Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Top Three best-animated scenes in the DAL film

3) Kurumi's fabulous entry and exit

2) Mana getting BTFO'd out of the air

1) Origami's sick backflipping

Saturday, 12 November 2016

RE: facebook activists

the only evolutionary positive religion

Един мил човек изпсува преди няколко дни че имало твърде много фейсбук активисти, и трябвало да излезат в реалния живот и да се организират там. Какво се оплаквали че Трайчо не бил избран, да са били свършили някаква работа по въпроса.

Това се нуждае от малко философстваничещ контекст.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Shaft and yuuuge budget can still be awesome.

I don't remember if Ii-chan complained how Kunagisa recharges by draining HIS energy, but some other people do. The complaining part. Which is peculiar, because I never really empathized with Tomo, and yet here I find myself having quite similar habits with her.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

I really love how

Akari looooves fluffy fluffy things.
And picking up things to make them fluffy fluffy.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Stella's awful translation

[00:03:12] Reighe: I'm already mad after just one line of subtitles
[00:03:31] Reighe: WHAT THE FLYING FUCK
[00:04:21] hellraiser: vse taka stava

Friday, 14 October 2016

Season recap thus far (spam that largely got ignored)

they probably serve Blue Moon inside; good taste okama!
[19:20:01 | Edited 19:20:22] Reighe: should I watch a furry loli tale-of-genji-ish anime that advertises a prefecture if it has Sugita, FukuJun and Kobayashi Yuu in it?

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Okay, I've no fucking idea what to make of this. I'll need to rewatch it on the BDs, because right at the moment I'm not sure if it genuinely is really good, or just the blank spaces due to lack of animation are so prevalent that I'm just filling them in my mind in the best way possible.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Friday, 16 September 2016

Seven years later, I had one more epiphany about Bakemonogatari

Text bolded is the actual theory, rest is context of the spam chat.

[00:44:38] Reighe: ne me podsetihte da vi kazha genialnata mi *monogatari teoriq
[00:44:47] hellraiser: kakva e
[00:45:00] Reighe: so, like, remember Tsubasa Cat had two openings?
[00:45:05] Reighe: one cosplay, and one animated
[00:45:20] Reighe: and first it was the cosplay one


I've started to get how such shows work. Long scenes of relatively cliche interactions, broken up by short introspection in the characters' psyche. It's probably supposed to be at the same time easy to digest and profound. It doesn't always work, but because it's Romeo in this case, I'm quite enjoying everything. But while Romeo being Romeo means I've no problem with any aspect of it, the whole thing doesn't come off as anything special either.
Anyway, four episodes left. Pic related is probably the face that best exemplifies love that I've seen in quite some time.

Sunday, 11 September 2016


Huh... after the old hag managed to make the Hikari = light metaphor, it suddenly dawned on me.
My own idea of living up to my own name is twisted as fuck, but it still can be said to be there.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pertaining to Islam

И какво, ислямът няма проблеми? Трябва да сме толерантни? Точно тази реторика преебава положението: ако бяха честни и не криеха истината, крайнодесните нямаше да получават подобна подкрепа. Докато крайнодесните са единствените, които казват че има проблем в Исляма, положението ще отива само на по-зле.

Знаем следното:
1) Ислямът е силно колективистична религия, не можеш да го разглеждаш на същото ниво като силно повлияното от Древна Гърция християнство.
2) Даже и най-големите и най-умерени джамии проповядват такава форма на Ислям, която лесно да запрати преебаната от живота бедна част от мюсулманската младеж в тероризъм.
3) Отчитайки че Саудитска Арабия се възприема като център на мюсулманството, отчитайки какви са порядките там, отчитайки колко пари инвестират те в пропагандирането на религията си, и отчитайки 1 и 2, можем да заключим че проблемът ни е следният: че преди един век Западът реши турският султан да бъде свален от ролята на лидер на Исляма, и той биде заместен от нещо доста по-лошо.
4) Последните 30 години вместо Западът да направи нещо за Саудитска Арабия и тяхният износ на канцерогенна форма на Ислям, се реши че трябва да бъдат свалени секуларните диктатори в региона, така освобождавайки място на ислямистите да се разпрострат и да дишат.

