Tuesday, 30 April 2013

This was actually a PM to velush

No, I don't think anybody reads the alt text, why are you asking?
No, this wasn't in the PM, I just felt like posting it.

Continuity notes from the manga:

1) that dutch wife, you remember it? In the manga it turns up "mysteriously" in Yokodera's locker after Ponta donated it to the Cat which does not smile; and then Yokodera tries to offer it yet again. It was actually bought by Ponta and Yokodera together, but Ponta held onto it until he left his depravity.

2) Yokodera does different cover-ups for his voyeur attempts. Refer to this page plz.

3) Azuki leads him into the "pet" thing. She says "If you are ok with being treated like a pet, then that much at least I can give you. Only as a pet, though!" That's why the impenetratable fortress that is her falls when he woof'd.

4) that cleaner in front of Hotel Wilde was much wordier about him being alone and young couples showing off. And, damn, look at that smile. I think that detail is pretty important.

5) there was something about her father in Yokodera's Azuki-film. Meh, not too important.

6) the Azuki-pouting part was much longer in the manga. I mean, damn, that was the most bastardized part up to now. They didn't even mention "The Little Princess Turtle" thing. It's like denying half of the characterization of Azusa... and they even denied Yokodera the fucking awesome line "Do you mind if I borrow that girl?" (the answer: "ara ara what a forward doggie").

That's a recurring thing. A lot of the moments are less awesome in the anime than in the manga. More or less, the only ones which were done justice to were the Tsutsukakushi ones... but this may be coming from the manga adaptation, so I can't point it out as a bad side of the anime one.

over 9000) Shit, they didn't deal with any of the aftermath. Presenting the aftermath of the troubles they get into is one of the best points about the manga... I just hope they do show some aftermath in the following episodes at least.

I think there are a few more, but nothing major. Well, we are only three episodes in, after all.

Yours truly, always happy to provide spoilers,

Sunday, 28 April 2013

tiny tiny berry love

Funny that I actually watched this episode after an evening spent on doing something like that with my cousin. The Sofia of the night is a beautiful place.

...sigh, I only wish they had the pace twice slower. They are rushing through the material as if their fucking asses are on fucking fire...

Thursday, 25 April 2013

「The wind was not the beginning.」


Some Symphogear reactions

I'm not going to pretend it was the most well crafted original series there ever was, but they did put a lot of effort and love into it, which definitely shows.
Its one of the best 2012 action shows. Its Wild Arms creator deciding to write a B action series.
If you aren't watching Symphogear for the music, you're doing it wrong.

Then again, if your face doesn't hurt from the goofy smile you've had on your face for the past 4 hours, you're doing it wrong as well. 
 I called waifuism silly and ridiculous.
Then there was the fight at the chemical plant.
The moment she kicked her heels off, I was lost to her wiles...

Seeing a character break down over something like that was a fun change from ANGST UNDERSTANDING NAVEL-GAZING that is so typical of anime.
Even better, they wrapped it up... Just like that.
I think it was the cutest thing that she recorded the cloudy/starless sky to laugh with Hibiki over.
Exactly. Symphogear's characters were excellently done by giving them diverse reactions, giving us different perspectives very rapidly and letting us fill in the character between.
It worked damn well. Tsubasa had the weakest characterization, but even she had vulnerable and sweet moments as well as her stupid Bushido crap.
(all from this thread, none from me)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It's surprisingly good

So yeah. Moe overload.
Seems like the whole season they'll be adapting random chapters of the huge manga, but oh well. I kind of like the result, although it's way too manga-dependent for a TV project.

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Snake that Encompasses the World

I loved this series.

Yes, there was a lot to swallow in order to properly enjoy it. The spies were limited in number. Science doesn't work like that. Technological innovation has its own mind. Nobody mentioned space colonies. The world is much bigger. But still...

See, the adaptation job was done brilliantly. The focus was where it needed to be. The animation superb. Oh god, that soundtrack, and the matched previews. Etc etc.

The finale portrayed Koko mad enough so that I can't accuse them of trying to pass the idea of depriving humanity of its wings as a moral lesson.

The characters all left a trace on me. Shit, with all the faces... I mean...
Yeah, even a secondary character like her made a lasting impression. Poor Chocolate.

And the story was good. A modern-day villains fable. That much at least was indeed deserving of love.

Something positive.

Live life
Maybe what I do is ok
Maybe what you do is fine
If you take what's yours
I'll take what's mine
Maybe we're all saints
born in the wrong time
So let's be sinners instead
Let's live our lives
Give what you receive
Live what you believe
We'll be ok
We'll be fine, you'll see
-by Mercy
You sure you want to ask? Nevermind. I should write this up on a piece of paper and leave it in Veda House. Maybe one day somebody would actually appreciate the reference, and I would have made his day. Most probably I will just drive nuts the few that actually recognize they had read this somewhere before. Trying to remember where exactly you've seen something is one of the very few things I wouldn't wish to anybody at all.

