Monday, 28 September 2015

Random snippets from chatlogs

erejnion: >Gandhi also said that her ministry is working on a concept of 'Gender Champions' in schools under which boys will be chosen for being "particularly respectful and helpful" to girls and given prizes.
Oooh, oooh, I know this! It was called "being a gentleman".
erejnion: Though, that's not what they want, now, is it?
erejnion: They want the males subservient to the females, not getting a sense of accomplishment out of helping women, but just doing it because they are supposed to.
erejnion: This is the true face of "respect".

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Is it that bad to say that something has mostly a bad fanbase? Does it automatically say that the show is bad? No. Does it mean you can't enjoy regardless of it being true or not? No. But it also certainly doesn't help selling it. Do we need to start talking about things like Naruto and Attack or Titan or at they special cases? Someone doesn't like a show? Don't get angry and don't feel so offended by it. Let it slide or actually try having a real conversation about it and not a meta one about "No, you just did not say that!" If you actually believe there was more to the anime than low quality threads then make some long post about its good points. Maybe no one will read and it will end right there or you will level up the discussion instead of degrading it even more.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Skype is down, so I can't watch my Kino no Tabi with the gaiz

erejnion: how do I convince hellraiser and eien to switch to tox?
Bogdan: show them the testimonials
erejnion: how?
erejnion: I go break into hell's house and shove his face into the screen of my laptop?
Bogdan: yes.
erejnion: well, this was quick.

erejnion: what about Eien, though? he's too far away.
Bogdan: hire someone to do it for you
erejnion: know anybody who's working a yorozuya in Ruse?
Bogdan: nope
Bogdan: ask around

Vacation Log

Friday, 18 September 2015

How hilarious do you think it would be to be a level 100 Minotaur rogue in the new world?

>be born
>God's excited: "wow-rare spawn anon! You get 47 bonus points instead of the normal 10!"
>put them all into stealth
>"You can only put a maximum of 10 into stealth."
>I'm putting them all into stealth.
>"Well... fine, as long as you promise to use your powers to help humanity."
>spend my life masturbating and cumming onto girls in broad daylight. No one can successfully roll a perception check to catch me.
>Be at the UN. It's the peace summit.
>About the cum onto the head of the UN.
>Some guy miraclulously rolls the equivalent of ten natural 20's in a row and detects my jerking.
>"Hey that guy's jerking off onto the head of the UN!"
>Everyone thinks he's crazy.
>"Get that crazy guy out of here! This is the UN!"
>finish my wank while smiling at the guy while he's being drug out

Moar politicking, don't read…/

Friday, 11 September 2015

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

State of the Union address 2015

SZS >= PPD >= Hidamari >= *monogatari > all Sasami x Kagami scenes > Ala Alba & Mou Hitotsu > Natsu no Arashi = Soremachi >= ef > Katte ni Kaizou > Madoka > Maria Holic >= Denpa Onna with the last episode > Sasami-san@Ganbaranai > Koufuku Grafitti >= REC > Arakawa > Negima?! > He Is My Master > Denpa Onna without the last episode > Yume Kara, Samenai > Shina Dark > Popotan > Mahoromatic > Tsukuyomi >= shit > Nisekoi > Mekakushitty Actors > Fubuki > DitVB > G-ON Riders > This Ugly Yet Beautiful World > Negima Final

left to be watched and added:
Sakura Tsuushin

will give one more try eventually:
Dance in the Vampire Bund
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

(I accept any and all offers to watch one or more of the above three together)

Monday, 7 September 2015


The more I look back to Ben-to, the more I like Ume. Her antics may have been enraging at first, but now they are just funny and memorable. The rest of the characters had their quite enjoyable gimmicks, too, but Ume is the only one to truly stand out in during the test of time.


I should probably rewatch Ben-to with this thought in mind, just so to test the hypothesis.

We're illusions in the chaos

This episode was a nice curveball. We saw a serious story... or, more like, the backbone of a story, this could easily be written in a novelette. And we saw the competent Galaxy Angel brigade that we kinda knew to exist but always missed. Effectiveness, genre-savvyness, still keeping true to their personalities... yes, a great episode, not really showing another side of the girls as much as just showing what happens when it's not comedy 24/7.

Or maybe I am just overjoyed by the song, as I am quite the sucker for this type of music? Who knows.

P.S. Really, what's with this music collection in bakabt... I just want one song!