Friday, 20 May 2016


erejnion: am I a bad person for laughing at class rep's drama?
ah4o0o: Who?
erejnion: Tanaka's class rep
erejnion: ne i pomnq imeto
ah4o0o: There was drama?
erejnion: imam chuvstvoto che chudeniqta i predi da kazhe na Tanaka che iska da budat priqteli v ep 5 trqbvashe da se broqt za drama
ah4o0o: Sure it was personal drama, but for the audience it was basically presented as comedy so technically there was no drama in the episode.
erejnion: ok, so I am not a bad person.
ah4o0o: You are asking a bad person so you shouldn't feel good about it.

< at the same time >

[19:01:01] Reighe: am I bad for laughing at one of the girls' ren'ai drama?
[19:06:34] hellraiser: ask your heart
[19:07:54] Reighe: my heart is laughing with me, so iunno
[19:29:43] hellraiser: your heart is an asshole then

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