Това Западно толериране на Исляма и на Запад, и в Близкия Изток, вместо да се толерират секуларните критици на Запад, и секуларните диктатури в Близкия Изток, е все едно нарочно култивиране на процесите, довели до сегашните ни проблеми. Така че не може ли да спрем да се правим че Ислямът е окей, и да почнем да промотираме атеизъм? Ние сме повече от готови да напсуваме някой, който прекрачва границите на либералната реторика в името на Христос, защо тогава да правим изключение за Аллах?

Sunday, 31 July 2016


The bias of the creators was clear, all the truly good scenes were with loli Kissshot.

That aside, surprisingly much skipped from the book for a three-part film adaptation of it. But that's not more than nitpicking, I have actual problems with the film. Mainly that they are changing the focus of the work, shifting it away from its anti-suicidal message. Now Arararagi's main motivation is that white-knight complex, making him a ritual sacrifice by his own conscience. In contrast, the book just outright said that he wants to kill himself. That was the whole point of him hiding his porn. It was a suicide, so he didn't want people to see the porn. Now it's no longer a suicide, so movie Ragi doesn't care if people will see the porn or not.

tl;dr: they are pulling a GitS'95 on us, and until the next two parts I don't know if it will work or not.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Because discussions in youtube comments.

+Sirion Heat
The story was about 8man stopping doing the things this way and reverting to normal Japanese values of getting along with the society. Again, they hammered this down with his body language during the first episode, showing he doesn't truly believe what he's saying, that it's just a front for him to help him cope with the harsh-harsh world out there. Normal teenage emo bullshit instead of character-defining trait.

From that moment on, it's obvious the show will devolve into shitty melodrama at some point after a short introductory arc that shows how 8man's facade works. Then the magical thing happened, and the introductory arc lasted the whole first season. And, of course, Komachi being a miracle of the universe really helped. The juxtaposition of 8man's emoing in school and the quite normal sibling relationship he has with Komachi, how he visibly feels at ease around her (again, judging how he acts, not trusting his words on the matter), was rather welcome in my opinion. All in all, I was amazed that even with such a premise the authors did such a good job with all the conversations and interpersonal relationships. This really brought the show to life, combined with the fact that the melodrama was postponed for the second season. Then, of course, during the second season the melodrama hit with full force and you could no more enjoy the conversations, because there were less conversations and more emoing.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

This was truly one of the most vile moments in anime as a whole

I can't even begin to explain why it's so wrong.

What's even weirder... they didn't really drive any moral point with it. It was a simple cause-effect: say something extraordinarily vile, the little girl gets mindbroken. End of story. What the hell? What the fucking hell?

That aside, at least now I'm somewhat relieved that my distaste for this arc doesn't come from the idolshit.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I'm back from London

You know, the difference between reasons and motivations when it comes to legislation is that... you can't really legislate against motivation. That'd be thought policing. Besides, motivation is never that important. People will always find an excuse if the right circumstances come together, and that excuse will later be called a "motivation". The result is that all you can do is legislate against the preconditions of the massacre. And I'd say in the case of Orlando the preconditions fall pretty much in line with any other mass shooting in USA: lack of even rudimentary gun control, mental illness, identity crisis, stuff like that. The deliberate cultural tension kept up between the West and the Muslim countries of the Near East probably didn't play much of a role, which makes Orlando fail the test of similarities with the preconditions of 9/11.

Thursday, 2 June 2016


How do I differ from a hardcore libertarian?

1) I don't care about money.
As opposed to "I have the right to keep my money", I don't actually think this is a "right" to have. The financial system exists to serve the people, it's not part of an essential liberty. So, "I have the right to have the financial system serve to my benefit".

2) I don't care about collectives.
That includes corporations. Corporations don't have personal liberties, as they are not persons. The free market is also just a system to serve the individuals, not an essential right to be had. Of course, I'd disagree with a far-left radical nine out of ten times whether a given regulation helps or hurts the individuals. We've seen that a planned economy just doesn't work. Why the fuck are some people still trying it?

3) I think people are stupid.
Not always, mind you. But everybody has moments of stupidity every now and then. In this category fall state police, licenses to drive vehicles, gun regulations, and so on.

4) I think corporations are at least as evil as the government, if not more.
Ergo, we need a balance.

5) I think a corporation with the size of a government will be as effective as a government.
Ergo, stop thinking corporations are a panacea to bureaucracy.

6) I have the right to survive.
This ties in to health care, state monopoly on violence, and... generally everything I mentioned in "people are stupid" too.

