Thursday, 14 August 2014

I am never sure whether I am subtly ridiculed and I just don't get it, or I should take it as a praise

You are getting into lots of talking. Nishio (the author) as a whole relies heavily on describing parts of the human psyche that are usually skipped by "serious" authors. As a whole, he tends to go at things that the "relatively smarter" teenagers think while growing up. As an example, who is the Real Deal and who is but an imitation is one of the central themes after Nise.
Hm, no, this sounds like quite the bad description.

You are getting into lots of wordplay and sleek Shinbo-ish style. Pretty different from Tenamonya Voyagers and the like, but still you get the general direction.
Wait, that's a pretty bad description too.

You are getting into the best-executed fanservice harem out there. Everybody wants to fuck everyone, and the Question is whether you want to fuck the male protagonist more or the male antagonist(figuratively speaking) more.
Uh... no.
Last try.
You are getting into an adaptation that worked surprisingly well, that is to say: the already good novel series being used, the already good staff produced from it something beyond the expectations, something bigger than the sum of its parts.

P.S. the 80s references are all over the place
then, the next post, a reply to mine:
Pretty Abe-kun-esque. Series is sold to everyone who reads this.

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