In-between animation

These are indeed consecutive frames, for the record.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

I managed to hide it in the shadow of the moonlight

Really, all things considered, great adaptation. Especially nano.ripe. They are love. The ost's superb too. And I should find myself a stitch of the ed. Heck, that smile. 
~tapatapa tapa ichi nii san shii
But I was actually crying
My tears won't flow anymore
They've dried up
If I was able to let everything go
I might be able to cry again
But this world is full of things I want to protect

What the fuck

This whole episode I have heartily laughed. My only fear for the future remains how much role will the stuck-up girl have; tho, considering the track up to now, they could make even such a love triangle awesome.

P.S. I coulda done with a multiplication, not body hijacking, too. Woulda been helluva fun to see a cast full of the whiny mc.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


...remember the preview of the first episode? I quickly dissed it as a joke preview that will have nothing to do with the real episode.

Turns out it was entirely up-to-the-point and tightly following the episode it was previewing.

Goddamn, I love this series.

p.s. yeah, the title of this blog post does mean that the opening is still rebounding inside my head over and over again... KOKO DAAAAAAAAAAAA

oh god I love this shit

"I just stabbed him through the heart."
"Let's shoot him a few times for safe measure."
*bang bang bang*



Saturday, 13 April 2013

Episode one of the one show I looked forward for this season

They rushed it (I know why), but botched the last scene. Should have been Azusa the one who mentions being her dog first.

But, these things aside, I am actually really happy with the way JC Staff animated this. I am not entirely happy with the director and the OST, but with JC Staff I got zero problems.

Ah, also, the VAs are love.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Soredemo ikitenda

Cliched yet, but given well, this speech was. Truly an example to learn from. Goddamn, both this and Little Witch Academia were great storytelling-wise, animation-wise, music-wise, voiceover-wise, idea-wise...

Although. It's kind of lost when you don't even hint what the old man's last words were. When you have only one episode, thus no further impressions on the bartender, it's nigh impossible to find anything that supports or rejects any given possibility. So... what I made peace with is the following: he asked about his wife, and whether she would go to the same place as him. And the victorious smile was that he believed his wife will win. Or something.

Sheesh, Hyouka has killed something in me. I no longer believe what fits and makes sense will be actually right.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pop Chaser

10/10, will watch again.

But that's a hentai ova, you would ask? Shouldn't it be "fap again"?

Nah, as I didn't really fap to it.

p.s. Kono! Kono! Kono! Kono! Kono! Kono!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Using bloggr as tumblr

List of figurines I want to possess

1. Nagato Yuki (practically all decent versions)
2. Drossel
3. Rebecca Miyamoto

(tbc when I think up more)


 Muromi first off doesn't realize she's a mermaid until she meets Takurou. Not only that, she is incredibly dense and crazy and has a drinking problem to top it off.
A complete must-see, right? Waiting fervently for the drinking part.

No, jokes aside, goddamn, this opening! One of the best uses of bass. Not to mention the oriental elements... yep, this is a good song! And the animation... wow. I didn't expect something of nearly this quality even for a good comedy like this. Dumping their money in the first episode? We will see in the future. But today was a good day. Found meself two worthy series... ('tis being the second, as for the first, I can't resist the lure of the good designs and the Minorin opening)

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko

I knew I was missing something! The fucking title is a fucking Cheshire Cat reference!
“Well! I’ve often seen a cat without a grin,” thought Alice; “but a grin without a cat! It’s the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!”
And yeah. The "cat without a grin" part is translated as "warawanai neko" in japanese (source: jp wiki).

In this line of thought, may I present you some translations!
The Perverted Prince and The Cat Without a Grin
Принцът на Перверзниците и Котката без Усмивка
So far so good.

Am I not too paranoid, you would ask? Did the author really intend this as a reference?

Yeah, I am pretty sure he did.

Why? Besides Oscar Wilde to show that he has a taste in English storytellers, a lot of what Sagara Sou writes has this distinct "fairy tale" feel to it, which actually creates a lot of the atmosphere that I like so much. It's only the feel, naturally. But... Tell me that the end of the first Fairies Don't Get Mad chapter doesn't scream this. Yeah, this arc even uses the word "fairy" in the title --but of course, that's the least of it. And, besides... I feel it's right within Sagara's sense of humor to have a main character that is the complementation of "the smile without a cat".

Heh. This, in a sense, makes Yokodera exactly this. So, the combination... uh, Yokodera and Tsutsukakushi's kid will be the Cheshire Cat? For the record, yeah, I know that this is already reading too much into it. The passing Alice in Wonderland reference and the added value fairy tale feel to the title are more than enough.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wait what

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Went to Melnik, got laid, nothing special

...fuck, I am half an hour late! Oh well, 'tis the internet, it's only natural to work in GMT. Sigh, but, you know, I just couldn't start playing jokes on Alia and Ver...