Monday, 10 November 2014

I am completely sure all this comedy is intentional

Thus, this series is fucking great.

Now for some more snapshots, I have tons of them.
Especially from this ultra-emotional human suffering drama episode about Momoka and her being tortured by the conditions her beloved princess is living in (no lesbo).
Not that the episode with the boy wasn't good too, I expected to rage at him, but he is properly funny, and kind of cute.
I didn't expect to be interested in his backstory, not at all. I think his engineer skills help.
and then he describes in detail what he ISN'T going to do
lollipop girl best girl
That will break my heart anyway, I wouldn't want to kick my will to live in the dust any more than needed.
and best pilot
Like, was that even a 4chan thing? Not that they can't lurk our side too.
every day until you like it
Literally crying from laughing way too much. I am currently giggling, too.
this can't not be intentional comedy.
and Momoka's suffering starts
>they see your dick
I mean, doesn't it at least bring a tear to your eye?
maid too good
she a superhuman or what... oh wait. Mana.
maid on Thuearle level of modifying interiors
or more like, abyss.
boobs: every marksman's greatest pitfall
>she sees your bags of cash
best smile

P.S. some chat logs for end:
[01:06:39] Eien Ryuu: When did Cross Ange become that?!
[01:06:56] Eien Ryuu: I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't coming from you. :D
[01:07:47] Reighe: nah, it was like that from the start
[01:07:59] Reighe: the point is to believe that all this comedy is intentional
[01:08:17] Reighe: because if you slip into thinking it's unintentional, it stops being funny
[01:09:00] Reighe: she just bought her former maid for six fucking bags of cash
[01:09:07] Reighe: is this funny?
[01:09:17] Reighe: well, if they intend it to be funny, it's pretty fucking funny
[01:09:27] Reighe: but if they don't, it gets old rather fast
[01:09:39] Eien Ryuu: I see.
[01:09:50] Eien Ryuu: So that's why people shit so much about it.
[01:10:01] Reighe: dobre che sa previewtata, kudeto Based Nana se ebava sus vsichko

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