Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pertaining to God

[0:30:45] Eien Ryuu: Whoa, how did everything managed to get at such a low point?!
[0:31:00] Reighe: it was always there
[0:31:03] Reighe: you just didn't notice
[0:31:04] hellraiser: mda
[0:31:15] Reighe: imash poburkanqk bez mnogo harakter
[0:31:18] Reighe: i bogomilka
[0:31:21] Reighe: kato glavni geroi
[0:31:36] Reighe: otakuto samo te razsejvashe ot realnostta
[0:31:56] Eien Ryuu: Yeah, probably.

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