Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Dat Count

It's not like Alpenrose was only bad sides.

The Count. Damn, I'm in love. Especially after this scene in the last episode, it was so fucking cool. He made pretty much every episode he had screentime in better. Ruined Ambition was the best episode in the series. And so on. Certainly shone, especially when compared to most of the other villains, who had zero characterization or sense.

The butler. He was surprisingly competent. Not once or twice, constantly.

The stupid henchmen were okay too. Also, damn stupid.

The redhead from The Lonely Piano. She was cool, why did they forget her so fast?

Leon was okay. Though he should have scored with Randi.

The pacing wasn't bad, nothing was drawn out too much.

That being said, this anime also had plenty of bad sides. When it wasn't a disgusting soap opera, it was so lackluster with the plot that I'm left to wonder why did they even try. They could have kept to the soap opera. The main characters' strongest points were how bullyable were they. Frankly, I was surprised to see even shred of common sense in the last few episodes, when they told Leon to not walk around trying to get in trouble. They obviously changed staff and animation directors at least several times, though the quality was constantly low. And the rip I watched had earcancer audio, but that's another question.
Fuck it, let's end this on a high note. Really, the Count was so great that he almost made the whole experience worth it.

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