gay ex-lover demigod. It's as bad as it sounds.
Nande Koko ni Sensei ga - surprisingly enjoyable

Only 10 full episodes per week. That's a new low for me. In a better season I would have dropped 2-3 of these, and at least 3 of the shorts. Maybe I should do so anyway and pick up something from the backlog.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Handholding is too lewd

So, Dan prompted me to think about stuff that's been in my head for quite the long time.
This is a sign of a well-known mentality of... well, the internet from a decade or two ago.

This mentality has a few key points:

1. Lack of importance given to physicality. Dan outright states it. 4chan also outright states it when 4channers fawn over their waifus. It is related, even if only tangentially, to the purityfaggotry of Japan, and is in strict contrast to America's view of sexuality. Sexuality is not shameful, just a physical relationship takes second place to an emotional one.

2. Lack of importance given to language. 4chan's normal behavior is to use rude words. Which normalizes them and takes away their power. 4chan just doesn't care. Dan himself only started noticing that labels exist quite recently.

3. Compensating for the above two with importance given to the emotional connections.
3.1. That's where the handholding comes from. It is a sign of an emotional connection. That's why it is too lewd. Whatever the story up to there it may be - perfectly normal, or with strange fetishes but no sexual content, or even the most hardcore of /d/ shit - it's the emotional connection that is deemed too lewd. It's the sex in missionary position for the purpose of procreation that leaves impression, after a whole doujin of all imaginable and unimaginable poses, rape, and so on. Dan, obviously, strives for the exact same hook, but of the suggestive type, not of the brutal /d/ sex type.
3.2. And that's why 4chan has normalized being rude. Because when the importance is put on the emotional connection between the posters, it's better if you have more toolset to establish that connection. Just by being nice and commending the other person's taste, you will instantly manage to create a connection. Because the normal would have been to be rude. Dan also has entirely different focuses when writing dialogue. If it's the action plot, it's with less dialogue. If it's exposition, Mr Exposition does it as a monologue in as few pages as possible. And if it's about establishing emotional connections, Dan puts extra work and extra focus in the dialogue.

So yeah. That's about it.

Friday, 10 May 2019


DAL 1:        6/10
DAL 1 ova:  8/10
DAL 2:        5/10
DAL 2 ova:  8/10
DAL movie: 5/10
DAL 3:        4/10

...I blame the disappointment about having a whole arc about Origami, but ACTUALLY it was about not-Origami. Not-Origami was awful, except when influenced by Origami.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

The Spirit Puppet, Or Rather Her Love And Resuscitation

С гръм се отвориха очите ми, в калта ти ме хвана за ръка.
Забивам нокти, и отново се пълнят дробовете ми с живот.

Нито едно нещо няма да оставя “спомените, известни заради любов”
Нито едно нещо няма да повдигна “смъртта превзема всичко”
Само едно нещо е сигурно “е, ела с мен”
Импулсът, който ме стимулира “любимата ми кукла”

Онзи ден, някой ден, е смъртта ми. А сега прераждането ми.
Нямам собствени цели да преследвам, даже песните забравих.
Всичко в името на това да умра.

Няма нужда нищо да чувстваш, откъснат цвят
ела при мен
Няма нужда нищо да си спомняш
Ти си по-красива когато се разлагаш.

Взорът ми е нагоре към есенно небе и падащи листа
И ме изпълва чувство все едно че някой, някой ме зове.
Това ще да е гласът на единствения благ човек,
Който плака за тук спящата аз.

Онзи ден, някой ден, е смъртта ми. А сега прераждането ми.
Нямам собствени цели да преследвам, даже песните забравих.
Всичко в името на това да умра.

Песен за кукла, прехласната по смъртта. Неможеща да напусне кафезът си.
Сънува, а сънят ѝ е лек като дрямка.
Блуждаеща душа.

Translation credit: me.
Feel free to use and/or expand.


What we value as art requires two things: effort and meaning.
Of course, the effort needs not be physical. Nor does it require an art degree.
Of course, the meaning needs not be intended. If the audience can derive meaning by themselves, it's okay.
The creation of art is more accessible than ever. Practically everyone who grew up on the internet has been involved in the creation of art... at least prose if nothing else. We're in for a great future.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Random youtube comment

As far as I'm concerned, Goblin Slayer depends on the meta-narrative about a group of murderhobos playing a mediocre D&D campaign. It's not even that meta of a meta-narrative, as the whole gods rolling dices thing is... a thing...
Which, pretty much, means that Goblin Slayer's big problem is one: everything else.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Goblin Slayer

It was a really streamlined experience. The core engagement was about D&D roleplaying game with murderhobo characters, but it did not depend on the viewer having a previous investment in the concept. Log Horizon is infinitely better, for example, but it depends on the viewer having an investment in this society-creating aspect of MMORPGs. Retarded Dragon Girls is also miles ahead, but it depends on the viewer interpreting everything through the lens of a trpg campaign. So Goblin Slayer was okay for a mainstream entertainment.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Girls in anime

they all strive to be great Nonoriris.

They may claim they want to be great princesses, equalizers, or whatnot, but nah. They want to be Nonoriris.