Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Re: Light novels

Many light novels don't actually provide much of a value in being light novels specifically. That's often for the lack of skills and/or care on the side of the author. Mamare is absolutely great, for example, but there really isn't much of a value in his works being exactly books.

That's something people are touching upon when they say "light novels are just anime scripts in book form."

Anyway, that's why you get such a short list now.

Saturday, 19 March 2022

Pure kino

[4:38 PM] Kurinoku: I had a fucking weird dream
[4:38 PM] Kurinoku: u were mentioned technically

Monday, 28 February 2022

Re: school pres lesbianism

[9:32 PM] erejnion: YARIKO
[9:32 PM] erejnion: SERIOUSLY
[9:32 PM] erejnion: was that what she said?
[9:32 PM] hellraiser: maybe Yoriko
[9:32 PM] hellraiser: it's a pretty great name reveal
[9:32 PM] erejnion: true
[9:33 PM] erejnion: now she might even recognize her
[9:33 PM] hellraiser: she won't of course
[9:33 PM] erejnion: it really is a tank engine
[9:34 PM] erejnion: I feel like the power of lesbianism will let her figure it out
[9:34 PM] erejnion: the way it moves
[9:34 PM] hellraiser: the most meme monster so far
[9:35 PM] erejnion: I wish all monsters were thsi meme
[9:35 PM] erejnion: beautiful
[9:35 PM] erejnion: see, I told you
[9:35 PM] erejnion: the power of lesbianism
[9:35 PM] hellraiser: that's what let her recognize her
[9:35 PM] hellraiser: not the face
[9:35 PM] hellraiser: damn
[9:35 PM] erejnion: that's cause of all the makeup she wears
[9:36 PM] hellraiser: she leaned her body back in the day
[9:36 PM] erejnion: yeah
[9:36 PM] erejnion: this anime is now 9/10 for me
[9:37 PM] erejnion: lol
[9:37 PM] erejnion: even meme outro
[9:38 PM] hellraiser: Shinkalion fags BTFO

Sunday, 30 January 2022

Regarding NNB

[8:43 PM] Kurinoku: komachan is very good
[8:43 PM] erejnion: you switched from unreliable to very good
[8:44 PM] Kurinoku: i mean very funny
[8:44 PM] Kurinoku: in a bad way