Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Season start (at last)

erejnion: deba, vsichko tozi sezon mi haresva
erejnion: osven KyoAni
erejnion: Schwarzesmarken e veselo i ima orgasmic animaciq na Balalaikite
erejnion: Sekkou Boys e dobra social commentary comediq za momenta
erejnion: Ojisan e cute
erejnion: Boku dake ga Inai Machi vuvede settinga abs perfektno s purviq si epizod
erejnion: Koyomimonogatari is the best gatari since Hana
erejnion: or maybe since Nise
erejnion: Dagashi Kashi is perfect 1:1 adaptation, even perfectly expanding some key moments
ah4o0o: S2 was better than Nise, eat shit.
erejnion: oh, zabravih, Komugi R sushto be uzhasno
erejnion: Nise was perfect, eat shit.
ah4o0o: Pedo

Dem eyes

Sunday, 17 January 2016


No matter what your ideas are to start with, identifying with a given group starts shaping your own mind in accordance with the ideas of that group. It's only normal, you can't have a formed opinion on everything, and that group as a collective knows more than you. For example, you are likely to trust the decisions your preferred party takes without doubting them. That last argument may be lost to you as a non-voter, but imagine how the electorates of BSP and DPS think, for example. In looser terms, it's the same with any collective, not only divided by party lines. Feminism, however, is political to the guts, so you can think of it as subscribing to the ideology of the Feminist party. Once you've done so, whenever challenged about bad ideas of other feminists, you are likely to just go all No True Scotsman. But, more than this, you are likely to not challenge the ideas of other feminists, instead just rationalizing the perceived majority opinion in the sphere. After all, you are a feminist, and nobody has time to check all facts that he encounters, so you have to accept some of it based purely on trust. So, your mind, as the good team player he is, will just reroute to accept these perceived opinions, and make them your own. And THEN it will be really difficult to view the same problem from other viewpoints.

Long story short: keep your distance, never identify yourself with a given group, much less if it's political in its nature. You can use descriptions of your personal philosophy, of course, but you'd better steer away from descriptions that will put you in a perceived collective of a sorts (and don't let racists convince you that being Bulgarian or White or Male means you are part of some sort of a collective that has similar opinions on any topics - external characteristics cannot have anything more than a statistical impact on the whole population, so it doesn't say anything specifically for you).
I, however, am the master race, so I am allowed to say that I am an /a/non. Capish?

(p.s. I haven't actually visited 4chan /a/ at all this year)

Not that I feel like writing

but I will, in the name of her broken wrist.
How the fuck did she pick it up in first place?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

This sure got ridiculous fast

First time I see a theory for time travel that is truly symmetric in the time arrow, and abides by modern space-time continuum understanding. Also first time I see this taken to its logical end. Anthropomorphic principle in its best: Gaku-chan became the robots. Final verdict: 10/10, would recommend to anybody.