Sunday, 31 August 2014


I didn't even read the description before starting it. I just knew it's from the guy who did Mizu no Kotoba (and the rest), and that was it.

(before I continue, I did read the preview afterwards. In this spirit, I will provide now something a thousand times better, something that actually has anything to do with the actual show.
The main boy one night dreams the dream that the main girl dreams. 

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha

wai wai
I am not sure how much I should write for this.

I mean, the plot is obvious in its core. He IS the Blue Knight, and he IS from the past of each of these girls. The comments about the first episode were of the sort, "Each and every of these girls have some 'main girl' characteristics". That's on the mark, that is on the mark, but... that's not all. The knitting club girl who is actually a goddess or something being the actual love interest isn't that surprising. The damedame actually being the one to wrap up every accident, preventing dangerous aftereffects, that's a common trope too. I don't even need to mention the animation, adaptation, audiovisual aspect. I remember the first scene of the Wizard Baristas bullshit. However.

However, that's not all.

And now you expect me to say what's that "all" I've been speaking about?
Haha, no, never! Through my dead body!

No matter how cliched a certain scene, a certain episode, they are sure to throw you out of the loop at one point. Like, expecting the words of reconciliation, then not getting them. Like, expecting something awkward, but just getting a dance. Like, expecting a parallel of the theatre play, and getting the theatre play itself, together with the obvious acting.

Having realistic, well-mannered, nice characters is... actually rare. They are usually either unrealistic or assholes, I guess. Having a girl being jealous over the main in the form of just one sour thought of "why am I not the one there?" is even rarer. Not to mention the boy acting all love-struck only with his actual interest. Not to mention memories coming up in an actual believable and nice way. Not to mention hearing the emotions in the voices of the seiyuu. Wait, that's normal... then, again. Not to... actually, you know what? Fuck it. The main characters have their cliches, yet fulfill them brilliantly and invigoratingly. Even the background characters are full of life. It is indeed a work of that wave after deconstruction, but.
If Kotarou really wanted to leave, I'm sure he'd've found a way to escape.
and then the bro ghost being completely honest, wanting to monopolize his attention.

I live for such moments in the fiction I partake in. And I am sure this anime will provide me a lot more of these. Sweet blessing of gods, that's why I still try to watch shitty series.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Proper Way of Reading Tonari no Seki-kun

I feel like Seki kun is a minor deity or spirit of harmless tricks and fun and each generation, a girl like Yokoi marries the deity.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

It's a real illusion

Намери, за да изгубиш
Падни, за да се дигнеш
Изстини, изгори
Открий се в себе си
И не бой се от края
Погини, възкръсни!
I've the feeling the Russian lyrics don't say exactly this, as in some of them are actually sung in first person, but oh well. I like it how it's now.

If you have the bakabt torrent of the Horizon OST,

but want the English translations of the song titles like me: here you go.

Shouldn't take much modifying to make this work with the mp3 version either.

Friday, 15 August 2014

This is worth a share or an archive or two.

The days after Skype went to shit

are really funny.

In the moment I am using cryptocat, and my brother is using, both of which tend to encrypt everything they send. However, they are different networks, of course... so, in conclusion, we actually simply use the facebook messenger as an intermediary. Each and every of these messages passes through the facebook system.


And is encrypted so that facebook cannot read it. And so that you cannot read it from facebook. This is the fucking best <3

Man, SAC feels great

After Innocence I certainly missed this spirit.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Vacation Log, another go

(this time I just plainly forgot to post it)

201408041739 Precure
I wish they'd tried to get Kiriya back when they were defeating the Dark King.
That being said, everything else was perfect <3
And the new villain is pretty fucking cool
in unrelated news, I should find myself a mahou shoujo where the heroine learns to handle bothe the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. That'd be cool, and it seems like such an obvious idea that I am sure it's already done. Several times. I just have to search for it.

201408041801 Precure
Oh shit, I just realized. Nagisa and Honoka, they are about the same age as me. Plus minus one year, I think, I should check the official info.

201408051738 Precure
Ok, 77777777 was obvious enough, and I still don't know what 6464646464 was meant to be...
But I lost it when it started alternating 0505050505 with 5050505050
I wonder if it was MEANT to be a Jojo reference.

201408051757 Precure
I already hate popo.

201408051808 Precure
Ok, this is fugly. Seriously fugly.

201408051810 Precure
Why is Nagisa such a best girl ever?

201408051811 Precure
Sensible reaction from the villains <3

201408052331 Kuromajo
more money for animation, but as variable quality of writing as ever. Also as enjoyable as ever <3
The class is full of strange people, it seems. It also seems like I am getting twice more from the anime than the translator is showing to have gotten. Oh well.

201408052355 Kuromajo
Даровете на влъхвите... трябваше да се сетя.

201408060009 a side note
Hm, after 8man turned out to be really good against all reasons I've previously seen cited for why it's good, I should probably give a chance to DAL too. You know, just in case.

P.S. I should download Rock Over The World

I am never sure whether I am subtly ridiculed and I just don't get it, or I should take it as a praise

You are getting into lots of talking. Nishio (the author) as a whole relies heavily on describing parts of the human psyche that are usually skipped by "serious" authors. As a whole, he tends to go at things that the "relatively smarter" teenagers think while growing up. As an example, who is the Real Deal and who is but an imitation is one of the central themes after Nise.
Hm, no, this sounds like quite the bad description.

You are getting into lots of wordplay and sleek Shinbo-ish style. Pretty different from Tenamonya Voyagers and the like, but still you get the general direction.
Wait, that's a pretty bad description too.

You are getting into the best-executed fanservice harem out there. Everybody wants to fuck everyone, and the Question is whether you want to fuck the male protagonist more or the male antagonist(figuratively speaking) more.
Uh... no.
Last try.
You are getting into an adaptation that worked surprisingly well, that is to say: the already good novel series being used, the already good staff produced from it something beyond the expectations, something bigger than the sum of its parts.

P.S. the 80s references are all over the place
then, the next post, a reply to mine:
Pretty Abe-kun-esque. Series is sold to everyone who reads this.