Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dreams and hopes for the future

[15:54:43] Reighe: whoa
[15:54:48] Reighe: Yahtzee has a scifi book
[16:00:05] Equilibrium: whoa
[16:00:28] Reighe: ikr
[16:15:14] Equilibrium: hows it called
[16:22:38] Reighe: Will Save The Galaxy For Food
[16:24:57] Reighe: >When one particularly unlucky ex-adventurer masquerades as famous pilot and hate figure Jacques McKeown, he's sucked into an ever-deepening corporate and political intrigue. Between space pirates, adorable deadly creatures, and a missing fortune in royalties, saving the universe was never this difficult!
[16:25:18] Reighe: I always knew I'll eventually time travel to the past and become Yahtzee
[16:25:38] Reighe: but this practically confirms this theory of mine
[16:25:49] Reighe: >adorable deadly creatures

Random Kobayashi (ep7 edition)

Fucking Japan.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Yeah, it's a huge turnoff. No sex is gonna happen until you warm her up again.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Unposted post

*disclaimer: I'm a yukifag for over a decade already. So yes, I admit that as far as character analysis and character development goes, most of the focus on Yuki in the entire series is concentrated in Disappearance and Surprise (mind you, a lot of this focus is about post-factum constatation of development that has already happened in a previous arc, like Disappearance and Endless Eight). But, in the same time, both arcs bring out the best in the rest of the cast too, which make them really pleasant and fulfilling, both intellectually and emotionally.