Friday, 18 September 2015

Moar politicking, don't read…/

"Multiculturalism" is one of the worst ideas the West has ever had (just look at Sweden). The only way for these people to live here is for them to integrate. They have skills, they are not beggars, they don't have the problem of aversion to the modern West type of work ethics the way the gypsies have. You just have to get them in the workforce. Provide them with language lessons, provide easy way to get the legal means to sign work contracts, give them loans not dissimilar to the student loans so popular in Europe, and then if they still don't want to work, force them to work some govn' project or deport them. We shouldn't treat them as disadvantaged people, it's demeaning. We should give them a test if they truly want to live with us or not. 

P.S. Of course, there will be actual disadvantaged people too. But, you know, even disadvantaged people can work - especially if it's something not impeded by their disadvantage. And I think if you want them to pass a crash course in Western civilization, it's important for them to work. Even if it's something so small that they will anyway need govn' support.
P.P.S. Gypsies can easily have their good role in modern society, as proved by a serious percentage of them. I'd still say we need some communism-style govn' project for those who can't find work, no matter if gypsies, bulgarians or "syrians" (of course, provided they have access to programs for retraining and learning new skills). I'd say the social obligation of the country is only up to the point where those receiving support are ready to give something back to society. No matter how left I am in my political views.

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