Thursday, 13 February 2020

Re: Higurashi

[10:54 PM] javabean:
[10:56 PM] erejnion: this was one of my favourite songs in the past.
[10:56 PM] erejnion: I've never seen Higurashi.
[10:57 PM] javabean: its a good anime, you won't cry or have sleep problems at all!!!! also, dry skin derived itchies won't be a problem either.
[10:58 PM] Project_Mars: It is basically Anime SAW
[10:58 PM] erejnion: Rika will be mad with me if I don't read it first
[10:58 PM] javabean: nah, i would watch it first... then read it
[10:58 PM] javabean: just so the voices you hear whilest reading it are easier to identify
[10:59 PM] erejnion: heh
[10:59 PM] erejnion: this does sound like a good reason

Friday, 7 February 2020

I'm in despair! Translation has left me in despair!

[10:32 PM] InstallGentoo: Wanna be my English editor for a LN translation?
[10:32 PM] erejnion: hahahahwut
[10:33 PM] erejnion: which LN?
[10:33 PM] InstallGentoo: I need someone, but really have nobody to ask. Oh well, actually patchon wanted to be, but I think he was interest only in image editing for manga.
[10:33 PM] InstallGentoo: Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy
[10:34 PM] erejnion: and you lost me, sorry
[10:34 PM] InstallGentoo: Fag
[10:34 PM] erejnion: besides, I wouldn't really be able to do it
[10:35 PM] erejnion: I'd need to be over-the-top in 5 separate ways in my editing
[10:35 PM] InstallGentoo: ?
[10:36 PM] erejnion: All of the cast has separate speech patterns
[10:37 PM] InstallGentoo: Oh no.
[10:37 PM] InstallGentoo: I asked a commiesubs fan.

Ishuzoku Reviewers

Ishuzoku Reviewers is gleefully and unabashedly positive. Yes, sex-positive... but also just positive overall. Don't expect deep social commentary on sex trafficking and other real life issues that prostitutes encounter. These things are worth talking about... but it's also worth having a simple celebration of life, sex, and the existence of brothels. You too will be drawn by the festive atmosphere and you too will enjoy the diversity of life together with the characters - be it the reviewers or the prostitutes. And, frankly, what more can you want?

That's it. If this is your first encounter of the franchise, that's all you need to know. Go watch it. But, of course, if you've read the manga already, you're wondering why this **** is wasting your time with obvious truths. So, let's say a few words for you too:
While animation is not outstanding, it ain't bad either. It does what it needs to do, translating well the feel of the manga art to moving pictures. Sound design is also in the same category, though the opening and the ending themes must be specifically applauded as great songs that capture the feel of Ishuzoku perfectly. Whatever budget was saved from the animation obviously went into the cast instead. There isn't even one weak performance, with some pretty big names throughout.
But, as far as the process of adaptation goes, the strongest parts are the scriptwriting and the directing. The choice of what to adapt, the timing and pacing of the adaptation, and the way that the adapted manga chapters are EXTENDED with additional (sometimes even lewder) content - these speak volumes of the love with which this anime is created. In fact, this exact effort to round up the chapters' content is what makes the Ishuzoku Reviewers anime a must-see for the manga readers too.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

tl;dr of Mahoraba

[9:48 PM]erejnion:took a while to get to the flashbacks
[9:48 PM]erejnion:10 episodes
[9:48 PM]erejnion:I'm amazed
[9:48 PM]hellraiser:it's a surprisingly restrained show that goes comedy >>>>> romance
[9:48 PM]erejnion:mhm
[9:49 PM]erejnion:but doesn't reset development either
[9:49 PM]erejnion:still, the drug sindicate and the every day sex parties fits too well as a theory
[9:50 PM]hellraiser:the old guy is probably a junkie that got his brain fried and that's how the dog appeared

Sunday, 2 February 2020

tl;dr of Fate/Extra

[9:32 PM] erejnion: aaand shaft stopped caring
[9:32 PM] erejnion: because Nero isnt on frame anymore
[9:32 PM] hellraiser: a whole minute passed since they had to animate her hair
[9:32 PM] erejnion: yup
[9:32 PM] hellraiser: motivation lost
[9:33 PM] erejnion: that's too much to hold the interest of Shinbo