Thursday, 12 May 2016

Girls on motorcycles

fufufu is back, by the way
Bakuon is an anime about girls who motorcycle. However, do note that it's not an anime about the motorcycles themselves. Nor is it an anime about the girls who just so happen to be in a motorcycle club. In other words, somehow Bakuon manages to do the specificity of "girls spending their time in an interests club in school" perfectly, striking the optimal balance between technical/mechanical details and character analysis.

Seriously, who the fuck would have thought such a thing can exist?

Interesting how much screentime she has. Probably the most out of everybody.
So yeah, good directoring is happening in this show quite often.
They are doing this baka archetype the best way possible: by combining it with the savant.
I see her design as a joke, so no fapping going on.
Their symmetrical dynamics is the best.
I sincerely hope Kawasaki Lime is a nickname.
Disclaimer: actual quote is not "WARE KOSO KAMI DA"
I think I've a severe fetish for drunk women in anime.
but with dildos

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