Tuesday, 7 March 2017

HaCha love troubles, ver.37

[14:26:21] Reighe: the fuck are they even talking about
[14:26:31] Reighe: the dialogue and the visual clues are all over the place
[14:26:50] Reighe: first they say Hime falling for Seiji is the suspension bridge effect
[14:27:29] Reighe: but then show an entirely different side of Hime every time she concerns herself with Seiji
[14:27:48] Reighe: then they say Megumi may not be romantically interested in Blue
[14:28:01] Reighe: but they show her obviously physically and mentally attracted to him
[14:31:51] Reighe: Seiji himself shows more anger that his friend is showing interest in other people than the sadness and jealousy I'd expect if he was genuinely in love with Megumi. So if I'm to speculate somebody doesn't want to fuck somebody else, but does love that somebody else, it'd be about Seiji and Megumi, not about Megumi and Blue.
[14:35:13] Reighe: But of course the interpretation of everybody else is completely opposite. Hime is okay, because she is mentally pigeonholing herself into not obstructing the perceived romance between Seiji and Megumi, but the greek chorus of these love troubles entirely contradicts the visual clues.

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