Monday, 29 September 2014


So anyway...
I think this marks the end of this story arc? I am not actually sure. Neither can I be assed to check how many days are left before the trip to the countryside. It's close, I am really interested how will Hata play this off. No, that is easy, I am interested what he'd do with the whole Black Camellia business. Maybe he'd just skip to the last arc, for the Christmas stuff? As obviously the manga will end on Christmas.
Anyway, Can't Take My Eyes Off You mentioned that the whole idol business is a little more resolved than  it is now, iirc. That should prove fun. And I am sure Hata had plans what to do with the manga when this moment comes, so I just have to stay in anticip,,, ation.
Yep, that's about it.

Volume B (yes, the cup size)

43 seconds in: Nagi is best girl.

Why the fuck is Yurika so based?

<what title sed>

Saturday, 27 September 2014

tox ID


Just, please, give me a good reason to accept your friend request when sending it.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Vaca... Spirit of Wonder log

201409211450 Spirit of Wonder 1
I actually liked how the last story ended. Actually, the whole last story. That aside...
The stories were too short. Kenji Tsuruta doesn't do things that differently, in the end. All stories carry some amount of timelessness, and he excels the most in the panels that don't have any speech in them. And, for a short story of this type, there are no such panels. There's too much information needed. And he does include it, but there's no more filler between it, it feels just like an information dump. The information included in the dialogue isn't thaaat different in his longer stories, like Forget-me-not, but between the panels with info there, we get whole pages of just scenery, character expressions, and so on. Most of the storytelling actually happens there, in these voiceless scenes. What gives them voice is not the dialogue, but the image itself.
What about Spirit of Wonder? First, his art wasn't that polished back then. Second, all stories in the first volume were way too short. In fact, the only one I liked was the only sequel one. Its first part was equally crowded, but the second part Kenji was free enough to do his thing, in the way I love it. And, crowdedness aside, in the end the information we got was the bare minimum to get the story. We had to piece it together... act, made even more difficult by the translation quality, I think. I can't be sure, of course, before seeing the original. All of this said already, it's not like I disliked the book. Presentation aside, what I managed to piece together from the stories was actually really thoughtful and sweet, while depending on the background of scifi to be gotten completely, I appreciated it a lot. That's my taste in fiction, after all. And... next volume is the China girl, what actually got adapted. I am bound to love it, I guess. Time to read, eh?

201409211520 Spirit of Wonder 2
Ok, Miss China's Ring was 10/10, will read again.

201409211532 Spirit of Wonder 2
>China Strikes Back

201409211547 Spirit of Wonder 2
Miss China's Mood Cam was even better.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Candy Boy

[01:02:50] Reighe: ave
[01:03:01] Reighe: Shin mozhe li da mi obqsni shto Candy Boy se naricha taka?
[01:03:37] Ахчо0о: What is there you don't understand?
[01:03:48] Reighe: the fact that there are no boys
[01:04:03] Ахчо0о: Big fucking deal.
[01:04:44] Reighe: the title seems absolutely unrelated to the anime
[01:05:03] Reighe: is this a "visual novel turned lesbian anime" deal?
[01:05:45] Ахчо0о: It's original.
[01:06:23] Ахчо0о: I think there was some kind of explanation in the story itself.
[01:06:28] Ахчо0о: If not, who the fuck cares.
[01:06:32] Ахчо0о: Literally no reason to do so.
[01:08:21] Reighe: you meanie
[01:09:09] Ахчо0о: If some day I send you a text file with absolute bullshit name, know you have only yourself to blame.
[01:10:59] Reighe: no,that'd be only because of your borderline dyslexia
[01:13:37] Ахчо0о: Whoa, now who is being mean.
[01:19:09] Reighe: the songs are pretty good
[01:19:26] Reighe: but it's a little too sugarsweet to make for a good story
[01:19:32] Reighe: will see
[01:20:44] Reighe: wuh
[01:20:47] Reighe: one more ending
[01:24:10] Reighe: which repeated the whole ONA episode with the song Candy Boy as a soundtrack
[01:24:18] Reighe: these guys who made this are really twisted
[01:29:49] Reighe: they use "onushi"
[01:29:53] Ахчо0о:

