Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pertaining to KonoSuba

They think they have figured it out, what with abruptly cutting into the music five seconds in the episode. But noooo, NEXT TIME I will expect it! Fuckers.

I appreciate how non-moe she is, and how nevertheless I want to hug her.

This is... a correct translation. I've no idea what to say more in this case.

Between the babyish voice when Kazuma agreed to confess his sins, and these faces... yay Aqua!

 Surprisingly detailed shot of a male body,

This shot is simply cute <3

 One of the things I like the most in KonoSuba is how quickly and believably the characters switch gears.

 He sees your goddess aura.

 Megumin actually looks older after these tribulations. More mature.
And a little mindbroken. Comes with the maturing.

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