Thursday, 23 June 2016

This was truly one of the most vile moments in anime as a whole

I can't even begin to explain why it's so wrong.

What's even weirder... they didn't really drive any moral point with it. It was a simple cause-effect: say something extraordinarily vile, the little girl gets mindbroken. End of story. What the hell? What the fucking hell?

That aside, at least now I'm somewhat relieved that my distaste for this arc doesn't come from the idolshit.
By the way, everybody is mad, the original mangaka is the maddest of them all, and even the scriptwriter who wrote this wants his name off the staff credits. At least there's some karma in the real world.

Anyway, I'll be living in my happy world on top of the tummy of a bear where the last two episodes never happened and I completed the anime with the 10th series.

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