Thursday, 15 October 2015


Internet frames the discussions around libertarian - authoritarian distinction, not around left - right.
Well, first a link, because Milo is way better with the words than me:
But, beyond this... Internet is kind of killing capitalism, to start with. The corporations have stopped trying to use capitalistic methods to control the artistic production of humanity, and are constantly trying to push through totalitarian agenda, often succeeding. Internet is also kind of killing socialism, because the minimum standard for human life is no longer just to be alive - it's also to have internet. I think the current immigrant wave in Europe shows it the best: they are coming here with their smartphones. Of course, deregulation and anti-authoritarian measures are hardly any politician's dream, and being anti-establishment is usually framed within the terms of some extremist group (see Trump). But, well, I guess after a decade of getting deep into this shit, people are finally starting to realize what's going on. Leaving behind the left/right markers, anti-authoritarian movements would have much easier way of distinguishing themselves from anarchist skinheads. And, framing the debate like this, the youth will eventually go back to being anti-establishment (while the pro-establishment current university students grow up and stop counting as "youth"). That's about all that I can ask for. Feminism is kind of better system than what we had before, and what we will have next will also be kind of better than feminism. Humanity has this habit, after all.

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