Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Tokyo Necro

[11:57 PM]erejnion:that's quite the face
[11:58 PM]hellraiser:there was some earlier scene describing how her keyboard is covered in drool
[11:58 PM]hellraiser:pure perfection
[11:58 PM]erejnion:poor keyboard
[11:59 PM]erejnion:she probably engineered canals to get the drool out of the keyboard
[12:00 AM]hellraiser:edva li q pritesnqva
[12:00 AM]erejnion:it can damage the keyboard
[12:00 AM]erejnion:drainage system is good to have
[12:01 AM]hellraiser:she needs good drainage either way because there's an autopsy room/rape dungeon in her basement
[12:01 AM]erejnion:sasuga
[12:01 AM]hellraiser:like in this scene she says the payment can come later
[12:02 AM]hellraiser:and that payment is the male MC tying her up and raping her
[12:02 AM]erejnion:lol
[12:02 AM]hellraiser:and when they need to interrogate one of the female villains she sticks electrodes up her brain and rapes her with a strap
[12:02 AM]hellraiser:so she goes both ways
[12:03 AM]erejnion:everything for the sake of science
[12:03 AM]hellraiser:of course