Sunday, 29 November 2015

My laptop is back from the dead

erejnion: man
erejnion: mislq che gledam veche pone 7 minuti kak stoqt i se sublichat edin drug
Bogdan: what
erejnion: also, jap teens seem kind of unhealthy
erejnion: Rakudai
Bogdan: I need to start this season
Bogdan: before it ends
erejnion: that fucker
erejnion: "but mah pride, I wanna prove myself before fucking you"
erejnion: why the fuck
erejnion: what is this inhuman control
erejnion: he just undressed her down to her panties
erejnion: I dont even
erejnion: at least fucking hug her
erejnion: or give her your clothes
erejnion: well
erejnion: if she puts his shirt on, there's no way he could control himself
erejnion: I mean, that tops pretty much everything else

erejnion: oh and Homura pre-breaking
erejnion: ahyahyahyahya


  1. Happy revived laptop! :)

    This Rakudai thing looks like a good medicine for heartburnt nights ....

  2. Just watched episode one. Already loving it. :)

  3. It keeps up the quality. And don't forget to watch the opening each episode, they change key scenes for every arc.