Sunday, 9 November 2014

Under the influence

See... the princess drama was annoying. Was annoying, and pointless, and didn't say anything. No, not anything. There was one sentence, the last sentence, the sentence that will stay the most in your mind, that was actually good and substantial.
Treating someone "properly" is too difficult.
The rest you could skip with free heart.
Now, what about the Akatsuki drama? Not sure if I am just biased, but I loved it. Except when it reached the time she was asking for help. The rest of the girls were just trying to rip off her spine. Fucking japanese, seriously.
That aside... man, that OST on the Moon. That atmosphere. That everything. The animation still sucked, but still. As far as fantasy ideas go, Log Horizon is the best thing out there.
No, seriously.
The worldbuild (if not the worldbuilding) is pretty much THE top of the top.
Of course, Mamare's writing isn't too good, and the adaptation lacks severely in directoring and animation quality, but still. This guy just knows how to incorporate fantasy ideas. What ideas to incorporate. Why he should incorporate these ideas.
I just plainly love it.

*title references how I can't do anything else while I am under the influence of a great fiction, and how I need to get it out of my system somehow - by blogging.

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