Thursday, 9 December 2021

Re: Denpa Onna

[10:19 PM] erejnion: I think I will watch Denpa Onna once again
[10:19 PM] erejnion: it's a surprisingly rewatchable anime
[10:20 PM] erejnion: you find new snapshots to take on every rewatch
[10:20 PM] hellraiser: I still think it's the pinnacle of eroticism for Shaft
[10:20 PM] hellraiser: nothing comes even close
[10:20 PM] erejnion: these are two frames all in all
[10:20 PM] erejnion: they take 1/12th of a second on screen together
[10:21 PM] hellraiser: that's how it is when you have passion for your work

Saturday, 4 December 2021

Реорганизация на трамвайните линии в София

  • скъсяване на тм11 от Княжево до Хан Кубрат
  • скъсяване на тм7 от МанЛи до Централна Гара
  • премахване на тм1
  • премахване на тм4 и тм18
  • тм3 от Захарна до Иван Вазов
  • намаляване на интервалите по тм3, тм5, тм7, тм10, тм 11, тм12
  • синхронизиране на тм10 и тм12 по Графа
  • удължаване на тм5 от Княжево до Орландовци

  • премахване на трамвайната връзка от Орландовци към Попа - не е особен негатив, защото така или иначе това винаги е бил заобиколен маршрут, и ако хората пътуват посока изток, обикновено слизат и ходят към Сточна Гара
  • премахване на трамвайната връзка от Илиянци към Красна Поляна/Княжево - мисля че не е особен проблем, особено предвид че прекачването ще е лесно между две по-редовни линии
  • премахване на трамвайната връзка която тм3 прави от Орландовци до ЦГ/Ботев - тя и в момента практически я няма с такива интервали
  • разчитане на един и същи интервал на трамвай от Орландовци до Княжево - в момента до Орландовци ходят повече мотриси на час отколкото тм5 имаше преди ремонта, така че там ще е нормално натоварено като за край на линията (т.е. колкото е натоварено и в Княжево). Има три километра от колелото в Княжево до там където става натоварено (Каблешков), и има пак точно 3 километра от колелото в Орландовци до Халите.

  • подобряване на обслужването на Орландовци: вместо 3 линии с различни интервали, една редовна линия, която прави важни връзки
  • намаляване на интервалите по Борис 3, по България, по Стамболийски и Баучер, по К. Величков, към Захарна и Иван Вазов
  • създаване на по-удобни прекачвания: между тм5 и М1/М4, между тм5 и тм20/22, между М2 и тм11
  • удобна последна спирка на тм5
  • пътувайки на север от Сердика, би имало избор между три редовни висококапацитетни линии: М2, тм5, тм12, според зависи точно накъде пътуваш; в момента тм12 не е най-редовната, а тм4 и тм18 може да ги чакаш малко, а може и току-що да са минали и двата трамвая
  • пътувайки на юг от Сердика няма да се налага да ходиш до колелото на Съдебна за да хванеш редовната линия
  • по-добро обслужване на Орландовци и Илиянци може да увеличи инвестициите там
  • освобождава се мегдан някой ден тм7 да минава по евентуалния пробив и да върти зад Централна Гара при новото строителство там
и, най-вече:
  • по-малко на брой линии по основните трамвайни трасета (Борис 3 (2->1), Ботев (4->2), Мария Луиза(3->2), Графа(3->2), Каменоделска (3->1), т.н.) без намаляване на броя на мотрисите по тези трасета означава по-равномерно обслужване и по-малко чакане

Thursday, 28 October 2021

Re: Realist Hero

Realist Hero had really weird pacing:
Episodes 1 to 8 - book 1
Episodes 9 to the middle of 12 - book 2
The remaining one and a half episodes - one third of book 3
A full second season of presumably 13 episodes - the remainder of book 3 and book 4

Can somebody explain me why? It ended literally in the middle of nowhere like that, not even a cliffhanger, just one bland "wait, that's it?" right after introducing a new character. And book 2 is mostly descriptions of fighting, so 5 episodes would have been mostly enough for it. But with just 3.5 episodes it's rushed as fuck.
I mean, I'm not complaining. I expected them to get all four books in 13 episodes, making everything way more rushed, so even 3.5 episodes is beyond my expectations. I just fail to see any logic in adapting the first book properly, then for some reason upping the pacing significantly. Let's say they will spend some time fleshing out the rushed bits of book 3 in S2, after all they have nearly 8 episodes per book for each of book 3 and 4. But why book 2 specifically getting the scissors?
Or, like, do they intend to adapt more than books 1-4? The author himself says that books 1-4 were the original arc that he intended to write, so everything afterwards is just bonus material. It makes no sense to include anything more than them.

