Thursday, 24 December 2015

Pertaining to tea

Hita Hita

[19:42:24] Reighe: why is this guy so good
[19:42:54] Reighe: how the fuck can a manga made of naked girls and cats and Venezia sceneries be a 10/10 masterpiece?
[19:42:55] Reighe: ...
[19:43:02] Reighe: wait, I guess it's completely normal

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Internet frames the discussions around libertarian - authoritarian distinction, not around left - right.
Well, first a link, because Milo is way better with the words than me:
But, beyond this... Internet is kind of killing capitalism, to start with. The corporations have stopped trying to use capitalistic methods to control the artistic production of humanity, and are constantly trying to push through totalitarian agenda, often succeeding. Internet is also kind of killing socialism, because the minimum standard for human life is no longer just to be alive - it's also to have internet. I think the current immigrant wave in Europe shows it the best: they are coming here with their smartphones. Of course, deregulation and anti-authoritarian measures are hardly any politician's dream, and being anti-establishment is usually framed within the terms of some extremist group (see Trump). But, well, I guess after a decade of getting deep into this shit, people are finally starting to realize what's going on. Leaving behind the left/right markers, anti-authoritarian movements would have much easier way of distinguishing themselves from anarchist skinheads. And, framing the debate like this, the youth will eventually go back to being anti-establishment (while the pro-establishment current university students grow up and stop counting as "youth"). That's about all that I can ask for. Feminism is kind of better system than what we had before, and what we will have next will also be kind of better than feminism. Humanity has this habit, after all.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Everything is forgiven


Friday, 9 October 2015


[00:19:37] Eien Ryuu: Ми в Събота мен както няма да ме има, можеш тогава.
[00:19:49] hellraiser: ako beshe na pc shteshe da e edna ot naj-dobrite igri koito sym igral
[00:19:51] hellraiser: oh
[00:19:58] hellraiser: Halloween togava li se padashe?
[00:20:06] Eien Ryuu: Of course no.
[00:20:16] hellraiser: koi den e
[00:20:46] Reighe: subota
[00:20:53] Eien Ryuu: Umm, 31th duhhh...
[00:20:57] hellraiser: ne be
[00:21:01] hellraiser: pitah koi den ot sedmicata
[00:21:03] hellraiser: :D
[00:21:14] hellraiser: zna4i sybota
[00:21:16] Reighe: mda
[00:21:38] Eien Ryuu: Аз ти говоря за тази Събота пък.
[00:21:45] Reighe: saving this conversation for posterity

Monday, 28 September 2015

Random snippets from chatlogs

erejnion: >Gandhi also said that her ministry is working on a concept of 'Gender Champions' in schools under which boys will be chosen for being "particularly respectful and helpful" to girls and given prizes.
Oooh, oooh, I know this! It was called "being a gentleman".
erejnion: Though, that's not what they want, now, is it?
erejnion: They want the males subservient to the females, not getting a sense of accomplishment out of helping women, but just doing it because they are supposed to.
erejnion: This is the true face of "respect".

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Is it that bad to say that something has mostly a bad fanbase? Does it automatically say that the show is bad? No. Does it mean you can't enjoy regardless of it being true or not? No. But it also certainly doesn't help selling it. Do we need to start talking about things like Naruto and Attack or Titan or at they special cases? Someone doesn't like a show? Don't get angry and don't feel so offended by it. Let it slide or actually try having a real conversation about it and not a meta one about "No, you just did not say that!" If you actually believe there was more to the anime than low quality threads then make some long post about its good points. Maybe no one will read and it will end right there or you will level up the discussion instead of degrading it even more.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Skype is down, so I can't watch my Kino no Tabi with the gaiz

erejnion: how do I convince hellraiser and eien to switch to tox?
Bogdan: show them the testimonials
erejnion: how?
erejnion: I go break into hell's house and shove his face into the screen of my laptop?
Bogdan: yes.
erejnion: well, this was quick.

erejnion: what about Eien, though? he's too far away.
Bogdan: hire someone to do it for you
erejnion: know anybody who's working a yorozuya in Ruse?
Bogdan: nope
Bogdan: ask around

Vacation Log

Friday, 18 September 2015

How hilarious do you think it would be to be a level 100 Minotaur rogue in the new world?

