Sunday, 22 February 2015

Expelled from Paradise

Yeah, she is riding the pod you see... the one without a rider in it. Pure love <3

[15.12.2014 20:48:01] hellraiser:
[15.12.2014 20:52:36] Reighe: zashto trqbvashe da dropvat s dvigatelite nadolu?
[15.12.2014 20:52:48] Reighe: ah, I guess it's designed for minimum fuel use
[15.12.2014 20:52:50] Reighe: not for full speed
[15.12.2014 20:53:25] Reighe: makar che ne e dostatuchno aerodinamichno za tova
[15.12.2014 20:53:42] Reighe: the profile for atmosphere reentry would be awful
[15.12.2014 20:53:43] hellraiser: yeah, it's balls
[15.12.2014 20:53:57] hellraiser: bitkata v kosmosa beshe po-dobra
[15.12.2014 20:54:03] hellraiser: imashe i space railgun
[15.12.2014 20:54:21] Reighe: kakvo e tova?
[15.12.2014 20:54:40] hellraiser: Expelled from Paradise
[15.12.2014 20:55:15] hellraiser: it's about Kugimiya Rie in a giant robot and Clint Eastwood as her love interest
<later on>
[21.12.2014 19:20:27] hellraiser: preveli sa Expelled from Paradise. Why haven't you faggots watched it yet?
<much later on>[00:04:13] Reighe: I think some games render water better than Expelled from Paradise
[00:04:14] Destructo: It’s time for you fine gentlemen to exploed OYU MOTEHRFUCEKRZZDSSSSSSSS WEEEEEE IIIIIIIIIII
[00:04:39] Eien Ryuu: Of course. Games's budget is always more.
[00:04:56] Reighe: Rie malko kara na Tsunderie
[00:05:38] hellraiser: obshto vzeto
[00:05:47] hellraiser: daje e po4ti na 100%
[00:05:58] Reighe: ama ima i seriozen glas
[00:06:03] Reighe: osven karane na Tsunderie
[00:06:15] Reighe: Tsunderie kato cqlo nqma seriozen glas
[00:06:17] hellraiser: she's supposed to be something like Motoko I think
[00:06:34] Destructo: Ok OK
[00:06:35] Destructo: let’ sog
[00:06:36] Destructo: LET’S GO
[00:06:39] Destructo: ITS’; TIME
[00:06:39] Destructo: FIGHT
[00:06:43] Reighe: >not using MMIs
[00:06:45] Reighe: meh
[00:06:51] Reighe: taka de
[00:06:57] Reighe: brain computer interfaces
[00:07:05] Reighe: MMI is quite the encompassing term
[00:07:09] hellraiser: ako ostana tuk oshte malko shte po4na spoilerite
[00:07:24] Reighe: az trqbva prosto...
[00:07:26] Reighe: oh shit
[00:07:30] Reighe: znam kakvo shte napravq
[00:07:34] Reighe: ama ne znam koga
[00:07:47] Reighe: imam kogo da nakaram da go gleda s men
[00:09:23] hellraiser: az edvam sedq prav be sine
[00:09:25] hellraiser: trai
[00:09:29] Destructo: awe sine kak sedvam shte stoish prav
[00:09:33] Destructo: izbuhvai
[00:09:35] Destructo: na horto
[00:09:35] hellraiser: nope
[00:09:35] Destructo: davia
[00:09:40] Reighe: a, smeni glasa
[00:09:41] hellraiser: kakvo da davq
[00:09:44] Reighe: based Rie
[00:10:01] Reighe: def Motoko
[00:10:17] hellraiser: tsundere Motoko with a space railgun
[00:11:18] Reighe: the gods
[00:11:26] Reighe: one greek and two indian?
[00:11:32] hellraiser: ne znam
[00:11:36] Reighe: tsche
[00:11:47] hellraiser: smis ne pomnq
[00:12:02] hellraiser: ediniq prili4ashe na grycka statuq nali?
[00:12:07] hellraiser: toq v sredata
[00:12:11] Reighe: da
[00:12:17] Reighe: Zeuss
[00:12:20] Reighe: obv
[00:12:24] Reighe: or Jupiter, same shit
[00:12:32] hellraiser: the model was Zeus from Disney's Hercules
[00:13:25] Reighe: good action scenes
[00:13:55] Eien Ryuu: Oh well, I'm out for today. I'm leaving you with this totally unrelated:
[00:14:01] Destructo: E
[00:14:04] Destructo: AIDE STAY SAFE I LEKA EIENE
[00:14:07] Destructo: I NA PRAVO
[00:14:08] Reighe: ajde
[00:14:08] Destructo: IZBUHJVAI
[00:14:09] Destructo: EI
[00:14:20] Reighe: edva li shte gledame v skoro vreme Macross, znachi
[00:14:26] hellraiser: az ne moga
[00:14:28] Destructo: :D
[00:14:29] hellraiser: sled malko i az se maham
[00:14:31] Reighe: pon/vto/srqda sum na gluposti rano sutrin do kusno vecher
[00:14:32] hellraiser: 4e edvam pisha
[00:14:51] Eien Ryuu: Е тъкмо докато Хел се оправи.
[00:15:24] Reighe: ...izaka q
[00:15:25] Reighe: lol
[00:15:32] hellraiser: na men mi trqbvat 2 dni 4ai
[00:15:35] hellraiser: i sym gotov
[00:15:40] hellraiser: izteglih nqkvi SoL animeta
[00:15:42] hellraiser: za bonus
[00:16:29] hellraiser: ajde
[00:16:30] hellraiser: do utre
[00:17:14] Destructo: ae stay safe heavene
[00:17:15] Destructo: leka
[00:40:11] Reighe: the fuck is with this rifle
[00:51:11] Reighe: this film sucks for now
[00:53:00] Destructo: :D
[00:54:46] Reighe: the space railgun is gonna be nice
[00:54:52] Reighe: but the time until then?
[00:54:55] Reighe: what the fuck
[00:55:09] Reighe: TsundeRie in the worst ever typecasting
[00:56:13] Destructo: lolz
[00:56:30] Destructo: TSUNDERIE sounds like a martial arts attack though
[01:51:14] Reighe: ok
[01:51:17] Reighe: we got to the good part
[01:53:28] Reighe: oh god this is so fucking awesome
[01:53:30] Reighe: nerdgasm
[01:56:35] Reighe: oh god
[01:56:55] Reighe: dat landing
[01:58:25] Reighe: come on
[01:58:29] Reighe: get back to fighting
[01:59:15] Reighe: this guy is too good
[02:03:18 | Edited 02:03:26] Reighe: this was definitively not-nice
[02:21:06] Reighe: I've the feeling my rip cut off something in the end
[02:24:14] Reighe: I know what was the problem
[02:24:37] Reighe: give us some more time to establish TsundeRie's sense of superiority at the start, and everything will start fitting in place
[02:24:39] Reighe: actually
[02:24:50] Reighe: just scratch her making any angry expression
[02:29:17] Reighe: oh well
[02:29:31] Reighe: I'd actually watch it again, maybe, if somebody really wants
[02:29:34] Reighe: sweet <3

additional notes:

The end was... uh, sequel hook. I'd've liked seeing Kamiya Hiroshi get some people with him, but how it is right now is okay too. TsundeRie chose the best way possible, and her grumpiness is all but in the past. Seriously, why was it even there? To cash on "Tsunde"Rie? Whatever... Anyway, all the action was 10/10, and in the end I grew to like all three characters, so 8/10? Maybe? I mean, yeah, the drop scene was the whole point of the movie, but they did it perfectly, so what's not to love.

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