7) I think the government can generally be tricked into increasing our quality of life.
And should be.
Considering the financial system and the market, there isn't a given set of regulations that will always increase our quality of life. It's the opposite: these regulations should be introduced and dropped in a cyclical manner as to "mind the TPO", if you excuse my engrish. As they say, the only thing that separates the medicines and the poisons is the dosage.
Of course, the government itself won't generally desire to actually increase the quality of life of its citizens, generally speaking its desire would be to increase its own control over the situation. However, we've made our society such that we've rudimentary instruments of control over them, from voting to opinion pieces on the Internet. It may not always work, but given that you're smart enough, you'll figure out how to squeeze out an increase in the quality of life.

So, stop whining and use both the government and the corporations as a tool to better your life to the best of your abilities. You're a smart independent person, right?

over 9000) In the end, it's a question of balance.
The desired path will always swerve between the left and the right. However, as both the government and the corporations will surely be pulling towards a totalitarian dystopia, the citizenry has a duty to balance them out by pulling towards liberalism/libertarianism/anti-authoritarianism/however you want to call it.
Have fun.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


I understand it's nigh impossible to live without involving at least some sort of identity politics in your life, so I'll just now say a few words on what you should build your identity. Not that any teenager will read this. At most I can hope some future parent will take these words to heart and teach her/his kids.

You should meticulously build a moral system of axiomatic assumptions on how you yourself should behave. As any axiomatic system, you should make sure for it to be as small as possible, while keeping it actually applicable in real life. Build anything else on top of it using logic. Make sure it's not self-contradictory, by overthinking it again and again. As any axiomatic system, there will be choices that fall outside it, but as far as they are few enough (p<0.05), it's okay, you don't need to bloat it. Be open to changing it. You will grow resilient to changes in a few years, so try not falling into this trap for now, and expose yourself to as much viewpoints as possible (read some fucking books, in other words). Then ground your identity in this moral system. Never ever ground your identity in some sort of group, because crowds are a whimsical thing. The crowd will change, and you will either look like a ideological zealot for following it, or you will feel betrayed for not being able to follow it anymore. As a corollary, never ever ground your identity in a characteristics you haven't chosen by yourself, like gender or skin color. I mean, it's okay to be proud to be Bulgarian or shit, but assigning such a trait too much importance means you are grounding your identity in "the group of people sharing this trait", as this group is usually easily identifiable - as opposed to, for example, mountaineers. This may be important to you, but make sure there are more important things. Oh, and, while we are at it, try keeping your emotions in check. Don't deprive yourself, but strive for some sort of a balance. Also, there's always somebody who likes you, so don't delude yourself that you're completely unloved. Whey, time to shave my white beard off, this rant made it grow to my feet in a hurry to fulfill the cliche.

dat bass drop

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Indiscriminate spam

[21:53:07] hellraiser:
[21:53:09] hellraiser: shit
[21:53:14] hellraiser: they got the official theme
[21:53:18] hellraiser: tva e ot osta na ovata
[21:54:06] hellraiser: muzikata go pravi da izglejda neveroqtno taka
[21:56:00] Reighe: ok
[21:56:03] Reighe: so, like
[21:56:08] Reighe: to e prekompakt
[21:56:22] Reighe: znachi ima shodqshta podredica
[21:57:05] Reighe: ama shodqshta podredica s obiknovenoto razstoqnie e shodqshta podredica i s gadnoto razstoqnie
[21:57:52] Reighe: so then I have r(x,xnk) + r(xnk, xm) > r(x, xm)
[21:58:07] Reighe: so the whole seq converges
[21:58:35] Reighe: ok
[21:58:44] Reighe: znachi shvashtam purvata polovina
[21:59:00] Reighe: tupoto e che ne moga sega da pochna da pisha naistina, shtoto shte mi svursshi bateriqta
[21:59:01] Reighe: meh
[21:59:13] Reighe: plan:
[22:01:58] Reighe: define lp(Г), define the distance, prove it's a distance, hence we have a linear structure, take cauchy seq, prove ||.|| is cauchy -> is bdd, prove the seq converges point-wise, prove the eventual limit is in lp, prove seq is precompact, prove the subseq converges to the eventual limit, prove the whole seq must converge to that limit
[22:02:16] Reighe: this leaves me with (lp,r) space
[22:02:27] Destructo: I have no idea what the fuck I am looking
[22:03:11] Destructo: at
[22:03:11] Destructo: BUT BUT
[22:03:11] Destructo: I AM A GENIUS
[22:03:11] Destructo: so
[22:03:12] Destructo: LP
[22:03:14] Destructo: IS LINKIN PARK
[22:03:16] Destructo: >IN THE END
[22:03:16] Reighe: mention Ekeland, formulate what I'll use, show case for 1<p<2, expand to any p
[22:03:19] Destructo: that proves that there is a distance
[22:03:25] Destructo: the distance is as long as you want to go
[22:03:39] Destructo: therefore the distance is a unit for imagination
[22:03:42] Destructo: or will power
[22:03:49] Reighe: hm
[22:03:50] Destructo: >eventual limit
[22:03:54] Destructo: it's about how you limit yourself
[22:03:58] Equilibrium: 2 deep 4 me
[22:03:59] Destructo: therefore the answer is in yourself
[22:04:04] Reighe: vreme da zapazq kak vi spamq nqkude na sigurno :D
[22:04:08 | Edited 22:04:15] Destructo: shit is solved for atleast a 9/10