>be born
>God's excited: "wow-rare spawn anon! You get 47 bonus points instead of the normal 10!"
>put them all into stealth
>"You can only put a maximum of 10 into stealth."
>I'm putting them all into stealth.
>"Well... fine, as long as you promise to use your powers to help humanity."
>spend my life masturbating and cumming onto girls in broad daylight. No one can successfully roll a perception check to catch me.
>Be at the UN. It's the peace summit.
>About the cum onto the head of the UN.
>Some guy miraclulously rolls the equivalent of ten natural 20's in a row and detects my jerking.
>"Hey that guy's jerking off onto the head of the UN!"
>Everyone thinks he's crazy.
>"Get that crazy guy out of here! This is the UN!"
>finish my wank while smiling at the guy while he's being drug out

Moar politicking, don't read…/

Friday, 11 September 2015

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

State of the Union address 2015

SZS >= PPD >= Hidamari >= *monogatari > all Sasami x Kagami scenes > Ala Alba & Mou Hitotsu > Natsu no Arashi = Soremachi >= ef > Katte ni Kaizou > Madoka > Maria Holic >= Denpa Onna with the last episode > Sasami-san@Ganbaranai > Koufuku Grafitti >= REC > Arakawa > Negima?! > He Is My Master > Denpa Onna without the last episode > Yume Kara, Samenai > Shina Dark > Popotan > Mahoromatic > Tsukuyomi >= shit > Nisekoi > Mekakushitty Actors > Fubuki > DitVB > G-ON Riders > This Ugly Yet Beautiful World > Negima Final

left to be watched and added:
Sakura Tsuushin

will give one more try eventually:
Dance in the Vampire Bund
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

(I accept any and all offers to watch one or more of the above three together)

Monday, 7 September 2015


The more I look back to Ben-to, the more I like Ume. Her antics may have been enraging at first, but now they are just funny and memorable. The rest of the characters had their quite enjoyable gimmicks, too, but Ume is the only one to truly stand out in during the test of time.


I should probably rewatch Ben-to with this thought in mind, just so to test the hypothesis.

We're illusions in the chaos

This episode was a nice curveball. We saw a serious story... or, more like, the backbone of a story, this could easily be written in a novelette. And we saw the competent Galaxy Angel brigade that we kinda knew to exist but always missed. Effectiveness, genre-savvyness, still keeping true to their personalities... yes, a great episode, not really showing another side of the girls as much as just showing what happens when it's not comedy 24/7.

Or maybe I am just overjoyed by the song, as I am quite the sucker for this type of music? Who knows.

P.S. Really, what's with this music collection in bakabt... I just want one song!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I should start keeping a book full of quotes

Saturday, 25 July 2015


The Reformist Bloc should go all-USA and conduct primaries. 

More Sora is always good

USA is not a clusterfuck of bad things. Considering the current status of the Bloc, and the fact that primaries, if not anything else, give much larger exposure to the candidates and the process of choosing them, they can be only a good thing for the Reformists. The same idea hardly makes sense for the rest of the Bulgarian parties, of course. GERB is highly authoritarian, so it wouldn't be in the party spirit to have primaries. I don't even want to mention the rest. However, Svetlio actually did conduct primaries. Not that this helped him. Now, as for the Reformists. The problem in question, of course, is how to involve enough people in the decision process. If it's only the core members of the parties, it wouldn't mean much. But they are still faring well, so I'd say this is the best point to start such a tradition. Once it's shown to work, they can continue forward easily. It has the chance to cause internal divides, but if done well, it should actually make even the current divides disappear in the end. And, if done well, it will involve more (disillusioned) bulgarian youth in the internal workings of the party, thus gathering wider support for RB. What might prove useful to repeat one more time in this pursue of "doing it well" is to involve the Bulgarian diaspora. That is, use the fucking internet. As much as you can. Except for voting, you just don't do voting over the internet.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Pertaining to romance

Shit, Sasameki Koto (the manga) is (near) perfect (I always have a soft spot for whining for more diversity in the romances, and Kazama's brother's romance wasn't too well developed, more tacked on, thus leaving only homo couples (I'd've praised the Sun for giving us this unmatched gem of true worth if the crossdresser had ended up with Lotte)).

