Friday, 1 May 2015

Komachi is a miracle of the universe

[15:49:32] Reighe: the second season of 8man has so much Komachi <3
[15:49:38] Reighe: (inlove)
[15:49:46] キソソ: xd
[15:50:03] Reighe: seriously, why don't they just make an anime out of Hachiman and Komachi speaking?
[15:50:14] Reighe: they can add the rest of the plot as flashbacks in their talks
[15:50:42] Reighe: lately I've been seeing the rest as a filler that I actually have to use several braincells for
[15:51:30] Reighe: which is significantly better than a filler that I don't have to use braincells for, of course; just saying it so that you don't get the wrong idea

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