Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Best case scenario edition

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Leon decides to explain everything to Farm Girl over the course of the following months, before the obviously incoming disaster actually happens, so when it does happen, she drops the bomb that she's already been thinking that she needs to become a Priestess. You know, the usual spiel, "I j ust now have nothing to hold me back, I am not doing it for revenge." This would make both Leon and her best characters, as Leon really needs to start fucking speaking and stop emoing. If there's demand, I can write up a whole fanfic on how this can be pulled off.
Next episode reveals that Laundry Girl is OP as fuck, to match her gar as fuck husbando.
The Prince stops his idealism over the course of the remaining episodes, and becomes a Xanathos master.
Wire Priestess is relevant.
Best Dad survives.

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