Tuesday, 31 May 2016


I understand it's nigh impossible to live without involving at least some sort of identity politics in your life, so I'll just now say a few words on what you should build your identity. Not that any teenager will read this. At most I can hope some future parent will take these words to heart and teach her/his kids.

You should meticulously build a moral system of axiomatic assumptions on how you yourself should behave. As any axiomatic system, you should make sure for it to be as small as possible, while keeping it actually applicable in real life. Build anything else on top of it using logic. Make sure it's not self-contradictory, by overthinking it again and again. As any axiomatic system, there will be choices that fall outside it, but as far as they are few enough (p<0.05), it's okay, you don't need to bloat it. Be open to changing it. You will grow resilient to changes in a few years, so try not falling into this trap for now, and expose yourself to as much viewpoints as possible (read some fucking books, in other words). Then ground your identity in this moral system. Never ever ground your identity in some sort of group, because crowds are a whimsical thing. The crowd will change, and you will either look like a ideological zealot for following it, or you will feel betrayed for not being able to follow it anymore. As a corollary, never ever ground your identity in a characteristics you haven't chosen by yourself, like gender or skin color. I mean, it's okay to be proud to be Bulgarian or shit, but assigning such a trait too much importance means you are grounding your identity in "the group of people sharing this trait", as this group is usually easily identifiable - as opposed to, for example, mountaineers. This may be important to you, but make sure there are more important things. Oh, and, while we are at it, try keeping your emotions in check. Don't deprive yourself, but strive for some sort of a balance. Also, there's always somebody who likes you, so don't delude yourself that you're completely unloved. Whey, time to shave my white beard off, this rant made it grow to my feet in a hurry to fulfill the cliche.

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