Saturday, 16 July 2016



[00:21:30] Reighe: Amanchu time I guess
[00:22:44] hellraiser:
[00:22:56] hellraiser: with a face like that you can only play a villain on a kid's show
[00:23:40] Reighe: wait
[00:23:45] Reighe: she's a high scholer?
[00:24:02 | Edited 00:24:04] Reighe: also what's
[00:24:10] Reighe: with icchikimasu
[00:24:24] Reighe: it's normal for her accent?
[00:24:40] Reighe: coz the translator did no effort to spice it up the fucker
[00:28:51] Eien Ryuu: Ok, and I'm out for the night. Until tomorrow, mates! :)
[00:29:54] Reighe: cya onee-chan
[00:32:13] Reighe: the baba is cool
[00:32:21] Reighe: and the tea cat brand is cool
[00:32:25] Reighe: Amanchu is a good anime
[00:33:05] Reighe: I'm slightly annoyed by the washed out palette though
[00:33:23] Destructo: gg Eiene
[00:33:23] Reighe: I wonder if I can fix it myself
[00:36:22] Destructo: PISHEM LI EREJ
[00:36:23] Destructo: PISHEM LI
[00:36:36] Reighe: FUPYO!
[00:37:05] Destructo: YEAH
[00:38:23] Reighe: is there like any protagonist ever in class 1-1?
[00:38:53] Reighe: like, 2-1 and 3-1 I remember
[00:39:07] Reighe: also 1-2, 1-3 and 1-12
[00:41:13] Destructo: mDA
[00:41:17] Destructo: Mislq, 4e sum vijdal
[00:43:15] Reighe: huh
[00:43:20] Reighe: az ne pomnq da sum
[00:43:58] Destructo: Az mislq, 4e sum mqrkal
[00:43:59 | Edited 00:44:03] Destructo: ne sum mnogo siguren
[00:48:35] Reighe: I could do without them sitting in the Kyon and Haruhi chairs
[00:49:26] Destructo: Ako ne se luja e ot nqkoq deinquent manga
[00:49:27] Destructo: 1-1
[00:49:28] Destructo: but I read
[00:49:29] Destructo: a shit ton of delinquent manga
[00:49:31] Destructo: so
[00:49:35] Destructo: hard to remember
[00:49:36] Reighe: hmm
[00:49:39] Reighe: makes sense
[00:50:06] Reighe: tova anime udari v nqkakuv next-level shit
[00:50:19] Reighe: vsushtnost chuvash introdukciite na drugite studenti ot-do
[00:50:32] Destructo: It's the twilight zone

<sleep happens here>

[13:41:36] Reighe: I really like slice of life anime which doesn't tune out everybody else in the world
[13:41:52] Destructo: VUPROSUT E
[13:41:55] Destructo: GOTOV LI E BANSKIQ TI EREJ
[13:41:58] Reighe: DA
[13:42:20] Destructo: GOOD
[13:42:32] Reighe: wow, the ending is cats darake
[13:42:50] Reighe: fuck, I should stop this
[13:44:35] Reighe: >HitchHikari's Guide
[13:44:37] Reighe: 10/10

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