Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Pertaining to romance

Shit, Sasameki Koto (the manga) is (near) perfect (I always have a soft spot for whining for more diversity in the romances, and Kazama's brother's romance wasn't too well developed, more tacked on, thus leaving only homo couples (I'd've praised the Sun for giving us this unmatched gem of true worth if the crossdresser had ended up with Lotte)).

So yeah. I like the above sentence (with all of its (nested) brackets), but it seems complete, thus you'll have to excuse me for jumping around a little. Let's see...
See, I am still under the influence of the ending words the author tacked on here and there during his almost half a volume worth of an epilogue. Epilogue of a sorts, let's say. It was really nice, as... it devaluated  the typical "crowning moment" in the typical romance story. In the end it wasn't given more of a focus than anything else. It wasn't built to it with precision. It just happened, as part of the daily canon of life... and I got sidetracked. Words. Words, right? Words like how they are just a normal couple in the end. And how this realization helped the Miyako (don't really remember the yuri otaku's name, she just looks too much like Miyako) write her story. Or words how they may marry one day. Or how in the end everybody just took the lesbianism of the school pres in stride. Kind of with pride. The pride of "we have pride in everything our beloved school pres does". And, you know, all in all words that make me think how we still have conservatives still living in the last century and LGBT activists delighting in their newfound power to oppress who just don't GET it. Whatever "it" is... well, "it" is but the simple notion of "romance". I wish more people would read this... because certainly your usual yuri manga doesn't help with my above problem.
I think this is out of my system at last.
What else?
Man, Lotte was the cutest. She really deserved to get some crossdresser's ass for herself. Hachi, however, was the best. "EU president"... heh. No, actually, even that was just cute when you consider it's about Hachi. Hachi just rules so much. I love Hachi. Who else do I love... I'll always have a soft spot for Kiyori. I wish she had more screentime, as she got kind of irrelevant at one moment. Everybody else was great too. There were practically no weak or overly cliched characters, everybody had some depth. That is, besides the occasional scheduling problem with characters screentime. It kind of kills the depth a little if the appearances are sporadic. But, whatever! I'm now to rewatch the anime. I'm sure everybody will feel like an old friend there <3
What more?
It's 8:40 am here right now.
You know, the best feeling one may ever have is the feeling of just having pulled an all-nighter to read something beautiful.

I'm truly glad.

plain old love~

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