Thursday, 31 July 2014

8man, 7ep done

Yahari, I was wrong about Yahari.
At the start I just thought his conviction is written like that in order to just break it a few episodes later.
Yeah, I was totally off.
The author is just that talentless.

No, don't misunderstand me, I still like this anime. It's just that you can't really feel the characters. My standards told me one thing at the start, but now it's just off-standards. So I have no choice but to take everything at face value. Which, either way, is enjoyable. Besides. The way the characters get some things rather fast, and only half-understand the ques around them? It's pretty sweet, especially considering that a usual anime (and what I expected this to be) would just leave the ques fly high high above the characters' heads. The other end is equally stupid, either way, as it would hardly be believable for teenagers. It's still far-fetched for older people, but for teenagers it directly becomes "parody".

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