Friday, 10 July 2015

Относно GATE

[23:29:45] Reighe: do I watch it raw or do I watch BakedFish?
[23:30:22] hellraiser: rejisyora e kazal 4e shte namali eksyhna i nasilieto za da ima pove4e moe
[23:30:28] Reighe: ...
[23:30:33] Reighe: why would I even watch it then?
[23:30:51] hellraiser: taq deto ozvu4ava elfkata kazala 4e imalo beach epizod deto i bilo napravo neudobno da go ozvu4ava
[23:31:06] Destructo: ahahahahahahahaha
[23:31:06] Destructo: wtf
[23:31:26] hellraiser: ama kato go kazva taka na 4ovek mu se iska da vidi kakvo to4no stava
[23:31:31] Reighe: mda

Saturday, 20 June 2015

ViVid part 1 (hopefully)

And the anime is over. Final verdict: while StrikerS is still by far the best season, at least this one was significantly more enjoyable than the first two.

The Thunder King and her waifu should have had a bigger role; the whole tournament felt uninspired and full of battle shonen bullshit. Somehow the occasional good choreographics from the first half was completely forgotten for the tournament games. I guess that's because everybody from the powerhouses won with minimal effort. People say the whole main cast has reached the moment where they lose in their next matches, and that should have proven kind of fun, but up to now we had like, a combined 10 minutes from the whole tournament that I actually enjoyed. So yeah, the only truly good part of this anime was the complete lack of Nanoha and Fate. Anyway, I guess we are to have more this autumn? Complain as I may, I will be here with my body ready for it.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Being evil and unethical

Bogdan: I... shouldn't be laughing at the students
erejnion: stanishev na protesta v Makedoniq
Bogdan: the best part is, "" doesn't work like he thinks
erejnion: prikazvajki po tipichen nachin vse edno shte go izbirat
Bogdan: toj puk vse edno che znae drug nachin
erejnion: true
Bogdan: kazhi ako namerish nqkude putvurzhdenie na tova neravenstvo na Bonzé
erejnion: tova da ne e kato teoremata na Daskalov?
erejnion: ako ti lipsva nqkakuv fakt, deto izglezhda veren, i dostatuchno izchisten, prosto pishesh che e teorema na Daskalov, i tolkoz
Bogdan: vuzmozhno e
Bogdan: moq vipusk beshe Van der Verder
Bogdan: ama mozhe da e istinska teorema, koj znae
erejnion: Bonse
Bogdan: huh, so it's the real deal
Bogdan: you can just type it in and see the proof
erejnion: yup
Bogdan: Dude is still a problem short for the excursion to Paris, but I guess he's getting full score there
erejnion: samo che se zaqzh s nego
erejnion: "googling BonZe's inequality doesn't help"
Bogdan: I don't think we're giving them their works back
erejnion: google him
Bogdan: Jesus, this is evil and unethical
Bogdan: ..I might do it
Bogdan: Actually the biggest reason why I found this so amusing is probably that this inequality just fit so well with the rest of the problem that I was sure it was Daskalov

Friday, 15 May 2015

I am just slightly triggered

erejnion: you know
erejnion: i was there
erejnion: it's fuckall about "defending free speech" or "war against terrorism"
erejnion: the main point is making the citizens feel safe
erejnion: SJWs are part of the same thing
erejnion: they just want safety
erejnion: minimal human dignity be damned, they need to FEEL safe.
erejnion: there will be paramilitary troops in the center of Paris, with automatic guns, because the average parisian who can afford to live there is SURE they will not fire at him, but because of the damned muslims on the news they FEEL the need to see them there in order to feel safe.
erejnion: Practically speaking, there are numerous better ways to station troops if you expect a terrorist attack; it's all about making the rich feel safe.
erejnion: Because it surely aint making the poor feel safe.
erejnion: And France is okay when compared to countries like UK, Sweden, or, god save us, the States.
erejnion: Simple pandering to people who want a totalitarian government.
erejnion: Who want to refute any personal responsibility and independant thought, instead relying on the party line to do the thinking for them.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Komachi is a miracle of the universe

