Friday, 16 September 2016

Seven years later, I had one more epiphany about Bakemonogatari

Text bolded is the actual theory, rest is context of the spam chat.

[00:44:38] Reighe: ne me podsetihte da vi kazha genialnata mi *monogatari teoriq
[00:44:47] hellraiser: kakva e
[00:45:00] Reighe: so, like, remember Tsubasa Cat had two openings?
[00:45:05] Reighe: one cosplay, and one animated
[00:45:20] Reighe: and first it was the cosplay one

[00:45:43] hellraiser: ne pomnq ve4e
[00:45:48] Eien Ryuu: Go on.
[00:45:49] hellraiser: I only watched the web shit
[00:46:02] Reighe: haa
[00:46:09] Reighe: anyway, believe me on this
[00:46:20] Reighe: there was symbolism in the cosplay opening
[00:46:38] Reighe: it was that Tsubasa is a being of higher dimension than the rest of the plebians
[00:46:41] Reighe: AN ANGEL
[00:46:43] Reighe: TOO WHITE
[00:47:03] Reighe: and, like, they had drawn over the live action footage the cat ears
[00:47:21] Reighe: because Black Hanekawa is what grounds Tsubasa in humanity
[00:47:53] Reighe: and then the second version of the opening is to show she's a little closer to being a human after these events

[00:48:34] Reighe: I've totally left you guys speechless
[00:48:48] hellraiser: so is post-Neko Hanekawa closer to a normal human
[00:48:53] Reighe: yeah
[00:48:55] hellraiser: or even more ascended
[00:49:11] Reighe: closer, cause the cosplay opening was for the first episodes
[00:49:49] hellraiser: hm
[00:49:57] hellraiser: tova pasva s neshtata koito si misleh za neq
[00:50:33] Reighe: she more or less gains full humanity after Tsubasa Tiger
[00:50:43] Reighe: when she accepts her human sides
[00:51:20] hellraiser: teoriqta e perfektna
[00:51:45] Reighe: WAHAHA
[00:51:46] Eien Ryuu: So what will be then the very Hanekawa?? I mean before that.
[00:52:04] Reighe: a four-dimensional creature
[00:52:12] Reighe: taka de, one dimension more than the rest of the cast
[00:52:28] hellraiser: so when you step into her shadow you'll be swallowed inside
[00:52:54] Reighe: tte yuu ka, Tsubasa Family still makes my head hurt
[00:53:21] Reighe: it was somehow about Arararagi getting to know Hanekawa and deciding against trying to date her
[00:53:28] Reighe: but it was so fucking convoluted
[00:53:51] Eien Ryuu:
[00:52:28] hellraiser: so when you step into her shadow you'll be swallowed inside
I thought this is more reserved for Araragi-san, in which shadow is Shinobu. :D
[00:54:03] hellraiser: it was na NGE joke, Eien
[00:54:09] hellraiser: zabravih kakvo shtqh da kaja
[00:54:13] hellraiser: a, da
[00:54:26] hellraiser: Hanekawa ponqkoga q tretirat kato nqkakyv nedostijim vryh
[00:54:37] hellraiser: i kato 4e li vinagi sa go pravili i tq go e ignorirala
[00:54:41] hellraiser: ama sega go priema
[00:55:15] Reighe: pomaga i tova che namira hora, koito ne q tretirat kato nedostizhim vruh, a sa mnogo nad neq
[00:56:11] Eien Ryuu: There is only one vruh - best girl Kaiki. =D
[00:56:14] Reighe: no nachinut po kojto q tretira Oshino e naj-taka...
[00:58:02] hellraiser: Ougi naistina li e mom4e btw
[00:58:16] Reighe: tova ne mi e qsno
[00:58:33] Reighe: but Gahara seems to have verified that Koyomi is a boy
[00:58:33] hellraiser: kazvat 4e edinstveno Kanbaru go vijda kakvo e
[00:58:47] Reighe: so I'd guess Ougi is also a boy
[00:59:05] Reighe: maj go ima po-natatuk v novelite?
[00:59:17] Reighe: neshto stava, i stigat do nqkakva rezoljuciq sus Ougi
[00:59:24] Reighe: i togava maj si smenqshe pola?
[00:59:29] Reighe: pone tova kak se oblicha
[00:59:37] hellraiser: ne mojem bez trap
[01:00:04] Reighe: it's a trap either way
[01:00:06] Eien Ryuu: Just like Mariandel. xD
[01:00:11] Reighe: it's a trap to even talk to Ougi

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