Friday, 20 May 2016


erejnion: am I a bad person for laughing at class rep's drama?
ah4o0o: Who?
erejnion: Tanaka's class rep
erejnion: ne i pomnq imeto
ah4o0o: There was drama?
erejnion: imam chuvstvoto che chudeniqta i predi da kazhe na Tanaka che iska da budat priqteli v ep 5 trqbvashe da se broqt za drama
ah4o0o: Sure it was personal drama, but for the audience it was basically presented as comedy so technically there was no drama in the episode.
erejnion: ok, so I am not a bad person.
ah4o0o: You are asking a bad person so you shouldn't feel good about it.

< at the same time >

[19:01:01] Reighe: am I bad for laughing at one of the girls' ren'ai drama?
[19:06:34] hellraiser: ask your heart
[19:07:54] Reighe: my heart is laughing with me, so iunno
[19:29:43] hellraiser: your heart is an asshole then

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Random quotes

[22:45:09] Reighe: oh
[22:45:12] Reighe: I understand now
[22:45:23] Reighe: Re: Zero is Dark Souls the slice of life anime

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Girls on motorcycles

fufufu is back, by the way
Bakuon is an anime about girls who motorcycle. However, do note that it's not an anime about the motorcycles themselves. Nor is it an anime about the girls who just so happen to be in a motorcycle club. In other words, somehow Bakuon manages to do the specificity of "girls spending their time in an interests club in school" perfectly, striking the optimal balance between technical/mechanical details and character analysis.

Seriously, who the fuck would have thought such a thing can exist?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Social commentary

Shimoneta didn't actually start in an inspiring way. The possibility was there, but I thought they'd just keep to the comedy and harem elements. Instead, the whole series developed towards the social commentary.
Frankly, it's a perfect showcase of how to do this.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

RE: Starting from zero


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Why is UQ Holder so good?

getting drunk

Step 1) find a 3 oz glass.
Step 2) Hold the guiness bottle between your index and middle finger and a Hard Cider Bottle between your middle and ring finger (having taken the caps off)
Step 3) poor the bottles into the glass at the same time.

saving this for future probing

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

It's all so sticky!

Who cares, who cares, I'll manage
All I can think of are beautiful girls
Who cares, who cares, you wouldn't understand
Look, can't you see how sad I am?
Who cares, who cares, that's a waste of time
Ah, all my regrets... see what lies down there
Who cares, who cares, the future is what counts
No matter how far you go, it's all just imaginary

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Gary tribute

37 to 39 of GoPri

After 36 episodes, where they managed to make me like a fairy (Siamour), they managed to make me love an antagonist who is a stand-in for the older otaku influence (Gary), and they managed to not make too much of something else (Gary had for a long time more characterization than Minamin), it looks like the tides have turned. First, an actual Minamin episode, then... well, you get a chat log pasta until I decide to formulate my thoughts somewhat more cohesively.

Monday, 4 April 2016


For some reason, I never really got too hyped up. It didn't manage to strike a chord in my heart. Hm. Of course, there were numerous really cool ideas, loli robots, scifi world, and so on, and so on. But it was not an engaging watch. I'll still follow an eventual next season, and will read the manga, of course.


wasn't a bad show.