Friday, 18 September 2015

How hilarious do you think it would be to be a level 100 Minotaur rogue in the new world?

>be born
>God's excited: "wow-rare spawn anon! You get 47 bonus points instead of the normal 10!"
>put them all into stealth
>"You can only put a maximum of 10 into stealth."
>I'm putting them all into stealth.
>"Well... fine, as long as you promise to use your powers to help humanity."
>spend my life masturbating and cumming onto girls in broad daylight. No one can successfully roll a perception check to catch me.
>Be at the UN. It's the peace summit.
>About the cum onto the head of the UN.
>Some guy miraclulously rolls the equivalent of ten natural 20's in a row and detects my jerking.
>"Hey that guy's jerking off onto the head of the UN!"
>Everyone thinks he's crazy.
>"Get that crazy guy out of here! This is the UN!"
>finish my wank while smiling at the guy while he's being drug out

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