Sunday, 7 September 2014

Rokujouma got even better

How do they manage this?
It's actually good, that's how.
Why is Kodansha's limitless pocket so based?
Why is Silver Link so good at animating action sequences?
Why did I have myself suffer through the crunchy rip?
Oh yeah, there was no way I could wait.
Now for something different.
I really liked this detail. The spells were superb, some of the best use of CGi lately, and definitely some of the best designs for casting and magic. A lot of the sequences were 12 to 24 fps, with all cgi in true 24fps. Plot-wise it was all known, but it was executed in a sane way, and without dumbing down characters for the sake of plot. Even the adversaries. Actually, generally this series doesn't suffer from any of the classical flaws. At all. I wonder if it will manage to continue improving for the last three episodes. You know, everything has an upper limit.

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