Monday, 1 September 2014

May as well save this too

It's actually pretty innovative. Essentially Mushishi is a take of the classical "solve supernatural phenomena weekly", which normally takes storylines from classical myths and children's stories. Mushishi does that too from time to time, but it pushes it one step further other times. As in, it creates a myth that sounds like a normal myth, then explains the mushi behind it. What do I mean? Oft these myths have a normal scientific explanation behind them, like the swamp gas and the blue flames. Mushishi often goes the other way around, taking a scientific explanation, and creating a myth from it to be explained with mushi. I am sure that's been done before, but I'd say it's still pretty innovative.

That aside, people generally like the music (UK indie rock artists for openings? that's fucking cool for an anime, you must admit), people generally like the art (though there isn't much animation), people generally love the atmosphere, the characters, the pacing. I must say, the recurring characters really are charming and well written. However, no matter how nice, these aspects were probably not up your taste, so that was it.

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