I'm genuinely baffled by this decision.

That being said, Mao voicing the tanuki is pure pleasure, and getting to hear the blue trash sing the actual song Give a Reason absolutely made the anime for me.

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Re: Shaft

[2:14 PM] It's me: using studios to describe things will never not get annoying. Preferred if people or cultural terms are used to and referred to describe things
[2:15 PM] erejnion: sometimes it's the only correct way however
[2:15 PM] It's me: Nah. There's probably a term established by the culture for that
[2:16 PM] erejnion: nope
[2:17 PM] It's me: If you take into account Disney then probably so
[2:18 PM] erejnion: 2000's Shaft is a combination of a peculiar superflat artstyle that came around as a combination from Shinbo and Oonuma and several of the other creatives there, a characteristic use of severe cost-cutting methods in the most creative way possible, and a tendency to overload the screen - with references in the background, or 4th wall breaking stuff in the foreground, and so on.
[2:19 PM] It's me: Yeah that's rather unique
[2:19 PM] erejnion: it's a deliberate style produced by several of the staff in Shaft back in these years, specifically for the sake of Shaft
[2:19 PM] erejnion: then the last decade we saw a lot of shows by other companies that were more Shaft-like than the actual Shaft shows, lol
[2:21 PM] It's me: Why aren't you making a treatise about it?
[2:21 PM] erejnion: I find it so obvious that the above is practically all I can say about it
[2:21 PM] erejnion: it's not like I've researched any of the inner workings of the studio, lol
[2:23 PM] It's me: You gonna take this idea with you to the grave huh.
[2:23 PM] erejnion: eh, the Shaft fandom knows it
[2:23 PM] erejnion: like the dude I linked you
[2:23 PM] It's me: I guess describing art is as difficult as describing psychosexuality
[2:24 PM] erejnion: this guy definitely gets it
[2:26 PM] It's me: Yeah but there's not much to go on unless one has the context.
[2:28 PM] erejnion: true
[2:28 PM] erejnion: you know what will happen now that you've convinced me this should exist somewhere on the internet?
[2:29 PM] erejnion: I'll just copy paste this chat in my blog

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Re: Sugita

[8:08 PM] erejnion: I want Sugita to pep talk me
[8:09 PM] hellraiser: I already had a whole year of Sugita gracing me with his beautiful voice
[8:09 PM] erejnion: you can do one more year, I'm sure
[8:10 PM] hellraiser:
[8:10 PM] hellraiser: it won't be the same
[8:11 PM] erejnion: it's quite similar
[8:11 PM] erejnion: Sugita is now too lazy to do other voices, it seems
[8:11 PM] hellraiser: why try when you've reached the top?
[8:12 PM] erejnion: yeah

This part actually worked best as tweets

Thursday, 30 September 2021

Drive Night

[3:47 PM] hellraiser:
[3:48 PM] hellraiser: so it's supposed to be in the same world as Akudama Drive?
[3:48 PM] hellraiser: no wonder they needed super police there
[3:48 PM] hellraiser: even baseball can kill you
[3:49 PM] erejnion: not enough moon tits
[3:49 PM] erejnion: dropped
[3:50 PM] erejnion: I literally read the title as "Drive Night"
[3:50 PM] erejnion: close enough
[3:50 PM] erejnion: I've done worse with katakana
[3:52 PM] hellraiser: yup
[3:52 PM] erejnion: I'd watch the shit out of Drive Night
[3:52 PM] erejnion: it sounds like some 80s aesthetics shit
[3:53 PM] erejnion: Dirty Pair ending style
[3:53 PM] hellraiser: it sounds like that VN where two terminally ill patients steal a car and go on a drive through Japan
[3:53 PM] hellraiser: and their goal is to go to the sea early before dawn
[3:53 PM] erejnion: now I know what the author of Super Cub copied
[3:54 PM] hellraiser: sounds logical
[3:54 PM] hellraiser: both have that ''always put yourself first and have fun'' attitude