[15:49:32] Reighe: the second season of 8man has so much Komachi <3
[15:49:38] Reighe: (inlove)
[15:49:46] キソソ: xd
[15:50:03] Reighe: seriously, why don't they just make an anime out of Hachiman and Komachi speaking?
[15:50:14] Reighe: they can add the rest of the plot as flashbacks in their talks
[15:50:42] Reighe: lately I've been seeing the rest as a filler that I actually have to use several braincells for
[15:51:30] Reighe: which is significantly better than a filler that I don't have to use braincells for, of course; just saying it so that you don't get the wrong idea

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

I want to protect that smile

Also, the ending is simply perfect <3

But you need no proof for that, I'd guess.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

StrikerS is already way better than the previous two seasons

Awwww, these two are just so much better than Nanoha and Fate <3 it really is promising when I actually care about SOME of the characters, and even more when they are the MAIN ones.
Besides, I always have a soft spot for shows that build up on a mythology created by their previous seasons. See: Diebuster.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Actual number: ~150

(from an "It's 2015 now" thread)
By the way, what does everyone think of the announced Megatokyo anime? SHAFT are doing something ridiculous again, animating a webcomics... Fred even said that he will give them a nice point for the end of the anime --not that I know if he will finish it in time, he did less than 400 pages over the last 5 years...

Monday, 16 March 2015

Okay, these threads have been productive, but this one specifically needs to be shared

>Maybe a few noise were captured and held in captivity at some point for research on alternative countermeasures/weaponization/etc.

>Hopefully grape-kun is one of them

>yfw custodians are making shit hit the fan and Ver decides he's the only hero for the job, escapes in the commotion, and brings grape-kun along for the ride

>imagining Ver crazily driving a jeep with Grape-kun just chilling in the passenger seat

>brings grape-kun along for the ride
>This eventually led to what remains of the Noise allying with the Geahs


everything from here, none from me

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Excerpt that I kind of wanted to save.

erejnion: >I have what you would call a theoretical basis.
erejnion: oh god
erejnion: now I must agree with her
erejnion: Hitler had what you would call a theoretical basis that the Germans were superior to everybody else, thus everybody else is subject to pruning. And now I feel bad for this reducto ad Hitlerum, but in this case it actually is _exactly_ like this.
erejnion: is there any point in finishing the video?
erejnion: I am on the 34th minute.
ah4o0o: There is not much after that.
ah4o0o: It shows a bunch of other retards saying the same thing.
ah4o0o: I watched only from where I linked it.
ah4o0o: Also, while we are talking about Hitler, I have been considering for a long while to explore /pol/'s ideas about him, but never really bothered. Maybe some day in the summer.
erejnion: hm
erejnion: We should *treat* the situation on a personal level as if there are no differences between genders, because anything of the sort is only statistics. Taken in large numbers, the different genders show different traits; however, if we single out a person, he may as well show entirely opposite traits to what is the mean in his gender. After all, these things are just normal distributions, the fact that the peak is to the right doesn't mean that a lot of people are not to the left. Thus, if speaking on a basis of a single person, it doesn't matter at all what gender is he.
erejnion: A lot of companies can't really headhunt every employee in an individual manner, of course.
erejnion: On the other hand, I don't feel like any side of this feminism debate has any idea that these traits are a matter of distribution.
erejnion: Of course, academical feminism is as extreme and black and white as it gets, but I wouldn't completely agree with reasonable antifeminists either.
erejnion: But that's at large a fault of the media that reports on this.
erejnion: It's the journalists that can't into distributions, I suspect the actual science that is done on this topic works only with distributions.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

