Saturday, 15 October 2016

Stella's awful translation

[00:03:12] Reighe: I'm already mad after just one line of subtitles
[00:03:31] Reighe: WHAT THE FLYING FUCK
[00:04:21] hellraiser: vse taka stava

[00:06:36] Eien Ryuu: If it could be said less, why not. xD That is art.
[00:07:06] Eien Ryuu: And Gerx is probably being caught by a Misery. =D
[00:08:27] Eien Ryuu: That was the one where a writer was kept captive, right?
[00:08:32] hellraiser: da
[00:08:38] hellraiser: neveroqten film e
[00:08:57] hellraiser: Gerxa trqbva tiq dni da se poqvi
[00:09:02] hellraiser: osven ako ne e prekaleno zaet
[00:09:35] hellraiser: Misery made for a great Dantalian ep too
[00:09:48] Reighe: mm?
[00:09:53] hellraiser: kakvo
[00:10:05] Reighe: ne pomnq dantalian
[00:10:14] hellraiser: most eps were based on classic horror
[00:10:22] hellraiser: probably all actually
[00:10:24] Reighe: yeah
[00:11:44] Reighe: If it could be said less, why not. xD That is art.>Вятърът е приятно прохладен! Днес ще е хубав ден!
>The breeze sure is refreshing!
[00:12:11] hellraiser: and he probably said while being in space
[00:12:22] Reighe: on the riverbank
[00:12:53] Eien Ryuu: That surely can be made up into one sentence. Not like that though....
[00:13:13] Reighe: not really in context
[00:13:45] Reighe: tq narochno go praveshe klishirano i out-of-place, za da otreche posle che e v nastroenie za podobni repliki
[00:14:05] Reighe: suotvetno da go pravish po-casual, obedinqvajki dvete neshta v edno izrechenie, shte ubie efekta
[00:14:24] Eien Ryuu: I see.
[00:15:01] Reighe: vednaga sled tova:
>Да бе да. Твърде съм притеснена, как така ще правя рисунки за компютърна игра?
[00:15:16] Reighe: или нещо подобно, мързи ме да се връщам
[00:15:57] Eien Ryuu:
[00:16:08] Eien Ryuu: Just wanted to post that.
[00:16:43] Reighe: I now have a favourite author for gay doujins
[00:16:46] Reighe: is this weird?
[00:17:02] Eien Ryuu: And I guess the translator didn't get the context.
[00:17:07] Eien Ryuu: Which one?
[00:17:19] Reighe: Datsuryoku Kenkyuukai
[00:18:42] Eien Ryuu: The fuck with such a name?! I hear it for the first time.

[00:19:37] Reighe: dat shining smile <3
[00:23:28] Eien Ryuu: Actually there are better pages from what I see. : D
[00:25:02] Reighe: there are.
[00:26:57] Reighe: this fucking translator uses "juicy" for everything
[00:27:02] Reighe: what the flying fuck
[00:28:19] Reighe: >Table for, how many?
this doesn't even make sense
[00:29:22] Eien Ryuu: Oh, do not be surprised. Hentai translators are gold sometimes. :D
[00:29:58] Reighe: I'm still foaming about the fucking PAID TRANSLATOR
[00:30:09] Reighe: WHO GOT MONEY
[00:30:20] Reighe: fucking...
[00:31:23] Eien Ryuu: =3
[00:31:28] Reighe: lele, toq put se usetil che zabravil polovinata ot replikata, i prosto dobavil sus tire nakraq
[00:31:31] Reighe: the fuck
[00:36:05] Reighe: what was said:
>This... got mixed up with my belongings...
what this tl wrote:
>This... fell into my bag.
[00:36:09] Reighe: I'm done with life
[00:36:24] Eien Ryuu: :D
[00:38:35] Reighe: why the fuck does he feel the need to have a well-spoken normal girl spout internet slang every second word?
[00:38:53] Reighe: I almost understand Honda, deary, for Honda-chan
[00:39:20] Reighe: but why "epic name" when she hasn't said even one internet slang phrase in the whole series?
[00:41:51] Eien Ryuu:
[00:44:59] Eien Ryuu: That's why internet slang is good in hentai. xD
[00:46:07] Reighe: internet slang is good in a translation if the original has internet slang
[00:46:59] Reighe: >computer animation
[00:47:00] Reighe: fml
[00:49:02] Reighe: this was the worst translation I've seen in quite some time
[00:50:19] Eien Ryuu: Anyway, going to bed. Have a good night. :-)
[00:51:26] Reighe: ajde
[00:51:32] Reighe: animeto e mnogo dobro, inache
[00:51:39] Reighe: samo prevoda preebava vsichko

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