At this point, a man must wonder, what was even the point of her character. Maybe I have just forgotten.
[01:29:53] Reighe: everything is forgiven
[01:34:26] Reighe: whoa
[01:34:44] Reighe: ok, veche razbiram tova kak e popadnalo v 3x3to na toq anon
[01:34:56] Reighe: this suddenly got awesome with the second episode
[01:35:30] *** Reighe sent [Frostii]_Candy_Boy_-_02_DVD_[1BF7685F].mkv_snapshot_06.19_[2014.09.10_01.34.21].png ***
[01:35:32] Reighe: ...
[01:35:49] Reighe: this should probably go in a blog post, instead of spamming you, maybe? iunno.
[01:36:23] Reighe: *this is a school dormitory, for the record
[01:36:28] Ахчо0о: >png
[01:36:43] Ахчо0о: I have problems loading images on 4chan for the last two days anyway.
[01:37:50] Reighe: huh
[01:38:07] Reighe: well, it's not the MPC compression, at least
[01:38:54] Reighe: I wonder if I can make the script run the smaller files with higher level of compression
[01:39:03] Reighe: because currently it just runs everything at q5 or so
[01:39:34] Reighe: DVD snapshots at least wont take several minutes to run at q8
[01:40:08] Reighe: 1080p does manage to go to several minutes. I think it's quadratic with the number of pixels, or so.
[01:40:54] Reighe: and it runs with only one thread, which is okay, because MPC would just use the other core
[01:42:37] Reighe: oh, musical number
[01:42:44] Reighe: this annoyed me as fuck in A Channel
[01:42:49] Ахчо0о: Electricity died.
[01:45:07] Reighe: oh
[01:45:39] Reighe: za niskobudjetna produkciq izpolzvashta ot vreme na vreme pohvati, koito me draznqt, pravi i nqkakvi awesome neshta
[01:53:05] Reighe: yuki chan to issho ni iku nya
[01:54:41] Ахчо0о: >talking on the phone with his dead wife
[01:57:38] Reighe: shit happens.
[02:00:57] Reighe: gib a typical mahou shoujo anime
[02:01:42] Ахчо0о: no
[02:01:50 | Edited 02:01:52] Reighe: wai
[02:02:16] Ахчо0о: Go to sleep.
[02:02:29] Reighe: muck you
[02:05:32] Ахчо0о:

Now that is something I don't think I have seen in fighting manga and I have read a lot more brutal ones.
[02:06:33] Reighe: why the fuck does anidb not want to import my list?
[02:07:01] Ахчо0о: It doesn't work from MAL to AniDB, I guess?
[02:08:25] Reighe: nah
[02:08:32] Reighe: malU fucks things up along the way
[02:08:52] Ахчо0о: Are you drunk or something?
[02:08:58] Reighe: no
[02:09:01] Reighe: why?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Rokujouma got even better

How do they manage this?
It's actually good, that's how.
Why is Kodansha's limitless pocket so based?
Why is Silver Link so good at animating action sequences?
Why did I have myself suffer through the crunchy rip?
Oh yeah, there was no way I could wait.
Now for something different.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

There are people worse off than me

I don't remember all of it but the nightmare was relatively consistent each time

>In my house
>decide to go outside
>see people running around terrified
>old man says ''she is coming, she is coming and she will judge us''
>inhuman scream that seems to come from out of nowhere
>man comes up to me and tells me to run
>see some people praying in the middle of the street
>helicopters flying out of the city, evacuating citizens
>jump in terror when I feel the ground shaking beneath me
>feels like a drawn out earthquake, almost like stomping
>run to the side of a building, get a brief glimpse of a giant hand
>that's when I heard a terrifying sound I will never forget
>''STAPO STAPO'' echoes throughout the whole city
>giant hitagi marching towards me, crushing everything in her path
>she gets up to me
>looks down on me with a look of boredom on her face
>she picks me up
>inspects my being
>literally frozen with fear
>she makes a small grin and then drops me down into her hand, just before I hit I wake up from the dream
Each time that's the point where I wake up.
author: not me

Monday, 1 September 2014

May as well save this too

It's actually pretty innovative. Essentially Mushishi is a take of the classical "solve supernatural phenomena weekly", which normally takes storylines from classical myths and children's stories. Mushishi does that too from time to time, but it pushes it one step further other times. As in, it creates a myth that sounds like a normal myth, then explains the mushi behind it. What do I mean? Oft these myths have a normal scientific explanation behind them, like the swamp gas and the blue flames. Mushishi often goes the other way around, taking a scientific explanation, and creating a myth from it to be explained with mushi. I am sure that's been done before, but I'd say it's still pretty innovative.

That aside, people generally like the music (UK indie rock artists for openings? that's fucking cool for an anime, you must admit), people generally like the art (though there isn't much animation), people generally love the atmosphere, the characters, the pacing. I must say, the recurring characters really are charming and well written. However, no matter how nice, these aspects were probably not up your taste, so that was it.