Monday, 21 September 2015

Vacation Log

201509192116 Precure 33
d'aww, "yada yada yada", <3
I usually severely dislike such drama, but... well. This time, with these characters, it was awesome.

201509192125 Precure 34
dat music for the festival.

06:22 two new characters? or I just don't remember? it's been ages since I last watched Precure.

06:38 I fucking hate Porun

07:06 The villains in the first half were more interesting, I guess, but... damn, is this girl super moe or what. Just... d'aww <3

21:40 ah, I remember the Madonna now. She's cool. Also I guess the guy is gonna confess to Nagisa? 's ok, some love drama with Nagisa can't possibly be bad. That's Nagisa, after all.

201509192300 Precure 35
I just found a new "party hard" gif.

17:10 Shiet man, this was awesome

201509200200 Precure 36
Weaker ep. Next: Romeo and Juliet. It's gonna be awesome.

201509201333 Precure 37
It's awesome alright, but the translation?
>motto positive de sekkyokuteki na Romeo engite hoshii wake yo.
>you should play Romeo with a more positive, genki attitude!

201509201917 Precure 39
Okay, you know what I hate the most? Female teachers retiring after they marry. What the hell, being a teacher means you can spend a lot of time with your kids anyway!
Though it seems not to be the case here, they treat the moving of her fiance as the only reason. Sasuga Precure.

truly best <3 no jumping conclusions, no quitting, she loves her job, I love this anime <3


20:13 FUCK YEAH THIS WAS MARVELLOUS!! Oh god, upgrading the old attack is what I wanted for quite a lot of time. Fuck Porun, this is what I needed. I love this anime <3

201509202014 Precure 40
So Nagisa can't eat onions either? Okay, I must start considering the possibility they modelled her off me.

09:17 I must note, "cooking her own food", not for Fuji-- her husband.

one more great scene, once more about lighting. The director knows his stuff.

15:00 dohoho

22:03 total metaphore for my relationship with my girlfriend
I mean, do you see the blanket? no way I can sleep with a blanket on in the temperatures she prefers. ETA until Honoka says that Nagisa is nice and warm?

201509202150 Червенокосата Снежанка
This is soo feminist... but, well, you know, it makes for quite the nice story. It's not like it feels empty and plastic. It's just a nicely done little story - with quite the feminist characters.
Well, okay, not feminist. Feminist is kind of like a curse word lately. "What one positive-thinking egalitarian would imagine a feminist is" to ka?
Well, it kind of is the romance of the prince who fell for the strong-willed girl, and the gung-ho girl who found somebody who can run as fast as her and can protect her.
Now I want to see a similar romance, but in a genderbent variant. Man, wouldn't it be awesome?

201509202322 Aqua Knight
hahahaha, this was awesome, she went on to chase him! 10/10, will read again <3

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