Thursday, 26 November 2020

Friday, 13 November 2020

Voynich animu

[3:53 PM] erejnion: finished rereading the first volume of Voynich 
[3:53 PM] erejnion: the beats for an anime adaptation are practically perfect
[3:53 PM] erejnion: first ep ends with maid losing her eye 
[3:53 PM] erejnion: second ep ends with guy finding the lost eye 
[3:54 PM] erejnion: third ep ends with the very start of the date 
[3:54 PM] erejnion: fourth ep concludes the volume 
[3:54 PM] erejnion: each ep adapts ~45 pages except the fourth, which goes a little above that number 
[3:55 PM] hellraiser: Shaft anime when 
[3:56 PM] erejnion: probably Passione 
[3:57 PM] hellraiser: sorry, I already used my powers to make them adapt Jinrouki next year 
[3:57 PM] erejnion: tsche
[3:57 PM] erejnion: but yeah, I can easily see the fourth ep skipping the ending in order to show the girls escaping from the faggot 
[3:57 PM] hellraiser: that where they burn the weed?
[3:57 PM] erejnion: yep
[3:58 PM] erejnion: ending starts and then they show the whole thing