Monday, 17 November 2014


Okay, a few things only.

1) The good scifi ideas in this movie
They were over and out by the 10 minute mark.
'twas it.
Yeah, just, only, simply, that hacking of that Indian military drone, then using its parts for your farm.
After that the film just went into the cliche and never looked back.

Of course, the explanation is

2) The moral of the film.
The humanity of the distant future really really hates our current physical laws, so is looking for any chance to break them.
In short, most of the physics made no fucking sense, and just follows some cliches. And all of that is hand-waved by saying "the future humanity did it". And, well, this is the whole plot. It's stuff the future humanity does to ensure the time loop is closed.

This much more or less describes the whole film. No, let's add 3 and 4:

3) The robots were complete bros.
After that hacking from the beginning, I expected some robot uprising at some moment, and the MC hacking back at them. Didn't happen, the robots were complete bros, and the best characters in this movie. Although I don't mind the three main heroes: the MC, the token girl, and the Daughter, everybody else besides them was kind of too cliche mindbroken for me. At least these three were not mindbroken.

4) The execution
was pretty fucking nice. Especially scenes where with the camera leaving the spaceship, the sound was cut off too. Considering how loud the whole movie was, this cutting off was really fucking effective. And dat wormhole. Was really beautiful. And the animation as a whole. And... yeah. I liked it.

All this post aside, I did enjoy the movie quite a lot.... but, eh, even like that it wasn't more than a 7/10.

P.S. pfff, I completely forgot to mention.
Okay, the MC hacked an indian military drone, but he didn't even try hacking into the spaceship Dr. Mann was piloting? What the hell? Couldn't they just continue the Mouretsu Pirates-like idea from the start? Was it so hard to use this new and exiting thing again - well, new for Hollywood? Man, Abyss of Hyperspace was better.

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