Friday, 15 May 2015

I am just slightly triggered

erejnion: you know
erejnion: i was there
erejnion: it's fuckall about "defending free speech" or "war against terrorism"
erejnion: the main point is making the citizens feel safe
erejnion: SJWs are part of the same thing
erejnion: they just want safety
erejnion: minimal human dignity be damned, they need to FEEL safe.
erejnion: there will be paramilitary troops in the center of Paris, with automatic guns, because the average parisian who can afford to live there is SURE they will not fire at him, but because of the damned muslims on the news they FEEL the need to see them there in order to feel safe.
erejnion: Practically speaking, there are numerous better ways to station troops if you expect a terrorist attack; it's all about making the rich feel safe.
erejnion: Because it surely aint making the poor feel safe.
erejnion: And France is okay when compared to countries like UK, Sweden, or, god save us, the States.
erejnion: Simple pandering to people who want a totalitarian government.
erejnion: Who want to refute any personal responsibility and independant thought, instead relying on the party line to do the thinking for them.

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