Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Candy Boy

[01:02:50] Reighe: ave
[01:03:01] Reighe: Shin mozhe li da mi obqsni shto Candy Boy se naricha taka?
[01:03:37] Ахчо0о: What is there you don't understand?
[01:03:48] Reighe: the fact that there are no boys
[01:04:03] Ахчо0о: Big fucking deal.
[01:04:44] Reighe: the title seems absolutely unrelated to the anime
[01:05:03] Reighe: is this a "visual novel turned lesbian anime" deal?
[01:05:45] Ахчо0о: It's original.
[01:06:23] Ахчо0о: I think there was some kind of explanation in the story itself.
[01:06:28] Ахчо0о: If not, who the fuck cares.
[01:06:32] Ахчо0о: Literally no reason to do so.
[01:08:21] Reighe: you meanie
[01:09:09] Ахчо0о: If some day I send you a text file with absolute bullshit name, know you have only yourself to blame.
[01:10:59] Reighe: no,that'd be only because of your borderline dyslexia
[01:13:37] Ахчо0о: Whoa, now who is being mean.
[01:19:09] Reighe: the songs are pretty good
[01:19:26] Reighe: but it's a little too sugarsweet to make for a good story
[01:19:32] Reighe: will see
[01:20:44] Reighe: wuh
[01:20:47] Reighe: one more ending
[01:24:10] Reighe: which repeated the whole ONA episode with the song Candy Boy as a soundtrack
[01:24:18] Reighe: these guys who made this are really twisted
[01:29:49] Reighe: they use "onushi"
[01:29:53] Ахчо0о:

At this point, a man must wonder, what was even the point of her character. Maybe I have just forgotten.
[01:29:53] Reighe: everything is forgiven
[01:34:26] Reighe: whoa
[01:34:44] Reighe: ok, veche razbiram tova kak e popadnalo v 3x3to na toq anon
[01:34:56] Reighe: this suddenly got awesome with the second episode
[01:35:30] *** Reighe sent [Frostii]_Candy_Boy_-_02_DVD_[1BF7685F].mkv_snapshot_06.19_[2014.09.10_01.34.21].png ***
[01:35:32] Reighe: ...
[01:35:49] Reighe: this should probably go in a blog post, instead of spamming you, maybe? iunno.
[01:36:23] Reighe: *this is a school dormitory, for the record
[01:36:28] Ахчо0о: >png
[01:36:43] Ахчо0о: I have problems loading images on 4chan for the last two days anyway.
[01:37:50] Reighe: huh
[01:38:07] Reighe: well, it's not the MPC compression, at least
[01:38:54] Reighe: I wonder if I can make the script run the smaller files with higher level of compression
[01:39:03] Reighe: because currently it just runs everything at q5 or so
[01:39:34] Reighe: DVD snapshots at least wont take several minutes to run at q8
[01:40:08] Reighe: 1080p does manage to go to several minutes. I think it's quadratic with the number of pixels, or so.
[01:40:54] Reighe: and it runs with only one thread, which is okay, because MPC would just use the other core
[01:42:37] Reighe: oh, musical number
[01:42:44] Reighe: this annoyed me as fuck in A Channel
[01:42:49] Ахчо0о: Electricity died.
[01:45:07] Reighe: oh
[01:45:39] Reighe: za niskobudjetna produkciq izpolzvashta ot vreme na vreme pohvati, koito me draznqt, pravi i nqkakvi awesome neshta
[01:53:05] Reighe: yuki chan to issho ni iku nya
[01:54:41] Ахчо0о: >talking on the phone with his dead wife
[01:57:38] Reighe: shit happens.
[02:00:57] Reighe: gib a typical mahou shoujo anime
[02:01:42] Ахчо0о: no
[02:01:50 | Edited 02:01:52] Reighe: wai
[02:02:16] Ахчо0о: Go to sleep.
[02:02:29] Reighe: muck you
[02:05:32] Ахчо0о:

Now that is something I don't think I have seen in fighting manga and I have read a lot more brutal ones.
[02:06:33] Reighe: why the fuck does anidb not want to import my list?
[02:07:01] Ахчо0о: It doesn't work from MAL to AniDB, I guess?
[02:08:25] Reighe: nah
[02:08:32] Reighe: malU fucks things up along the way
[02:08:52] Ахчо0о: Are you drunk or something?
[02:08:58] Reighe: no
[02:09:01] Reighe: why?

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