girlwriteswhat p2

girlwriteswhat generally uses similar tactics to mainstream feminism, such as generalizing from single cases, and trying to scare people into action; however I can't really blame her, as these tactics have proved the only effective ones. I can blame her for not openly admitting it more often, but whatever, that'd be counterproductive. The main difference, however, is that she is the minority voice right now, so it's easier for her to ground her beliefs into real studies; as in, she is the "next generation", while the previous generation has already set views and beliefs based on the previous iteration of studies, most of which are disproved now. Give it some decades, and the tables will turn, society will change somewhat, and definitely new studies will arise, ones that contradict her views. Hopefully then she will remember her words about the Harvard switch, and not stomp down on free speech the way current feminism does in the US. But eh, there will be assholes then too. The ruling ideology will be kept up and defended by assholes always.


aaaaaaaaaand I am done reading her articles, related material, and generally anything pertaining to feminism and ~issues; it's high time to study something that is actually related to my own major.

Friday, 20 February 2015


Yeah, she has set beliefs and readily defends them --aggressively so, if you want.

She isn't more aggressive than me.

And it was certainly refreshing to see somebody keeping up this side of the conversation, especiall after feminism went so deep into the "let's curb all discussion, we are the ones who are right" territory.
I fucking hate any notion of lessening the diversity any system of our human race exhibits.

Friday, 30 January 2015

12/10, would repost over and over again

It's a subgroup. [gg] means that it's generated by the product gg for some g in a group G. If G is cyclic and g generates it then [gg] is a subgroup of G. 

from this genius /a/non



Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Best case scenario edition

Picture not really related
Leon decides to explain everything to Farm Girl over the course of the following months, before the obviously incoming disaster actually happens, so when it does happen, she drops the bomb that she's already been thinking that she needs to become a Priestess. You know, the usual spiel, "I j ust now have nothing to hold me back, I am not doing it for revenge." This would make both Leon and her best characters, as Leon really needs to start fucking speaking and stop emoing. If there's demand, I can write up a whole fanfic on how this can be pulled off.
Next episode reveals that Laundry Girl is OP as fuck, to match her gar as fuck husbando.
The Prince stops his idealism over the course of the remaining episodes, and becomes a Xanathos master.
Wire Priestess is relevant.
Best Dad survives.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Christmas Date

in Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie (episode 16)

...the three teachers are fucking awful.
Well, I knew they are gonna interrupt his confession. The audacity with which this anime pulls of this type of scenes is awesome as fuck.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

pertaining to

  1. zts = 3004 scrobbles
  2. CODE ZTS LABEL = 374 scrobbles
  3. Mina = 162 scrobbles
  4. Taishi = 106 scrobbles
  5. qurter = 53 scrobbles
  6. ripple = 44 scrobbles 
  7. YR=tune = 43 scrobbles
  8. Aquablue = 42 scrobbles
  9. みずきともえ = 41 scrobbles
  10. Showcase = 39 scrobbles
  11. 飛田翔 = 35 scrobbles 
  12. 茶太 = 30 scrobbles
  13. wirel = 27 scrobbles
  14. Riya = 23 scrobbles
  15. t = 20 scrobbles
  16. たくまる = 19 scrobbles
  17. ZTS vo: ’ѓ‘ѕ cho: KAKO = 18 scrobbles
  18. ZTS vocal: Ћ‡‹G = 15 scrobbles
  19. ZTS/ZTS = 13 scrobbles
  20. takumaru feat. kirina = 12 scrobbles
  21. 汐凪くじら = 12 scrobbles
  22. Yuatari = 12 scrobbles
  23. sinon = 10 scrobbles
  24. estha = 9 scrobbles
  25. ZTS vo ЃF‘љЊЋ‚Н‚й‚©Ѓ••Р–¶—у‰О= 9 scrobbles
  26. zts / 宮簀月菜 = 8 scrobbles
  27. ZTS/vo. ikue = 7 scrobbles
  28. メタル☆うさぎ = 3 scrobbles
  29. 走る少女たち = 3 scrobbles
  30. みらゐ = 1 scrobble

in other words,
  1. zts = 4194 scrobbles split between 30 entries