Saturday, 23 July 2016

Suddenly good writing

erejnion: *yawn*
erejnion: veche ne mi e tolkova zabavno, pochnaha dramite
erejnion: basi i nahalnata strategiq
erejnion: sega sigurno vsichki shte izmrat
ah4o0o: I got, I got one final idea that might actually make sense in a fucked up way.
ah4o0o: Again connect to 5.1 and then going to 6.0
erejnion: ...
erejnion: yeah, I see what you mean
erejnion: hahaha, this went max edgy by the last third of the episode
ah4o0o: Doesn't seem to have worked.
ah4o0o: I am almost thinking about flashing MIUI 8, just because I probably actually can do that.
erejnion: wat
erejnion: why is Ange Vierge having an actual good story element?
erejnion: I'm not prepared for this
erejnion: this was unexpected
erejnion: was the beginning just a diversion, and now the writers are going to hit us with actual good script?
erejnion: of course not.
erejnion: ama vse pak

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