Thursday, 7 July 2016

State of the Subaru, episode 14

So, like, it's obvious what's going on here. Several things about it.

The series still continues to betray my expectations. That's good. Or, not so much, because it shows I still judge it by the cliches of the Japanese entertainment industry instead of the global fantasy legacy and modern-day fads. Provided it refocuses to a more realistic and detailed approach to politics and economics in a following arc (absolutely reasonable to expect, as the series is doing worldbuilding in a methodical yet austere approach which chooses only a few elements to explore for each arc), this will fall squarely in the territory already explored by series like Vlad Taltos or The Name of the Wind.

I wanted to see Subaru deal with the consequences of not reviving every episode or so, and I was kind of getting it for several episodes. That was interesting, but I grow tired of this mindbreak, and the events of the end of this episode reinforce Subaru's building his ID around death and tragedies. That... that will make for a really interesting arc where nothing fucking happens. The author really needs to pull back and reintroduce his hero to normal life to prevent an endless spiral of one-upping. And I'm afraid I'll never get it, but. I was afraid I'll never get three episodes in a row without Subaru dying, so there. That's as many as the entire first arc, sheesh.

I like the carriage driver.

[17:15:59] Reighe: I dont know whose great idea was to create Myth&Roid to do the power metal openings and endings for anime, but it's working out great

I honestly didn't expect Green to have actual screentime and character building devoted to her. She's okay. I'm strictly a Priscilla supporter, of course, but that path requires the rest of the princesses to show off as competent leaders in their respective areas too, so Green has to show military genius and cooperative personality in a reasonable enough amount so that we don't feel the development is forced. Wait, what was her real name? Oh well, whatever, the catboy would be jealous if I pay her too much attention anyway.

Rem is trying her best to be a miracle of the universe, but she's not quite there yer. For now she's just Best Girl, or even Second Best after Betty.

I hope he dies at the end of episode 15. Or, even better, at the end of episode 16, with 17 being the rewind of the whooooole arc. That'll make me start masturbating over the name of the author.

This anime needs more Betty.

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