Thursday, 16 May 2013

Из архивите: Ebiten

Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebi Sugawa Koukou Tenmonbu
えびてん 公立海老栖川高校天悶部
Епизоди: 10 + 1
Продължителност: 05.07.2012 до 15.09.2012 + ??.12.2012
Жанрове: Astronomy, Chuuni, Clubs, Comedy, High School, Manga, Parody, Seinen, Traps
Сайтове: [ anidb ] [ MAL ] [ Официален ]

Това е една история за момичета, Асстрономия, синдрома на втория клас от прогимназията, феромони, и така нататък... но... най-вече, това е история на рефърънси. И понеже да пиша "рефърънси" е тъпо, а на български няма достатъчно подходящ превод... There are other referential comedies, for example SeiZon... but no other story I've seen actually makes the references a plot point. If you haven't seen the right series, you would be totally lost during the relevant episode. This makes everything a complete hit and a miss, and, honestly speaking...

I do NOT recommend to anybody here in animes-bg to actually watch this anime.

...thus this thread is a complete work of self-gratification. Yet. Here I am, happily writing my fingers off, without even stopping to think about style or content. It made me happy, watching everything. Under the crazy outer appearances of the characters, what drove the story on the most basic level was actually really beautiful on its own. Beautiful the references were, too, but of other type of beauty. References are never of the pure kind, after all. Ha. What I am even speaking about? References are there to laugh your ass off, and so I did. The ones I got. The ones I didn't, I just stood there, but, well, that's to be expected. So here I am, writing something probably nobody will even read, in praise of an anime nobody will even enjoy, which still managed to touch me with its ideas. Ideas presented the way I want them: you have to pass numerous layers of references, irony, self-irony, and so on. How were they presented. How the astronomy was interweaved in the asstronomy. The characters, and their characters. The costumes and the costumes which were not references. The seiyuu play, and the OST. The cats. Yep. I am happy.

Послеслов (почти година по-късно): 
Току-що изгледах пак първият епизод, този път от BD rip. Чувствата ми... изненадващо донякъде, но са се запазили точно същите като описаните по-горе. А... и да, ако не сте се усетили, това е отварящият пост на темата за Ебитен в анимес-бг, написан от моя милост. Такива ми ти работи.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


This is your usual Misaka Imouto.
I cried.

Well, we waited for quite a long time to get these scenes, but... it was still good seeing them. It was a beautiful episode. Misaka imouto rules. Etc.

And, fuck, it always pains me to see Misakas dead. I should be over it already, shouldn't I? In between the first season and the manga I've seen quite the number of bodies...

But still.
Not that I like 9982 more than 9983, or any other for that matter.
And this is just a normal outcome of meeting Misaka Imouto.


No, leaving this aside, Chiho rules. She started trolling the hero too, didja notice?



This is the best ending I've ever seen.

Friday, 10 May 2013


Fifth episode in a row! With the end of each fucking episode of this thing I burst out in laughter. Really. This payoff we get at the last moments of the episode is fucking great; I can't even begin to describe the feeling...

Is this sexual intercourse?

edit: remembered something... I've already mentioned my concerns about the stuck-up girl? Well, they are no more. She will indeed get her screentime, but it will be an epic screentime, so it's ok.

[WoW] Talents in MoP


At the moment tankadin with Battle Healer (assuming normal fight with tank swapping) and a holy priest in dps chakra (with PW:S, as it is a smarter heal than flash procs) do more or less the same amount of dps and healing.

And at the same time a disc priest does twice that on every account with Atonement.

There are only two ways to beat disc:
1) heavily aoe fight without much moving and no need for healing (Mind Sear ftw)
2) really fucking heavy aoe damage fight, where your PoHs don't even overheal (really, disc priests usually don't overheal. If you don't overheal either and go on a maximal rotation, you can't help but win in hps)

Leaving this aside, what about the talents?

Last row (DS/Cascade/Halo) is obviously situational. It's only smart to change it before every battle. But... that's not all. 75 and 60 rows should be changed too. Okay, you can leave 75 untouched if you are not awfully familiar with the fights, but 60... lessee.

PW:Solace is a nice filler spell, but... you just don't have the time to use it if the raid's in heavy damage phase. In 25 mans it's more or less okay, as the other 5 healers will just have to fill for you, and it helps if you are not comfortable with your spirit yet, but... goddamn. This is not the holy spec I used to love. Holy was all about having tons of different healing spells, and not being able to pull even decent-for-the-previous-expansion dps. In other words, you sit on the sidelines, follow tactics, and know in your blood when you should pop the hymns.

Mindbender is kind of strange too. I am not used to getting a Shadowfiend out without a Hymn, and now they want me to cast it every minute? But, I guess, best option for heavy aoe battles.

The free flashes is a good old friend, of whom we have no need --unless we are in direct healing chakra.

So? Raid finder >> PW:S definitely. I really really fucking hate how they forced us to use Evangelism though. I've been avoiding it for two expansions already, and I was doing really well, thank you very much.

What I would have been okay with? Give us atonement-related shits only in dps chakra. Actually make the dps chakra just atonement-style healing, it buffing up PW:Solace besides everything else. Or just add an atonement chakra. Sheesh. That would give us an excuse not to use it while in the other chakras.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

По дяволите и ярешкото

По-голям шанс има да стана вегетарианец отколкото да проям това нещо.

This arc reminded me of Scott Pilgrim for some reason

Our race through the material continues. The animation went a little QUALITY, but some scenes were nevertheless rather beautifully drawn. Especially pic related.

But, sheesh, I am already burned through this over-zealous haste. I raged only once, and that was when we didn't get his inner monologue when he saw Tsutsukakushi naked.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Importance of Being Earnest

There are works of fiction that make me want to go around and shove them in people's faces, giddily exclaiming how they should read them too. There are books that I've worn out from rereads. There are plays which, after reading them, make me want to watch them enacted too.

After reading this play, my want is to stage it.